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BIG BEND MYSTERIES Big Bend National Park is a Land of Borders. Situated on the Boundary of Mexico Along the Rio Grande, it is a Place where Countries and Cultures Meet. It is Also a Place that Merges Natural Environments, from Desert to Mountains. It is a Place where South Meets North and East Meets West, Creating a Great Diversity of Plants and Animals. The Park Covers over 801,000 of West Texas in the Place Where the Rio Grande Makes a Sharp Turn, the "Big Bend." Big Bend National Park was Authorized June 20, 1935, Established June 12, 1944, and was Designated a United States Biosphere Reserve in 1976.

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Unidentified Female
Located July 5th, 1966
wearing a bright red bathing suit
Also had been wearing dark shorts and a flowered blouse
long dark brown hair and brown eyes, very attractive
5' 4" 1/2
130 pounds
17-20 years old
4 inch burn scar on her right rib cage
three inch scar on her left leg
Olive colored skin
On July 17, 1966, this female checked in to the Roper Motel in Pecos with an unidentified
male. They were seen swimming together. Around 5:30 p.m. she was heard to scream and people
rushed to the pool. She was pulled out, and attempts were made to save her life with no
success. Her companion, meanwhile, checked out and left the motel. Her body lies in an
unmarked grave in the Pecos Cemetery.
Buried in Fairview Cemetery in Pecos Texas

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Are we looking for Pecos TX or NM?

Please Select One:
2 Results for Pecos

Pecos, TX
Reeves County

Pecos, NM
San Miguel County
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Do you suppose that top one, with no name on 7/5/1966 is her?



************************* ************************* *********************

Name Date Sex Marital Status
, 7-5-1966 F Unknown
Aguilar, Christine 11-12-1966 F Married
Allen, Robert Edward 3-29-1966 M Married
Anaya, Martina 1-24-1966 F Married
Bailey, Terri 8-21-1966 F Married
Berrera, Juana Vasquez 2-25-1966 F Widowed
Bock, Donovan Lee 4-24-1966 M Single
Bock, Kathryn 4-24-1966 F Single
Box, Cora Lee 12-6-1966 F Single
Briones, Espiridiona E 6-7-1966 F Single
Britain, Effie Irene 9-24-1966 F Single
Brown, Alonza Lewis 5-1-1966 M Married
Buchanan, James Campbell 5-12-1966 M Single
Camp, Bessie Neeley 7-20-1966 F Widowed
Camp, Jo Warren 2-8-1966 M Single
Carter, Tommie W 6-26-1966 F Single
Carthen, James Lusk 9-13-1966 M Single
Chavez, Michael 11-13-1966 M Married
Clay, Paul William 1-23-1966 M Single
Cobb, Doris Emily 1-1-1966 F Single
Coleman, Oma Mae 5-28-1966 F Widowed
Coleman, Thelma Gwendolyn 11-28-1966 F Single
Coplen, Raymond 9-4-1966 M Single
Daniel, Ruthie Mae 10-18-1966 F Single
Densmore, Jeff Davis 5-6-1966 M Single
Dillingham, L C 10-6-1966 M Single
Dutchover, Erlinda Pena 1-9-1966 F Married
Estorga, Marie Hignojos 4-3-1966 F Separ/Divorced
Ezzell, Clarissa C B 4-22-1966 F Widowed
Fazzino, Sam 1-30-1966 M Single
Flores, Felix 6-15-1966 M Widowed
Foshee, Nancy Jane 6-21-1966 F Widowed
Franco, Francisco Anaya 9-4-1966 M Single
Franklin, Janie 5-7-1966 F Single
Fuentes, Cresensio Orona 12-29-1966 M Widowed
Gallardo, Enriquetta L 12-12-1966 F Widowed
Gomez, Abelino Sanchez 5-31-1966 M Single
Guest, Nancy Isabell 2-26-1966 F Single
Harrison, Alfred Wesley 11-9-1966 M Widowed
Haynes, Fred D 2-6-1966 M Widowed
Hernandez, Angilita Paz 9-4-1966 F Widowed
Hoffman, Micheal Shawn 5-26-1966 M Married
Hogue, Tracy Renee 7-17-1966 F Married
Honeycutt, Sybler Phillip 5-18-1966 M Single
Hudson, Mary Ann 10-16-1966 F Single
Hughes, George W 10-4-1966 M Widowed
Hyatt, Frank William 3-23-1966 M Widowed
Ivey, Tommy Wayne 12-27-1966 M Married
Johnson, Robert Paul 3-14-1966 M Married
Kopp, Martin Edward 6-8-1966 M Single
Laabas, Bryan 4-29-1966 M Married
Lewis, William Lee 4-24-1966 M Single
Lloyd, Lynda Marie 11-28-1966 F Married
Loftin, Lois Lee 2-16-1966 F Single
Lozano, Leandro 1-14-1966 M Unknown
Lozano, Petra Subia 11-19-1966 F Single
Lujan, Benito 5-29-1966 M Married
Lujan, Manuela Belos 5-25-1966 F Married
Luna, Manuel 6-28-1966 M Widowed
Marsh, Chester Roy 4-24-1966 M Single
Marsh, Ola Stafford 4-24-1966 F Single
Martin, Bert Arville 12-28-1966 M Single
Matta, Nolberto 3-25-1966 M Single
Mcanally, Joe Allen 12-27-1966 M Single
Mcdowell, Thomas Marvin 8-29-1966 M Single
Mcelroy, John Curtis 5-15-1966 M Single
Mckinzie, Roy Franklin 10-4-1966 M Single
Moore, William Shelvy 8-2-1966 M Single
Morales, Consuela Lujan 1-16-1966 F Single
Morales, Ramon Alonzo 2-19-1966 M Married
Moralez, Jose Rodriquez 7-11-1966 M Married
Moto, Luz Serano Herrer A 10-1-1966 F Single
Muniz, Rosa Hernandez 11-23-1966 F Single
Natividad, Martina 4-30-1966 F Widowed
Odom, Garland Goode 11-9-1966 M Single
Olvera, Merced Sanchez 11-14-1966 F Widowed
Ornelas, David 2-21-1966 M Married
Orona, Daniel Guitierrez 7-22-1966 M Married
Orona, Ramona Rodriquez 7-28-1966 F Single
Ortega, Jo Ann 11-1-1966 F Married
Petree, Steve Franklin 6-26-1966 M Married
Ramos, Antonio 4-17-1966 M Married
Ramos, Ricky Jesse 6-7-1966 M Married
Rayos, Santiago Garcia 11-25-1966 F Single
Rivas, Maria Delores 8-19-1966 F Married
Roberson, Blanche Marie 10-22-1966 F Widowed
Roberson, Ronald Earle 7-25-1966 M Single
Rodriquez, Maria 7-7-1966 F Widowed
Rutherford, Angelina F 12-22-1966 F Married
Sais, Celina Josephine 8-27-1966 F Married
Sanchez, Jose Porras 10-18-1966 M Single
Shaffer, Max Robert 5-11-1966 M Single
Shultz, Samuel Houston 12-12-1966 M Single
Snyder, Harry Mason 12-2-1966 M Separ/Divorced
Snyder, Nona Mae 3-20-1966 F Single
Sutton, Lilian Francena 1-22-1966 F Separ/Divorced
Tarango, Rogelio Jimenez 8-10-1966 M Married
Valencia, Sylvia Venegas 10-5-1966 F Married
Valenzuela, Jose Estaben 10-31-1966 M Married
Venegas, Alfredo 5-12-1966 M Married
Walker, Amy 3-19-1966 F Widowed
Wardell, Margaret Ann 2-8-1966 F Unknown
Wright, James Edward 3-27-1966 M Single
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Well, the archive I found saif July 17, 1966, but that is most likely her. I'd love to start a fund and get her a gravestone. Maybe our first site project !!! We could ask local churches to chip in and stuff.

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7/12/1966, Advocate, Victoria, TX

Girl Drowning Victim
Remains Unidentified

PECOS, Tex. (AP)- West
Texas officials .are trying with
little success to identify a
young, a t t r a c t i v e girl who
drowned in a motel swimming
pool July 5.
A man who checked in with
her was being sought for questioning,
but no one knew his
name,l cither.
Alter the apparently accidental
drowning, Ure man returned
to the moter and persuaded the
granddaughter of the motel
operator to give him the registration
card 'for him and the
young girl, On the card were
their" names,addresses and

Reeves County Sheriff A. B.
Nail says he can keep the body
up to 30 days, but then be will
have to .bury it In an unmarked
grave In a Pecos cemetery,
Motel Owner Paul Rooks sak
(he girl wore dark shorts and
a flowered blouse when checking
in. The short blood man
registered as her husband, wore
a white tee-shirt, black trousers
and loafers.
About three hours after they

arrived, the dark-haired girl
sought refuge from the West
Texas heat in the motel swimming
pool. About an hour later,
ier screams reverberated
throughout the grounds as she
floundered in the water. Rooks'
16 year old granddaughter
dragged her from the pool and
attempted to revive her with
artificial respiration. She was
dead on arrival at Reeves Memorial
A motel maid alerted the
girl's companion. He asked
where the girl had been taken
soon reappeared, obtained the
registration card and left.

'I think he got scared," Nail

The sheriff said'the'girl'was
between 17 and 20 years old
5 feet, 4 1/2 inches tall and
weighed 130 pounds. She had
dark eyes and hair and an old
burn scar on her right rib cage

'That's what tragic about
this," Nail said. "She was a
good looking girl, but we don't
know who she is and her
parents don't know she's dead."
parent*, don't know she's dead."
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Pecos is the largest city and county seat of Reeves County, Texas, United States. It is situated in the river valley on the west bank of the Pecos River at the eastern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert and the Trans-Pecos region of west Texas and near the southern border of New Mexico. The population was 9,501 at the 2000 census. The city is a regional commercial center for ranching, oil and gas production and agriculture. The city is most recognized for its association with the local cultivation of cantaloupes. Pecos claims to be the site of the world's first rodeo on July 4, 1883.

58 mi – about 7 hours 57 mins

1.Head northeast on Bagby St toward Walker St
161 ft
2.Turn left at Walker St
230 ft
3.Take the ramp on the left onto I-45 N
1.0 mi
4.Take exit 48B on the left to merge onto I-10 W toward San Antonio
181 mi
5.Take exit 587 toward TX-1604-LOOP/Anderson Loop/Randolph A.F.B.446 ft
6.Merge onto I-10 E0.1 mi
7.Turn right at TX-1604-LOOP N25.4 mi
8.Take the exit onto I-10 W/US-87 N toward El Paso Continue to follow I-10 W
299 mi
9.Take exit 257 toward Pecos/US-285/Sanderson0.2 mi
10.Merge onto I-10 W0.2 mi
11.Turn right at US-28551.0 mi

Pecos, TX
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Unknown Drowned
Girl Is Buried

j PECOS. Tex. (UPI) —The
metal and glass marker in Fair-
view Cemetery designates the
grave of a girl around 18 years

Police doubt they will ever
find out who she was.
The girl checked into a motel
with a male companion the afternoon
of July 5. Later the
girl's body was found in the
motel swimming pool. Her companion
tricked the motel management
into giving him the
registration card a few moments
after the girl was found.
He has not been seen since.
Among the more than 50 per-
sons at the Pecos Funeral
Home chapel Wednesday for
the funeral were a couple from
Odessa and a family from Roswell,
N. M.
They thought the girl might
be their daughter.
Funeral Director Bill Cailoway
said, "my wife and I talked
it over and we could not see
burying her in a flat top (a
pauper's pine box)."
They donated a simple casket
and a Pecos dress shop provided
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Originally Posted by Starless View Post
Well, the archive I found saif July 17, 1966, but that is most likely her. I'd love to start a fund and get her a gravestone. Maybe our first site project !!! We could ask local churches to chip in and stuff.

Well, after reading the articles, I'd like to find the SOB that checked in with her, tricked the 16 year old granddaughter to give up the registration card and hasn't been seens since!
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Pecos Drowning
Victim Is Still
Not Identified

PECOS, Tex. (AP)—Sheriff om a
A. B. Nail hopes he won't have
to bury a young, dark-haired
drowning victim in an unmarked
Pecos grave.
But so far he can't identify
her or locate anyone who can.
She drowned July 5 in a motel
swimming pool about three
hours after she and a short.
blonde-haired man checked in
as husband and wife.
She was swimming alone, motel
owner Paul Rooks said,
when she began screaming.
Rooks' 16-year-old granddaughter
pulled her out of the water
but attempts at artificial respiration
were in vane. She was dead on
arrival at a hospital.

The sheriff said that when the
girl's male companion was notified
of the accident, the man
left but soon returned and persuaded
the granddaughter to
give him the registration card
containing all identification of
the couple.
Nail said he will try for at
least the next three weeks to
discover the girl's name and
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Texas Looks Back on Unsolved Crimes of 60s

(Editor's note" The 1960s in
Texu were filled with
unsolved crime*, some of
them strange Indeed. Here are
somme of the mysteries of the
decade, starting with one case
filled with poignant tragedy
but, legally speaking, at most
a misdemeanor.)

United Press International
A young man and a girl
registered at a Pecos, Tex.,
motel on July 5, 1966. The girl
was especially pretty—18 to 20
years old, 5 feet, 5 inches tall,
long, dark brown hair and big
brown eyes.
The man registered them as
"Mr. and Mrs. Russell Battoun."
While he took a nap, the girl
went swimming in the motel
pool. But something happened
under the Texas summer sun.
A maid walking by saw the
girl's body motionless on the
bottom of the pool.
AWAKENED, the young
man helped pull the girl out.
There seemed no doubt she
was drowned but an ambulance
was called anyway.
As the ambulance left the
motel with the body of the
girl, the man dashed into the
motel office. "Let me have
our registration slip," he said.
"We are not known around
here and it will help me identify
us at the hospital."
The clerk behind the desk,
who bad just helped fish the
girl's body out of the pool,
handed it over. Nobody noticed
at the time that the young
man also had his and the girl's
belongings in his car.
HE GUNNED his automobile
and left the motel
only a few moments behind
the ambulance. The ambulance
went to the hospital,
whore the girl was pronounced
That wu almost two-and-ahalf
years ago and still nobody
knows where the young man
went, The girl's death was one
of the many bizarre killings.
Thousands of people looked
at the body of the girl. Couples
from all over the country with
missing daughters came to
Pecos, looked and sorrowfully
shook their heads. Finally, the
people of Pecos buried her in
the local cemetery.
Texas Dept. of Public Safety,
Re-eves County Sheriff A. B.
Nail circulated pictures of the
body through all 50 states,
Canada snd Mexico. If
anybody recognued her, he
has not come forward.
"I looked up the law and
there is nothing to keep a man
from abandoning his wife after
she is dead," Nail said.
"The--worst he can be handled
for is not paying the motel
bill—a matter of $10 or $12. All
we want from him is to find
out who the girl was."
There Is no evidence, of
course, that the couple was
married. The young man's
flight made it look the other

------------- Rest of Article.... Doesn't apply to case,
but verrrrrry interesting......

IN CONTRAST with the
macabre comedy of a young
man trapped by death in a
motel tryst and trying to
escape public exposure was
the murder of five Mexican
migrant workers 50 miles
north of Sonora, Tex. April 17
The killer slashed, shot and
beat his victims and his
savagery indicated he enjoyed
his work.
The victims were Eduardo
Arellano. 13 months; Rosa
Elia Santos Arellano, 21; her
brother, Manuel Arellano Sr.,
about 30; Arellano's wife,
Monica, about 30, and LeLticia
Arellano, about 2V&.
Manuel Arellano Jr., 5, survived,
though stabbed and
shot. Rosa was stripped, raped
and left dead in a pasture.
thot a tire blew out on the
Arellanos' automobile. They
were seen trying to flag down
help on highway 277.
Later, a passerby saw a
sandy-Jiaired, freckled man
with a rash on his neck talking
to the family. He was husky: 6
feet to 6-2, weighing about 200
The boy who survived
evidently was affected by his
ordeal. He has not been able
to help investigators. The man
with the rash on his neck has
never been caught.
THE DEATH of Henry A.
Marshall, 51 at his farm eight
miles north of Franklin might
never have become a mystery
if Billie Sol Estes, the Pecos
speculator, had not been big
news at the time. Marshal], as
a U. S. Dept. of Agriculture
employe, was in charge of
cotton allotments in Texas and
a story got around that he was
the first to blow the whistle on
Marshall was found dead
June 3, 1961. A justice of the
peace ruled suicide by gunshot
and he was buried two days
later. Burial failed to stop the
talk that there was something
fishy about the whole thing.
With the Estes scandal as
catalyst, exhumation and an
autopsy were ordered by Dist.
Judge John Barren.
DK. JOSEPH Jachimczyk,
t h e f a m o u s H o u s t o n
pathologist, performed the
aulopsy. His autopsy and additional
investigation by the
rangers showed:
Five bullet wounds, each,
requiring five movements for
the rifle to fire the shot; the
marks of an "incapacitating"
blow on the left side of the
head and a 30 per cent concentration
of carbon monoxide
in the blood (30 to 40 per cent
is fatal)
Jachimczyke said It was
murder but did not completely
rule out suicide. A grand jury
could not decide which it was.
An investigation by a congressional
committee came to
Ranger Capt. Clint Peoples
said it was murder and It is on
the records now as murder,
though no suspect has ever
been caught.
A SERIES of torso murders,
never solved, started In Texas
in 1959, touched New Mexico,
Georgia and Florida, and
abruptly stopped in mid-1964.
Parts of a dissected body of
a man were found in the Rio
Grande near El Paso on June
20,1959. They were in a green
suitcase. More parts of the
same body were found July 5,
1959, near Tularosa, New
The head and fingers were
never found, BO it was Dot
possible to Identify the body.
The torso of a man, apparently
killed by a blow on
the head, was found in a
drainage ditch near Roswell,
N.M. Dec. 6, 1960. The body
was identified, because the
head was not removed, as that
of Charles Cox, 32, an Artesia,
N.M.,- schoolteacher who had
been missing three days.
THE LEGS had been
severed at the hips and other
parts were missing.
The arms, legs, feet and
other parts of a white man
were discovered Jan. 30, 1962,
in Clay County, Fla. The
following day, a torso was
found near Sylvester, Ga., 200
miles away. Both finds looked
like parts of the same body.
Fiugers were clipped off at the
joints, the pahns were peeled
and the head was never found.
Two boxes containing most
of the parts of a woman's body
were found in a culvert on US-
59 in San Jacinto County on
Feb. 3, 1962. Head, arms and
legs were never found.
A FARMER in Fort Bend
County June 11, 1964, found
the torso of a man in a field.
By now it was a familiar
story. Head and hands were
severed. The legs were cut off
at the knees. The man was
believed to have been killed
somewhere else.
Twenty-one officers from
Texas, New Mexico, Florida
and Georgia met in Houston in
1964 and agreed the murders
were related.
They thought the man whose
body was found In Fort Bend
County probably was the husband
of a woman murdered in
Ohio. One of the woman's
near Troy, Ohio, then the
other arm was found six days
later the woman's torso was
found in the old Erie Canal.
Neither man nor woman was
ever Identified.
met at Houston had known
about Walter A. Em crick, 38,
they probably would have
wanted to t a l k to him.
Emerick shot himself to death
In the St. Anthony Hotel in San
Antonio Feb. 10, 1965, while
police were trying to get into
his room.
The police wanted to
question Emerick about what
went on a couple of days
earlier in room 636 of the
Gunter Hotel. E m e r i c k ,
wanted for forgery, checked
Into the Gunter as "Douglas
Ashley" on Feb. 2. A woman
was seen with him several
times but nobody knew who
she was.
A maid said she opened the
door of the room at the Gunter
to clean end saw Emerick
wrapping a big bundle. He put
his hand to his mouth in a
gesture to keep her from
crying out.
Since there was a lot of
blood about, she summoned
police. When police arrived 40
minutes later, Emerick was
Police are sure a woman
was murdered In the room.
They think Emerick may have
flushed bits of her down the
commode and carried the
torso down the fire e a e a p e
while the maid v.-as waiting
for police. But the secret died
with Emerick.
THE STILL unsolved murder
of Mrs. Carol Jane Black,
29, in the Statler • Hilton Hotel
in Dallas probably was committed
by a sadist.
Mrs. Black, mother of two
young children, had juiit
moved to Dallas f r o m
Longview with her husband,
Joe W., an employe of an
insurance company. Needing
extra money, Mrs. Black
registered with an agency that
provides temporary secretarial
She was sent by the agency
on Aug. 11, 1967, to serve for
the day as a receptionist and
stenographer for a man who
had reeistered at the Statler -
Hilton as "Alan Gardner" of
Seattle, Wash. Garnder took a
suite at the hotel. He said he
was an official of Boeing
Aircraft and needed the suite
to interview engineers from
the Dallas area interested in
working for Boeing.
AT 8:45 P.M., Black went to
the hotel and demanded to be
let into the suite with a pass
key. He found his wife dead in
a bed with the covers pulled
over her.
An autopsy showed she was
strangled but could not determine
whether she was raped.
Site may bave been sexually
Gardner, of course, was
"We have talked to other police
departmenta," Gus Rose
of the Dallas homicide bureau
said. "Some have crimes similar
to this. But no one baa a
crime exactly like tfak.
"We don't bave a lot to go
on. He operated alone and
there is nobody but him to talk
about It. We may have some
fingerprints that are his. But
we eaa't match them.
"It might be ac Isolated
crime. The man might never
commit one again. He might
have committed some other
crime and be in the penitentiary
for it. We just don't
THE BIGGEST unsolved
CSSB of 1969 Involves a littlegirl
— Donna Golish, 8, of
Sherman. She disappeared
Sept. 10 on her way home
from school.
The next day, a member of
a search party found her body
beside a country road. There
was evidence that Donna had
been taken into an automobile,
had escaped sr,d had been run
She evidently was killed
some distance from where the
body was found.
Grayson C o u n t y Sheriff
Woody Blanton and other investigators
questioned scores
of persons but never got a solid
due as to who Donna's killer
Blanton appealed to the
public for "full cooperation."
He said he had never run
into a tougher crime.
But the tiller of the httle
blue-eyed girl who wore her
brown hair in a pony tall
remains at large.
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