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The Mind Of A Killer The mind of a killer; The Fight or Flight Syndrome ( Cannon - 1917 )is involved in most homicides : the remainder are premeditated or predatory in singular and predatory serial murders, singular being retributive, serial being psychopathic. The disciplines involved in solution are forensic medicine, severely experienced homicide trained investigators and forensic psychologist.------ Doctor Cecil Wingo, Forensic Analyst Medical Trauma/Psychology

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One type of serial killer is the Visionary Serial Killer. People in this category usually hear voices that instruct the killer to execute other human beings. These killers are usually psychotic or schizophrenic. David Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam, is an example of a visionary serial killer. A second type of serial killer is the Missionary Serial Killer. This type of killer often feels as if he or she has a responsibility or a special mission to rid the world of a certain specified group of people. Charles Manson would be classified under this category. A third type of serial killer is the Lust Killer. The lust killer is often driven to kill due to a sexual motivation. A fourth subgroup of serial killers is known as a Thrill Killer. A thrill killer takes lives because they enjoy the experience of killing. A fifth sort of serial killer is the Power Seeker Killer, a person who enjoys having total control over the fate of their victim. One of the last kinds of serial killers is the Gain Serial Killer. A gain killer is one who kills to gain money or items they believe to be valuable.
Approximately 90 percent of known serial killers are Caucasian males between the ages of 25 to
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