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MISSING MOBSTERS/ UNIDENTIFIED POSSIBLE MOBSTERS In Sicily it is common for victims of the mob to disappear. It is known locally as the "lupara bianca'' (white lupara) . Lupara is the Sicilian word for a sawn-off shotgun and the term "lupara bianca" is used to refer to Mafia murders in which the body is never found.

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Quotes From Attorney General Eric Holder

On Organized Crime Arrests

"We are pleased to announce an important step forward in our nation’s ongoing fight against the organized crime families of La Cosa Nostra – the mafia."

"Today, more than 800 federal, state and local law enforcement officials have arrested over 110 individuals, including dozens of La Cosa Nostra members and associates. In total, 127 people have been charged in 16 indictments unsealed today in four districts in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island."

"This is one of the largest single-day operations against the mafia in the FBI’s history, both in terms of the number of defendants arrested and charged, and the scope of the criminal activity alleged. Defendants from numerous La Cosa Nostra families have been charged, including defendants from all five New York-based families: the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Luchese families."

"We have charged mob associates and mob bosses alike, including the former boss of La Cosa Nostra operations in New England; the Street Boss, Acting Underboss, and Consigliere of the Colombo family; and the Gambino family Consigliere and a member of that family’s ruling panel."

"Their alleged crimes include numerous violent and illegal acts – from murder and narcotics trafficking to extortion, illegal gambling, arson, loan sharking, and labor racketeering."

The Following Were Indicted Today:

Fred Alesi AKA "Whiney"
Anthony Arcuri AKA "Tony"
Robert Berliner AKA "Bacala"
Lawrence Betro
Franklin Camarano
John Cavallo AKA "Jackie Cavallo" "Little John"
Anthony Cavezza AKA "Tony Bagels"
Francis Costello
Dominick Delio
Robert Dito
Thomas Ditta
Frank Politi AKA "Frankie P" "Frankie Cap"
Anthony Sabbagh AKA "Tony O"
Ayub Syed AKA "Adam"
Giovanni Vella AKA "John Vella" "Mousey" "Little John"
Carlos Zambrano

Jerry Balzano
Joseph Collina

Dominic Caramanica
Daniel Cilenti AKA "Uncle Danny"
Glen Mazzella
Peter Pace Jr.

Patrick Cicalese
Robert Moreno
Manuel Salgado

Anthony Colandra

Stephen Depiro AKA "Beach"
Albert Cernadas AKA "The Bull"
Nunzio Lagrasso
Richard Dehmer AKA "Dickie"
Edward Aulisi AKA "Eddie"
Vincent Aulisi AKA "The Vet"
Thomas Leonardis AKA "Tommy"
Robert Ruiz AKA "Bobby"
Michael Trueba AKA "Mikey"
Ramiro Quintans AKA "Romo"
Salvatore Lagrasso
Anthony Alfano AKA "Brooklyn"
Tonino Colantonio AKA "Tony"
John Hartmann AKA "Lumpy" "Fatty" "Fats"
Giuseppe Pugliese AKA "Peppe"

Vincent Dragonetti AKA "Vinny" "Skinny" "Mike" "Mikey" "Marbles"
Thomas Frangiapane
Emmanuel Garafolo AKA "Manny"
Anthony O'Donnel "Tony O"
Anthony Licata AKA "Cheeks" "Anthony Firehawk" "Anthony Nighthawk"
"Firehawk" "Nighthawk"
Joseph Lombardi
Anthony Scibelli
William Scotto AKA "Billy" "Big Billy"

Lawrence Gallo AKA "Larry"

Anthony Gioia
Salvatore Larosa

Neil Messina
John Porcello AKA "Johnny Pizza"
Nicolo Valenti AKA "Nick"
Benito Valenti AKA "Benny"

Andrew Russo AKA "Mush"
Ralph Arpaio
John Azzarelli AKA "Johnny Cash"
Daniel Bogan
Anthony Calabro AKA "Nooch"
Roger Califano
Daniel Capaldo
Joseph Carna AKA "Junior Lollipops"
Michael Castellano AKA "Big Mike"
Benjamin Castellazzo AKA "Benji" "The Claw" "The Fang"
Dennis Delucia AKA "Fat Dennis" "Little Dennis" "The Beard"
Giuseppe Destefano AKA "Pooch"
Joseph Dimarco
John Dunn AKA "Johnny Five"
Anthony Durso AKA "Baby Fat Larry" "BFL"
Scott Fappiano
Emanuele Favuzza AKA "Manny"
Vincent Febbraro AKA "Jimmy Gooch"
Richard Fusco AKA "Richie"
Gaetano Gallo AKA "Tommy"
Giovanni Galluzzo AKA " John"
Ali Juseinoski
John Maggio
Reynold Maragni AKA "Ren" "Reynolds"
Hector Pagan AKA "Junior"
Theodore Persico Jr. AKA "Teddy" "The Kid"
Frank Pontillo AKA "Frankie Steel"
Nicky Rizzo
Jack Rizzocascio AKA "Jack The Whack"
John Rossano
Anthony Russo AKA "Big Anthony"
Joseph Savarese
Ralph Scopo Jr.
Frank Senatore AKA "Buzz"
Ilario Sessa AKA "Larry" "Fat Larry" "FL"
Angelo Spata AKA "Little Angelo"
Louis Venturelli AKA "Louie Ices"
Joseph Virzi
Vitto Vizzi

Walter Samperi

Bartolomeo Vernace AKA "Pepe" "Bobby" "Bobby Glasses" "Robert"
Vito Cortesiano AKA "Vito Love"
Michael Dolphin
Anthony Vaglica AKA "Bosch"
Robert Wehnert AKA "Bobby Werner"

Luigi "Louie" Manocchio AKA "Baby Shacks" "The Old Man" The Professor"
Thomas Ifrate

Joseph Corozzo AKA "JoJo"
Bartolomeo Vernace AKA "Bobby"
Alphonse Trucchio
Louis Mastrangelo
Michael Roccaforte AKA "Roc"
Anthony Moscatiello
Vincenzo Frogiero AKA "Vinny Carwash"
Todd Labarca
Frank Bellantoni AKA " Meatball"
Christopher Colon
Christopher Reynolds AKA "Burger"
Salvatore Tortorici
Michael Russo AKA "Mush"
Anthino Russo AKA "Hootie"
Frank Roccaforte
John Brancaccio AKA "Johnny Bandana"
Salvatore Accardi
Keith Croce
Sean Dunn
Robert Bucholz
Michael Kuhtenia AKA "Jello"

John Cipolla
Frank Boehme
Anthony Mascuzzio
Jonathan Mascuzzio
Francis Lacorte
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