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Thread: Sharon Baldeagle, Missing 1984, Eagle Butte, SD

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    teepee Sharon Baldeagle, Missing 1984, Eagle Butte, SD


    Case Type: Non Family Abduction

    DOB: Jun 26, 1972

    Sex: Female

    Missing Date: Sep 18, 1984

    Race: Am. Ind.

    Age Now: 37

    Height: 5'3" (160 cm)

    Missing City: EAGLE BUTTE

    Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

    Missing State : SD

    Hair Color: Black

    Missing Country: United States

    Eye Color: Black

    Case Number: NCMC600185

    Circumstances: Sharon's photo is shown age-progressed to 36 years. She was last seen in Casper, Wyoming after being kidnapped. Foul play is suspected.

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    The Daily Oklahoman
    April 18, 1987
    Section: NEWS

    Index Terms:

    New Trial Requested For Royal Russell Long
    Author: AP
    Dateline: CHEYENNE, Wyo.

    Article Text:
    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) _ A confessed kidnapper asked the state Supreme Court Friday to toss out his guilty pleas and grant him a trial, primarily because he did not have an attorney when he first appealed his conviction.
    Public defender Carol Serelson told the justices that Royal Russell Long's request should be granted because ""there are issues that need to be addressed and that cannot be addressed by someone who is incarcerated in a penitentiary.''
    She said there are ""other factors that may have led to Mr. Long entering the plea and that need to be looked into,'' such as letters exchanged by Long and his lawyers during earlier proceedings.
    State attorneys, though, told the justices Long was looking for a way out of prison and that there was no merit to his appeal.
    In 1984 Long of Evansville entered a plea bargain in which he pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping and one of aggravated assault. The case involved two runaway girls Long picked up. One of the girls managed to escape and alert police, but when authorities went to Long's house neither he nor the other girl, Sharon Bald Eagle, was there.
    Long has maintained that he placed Bald Eagle, of Eagle Butte, S.D., on a truck for Dallas, but she has never been found.
    Oklahoma authorities later charged Long with kidnapping and murder in connection with the disappearance of two teen-age girls from the Oklahoma State Fair in 1981, but the charges were dismissed for lack of evidence.
    Senior Assistant Attorney General Sylvia Hackl on Friday told the Supreme Court that Long has no right to a trial on the Wyoming charges because his case does not meet a statutory requirement that it have enough merit that the defendant would pay for a lawyer if he had the money to do so.

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    The Daily Oklahoman
    October 10, 1985
    Section: NEWS

    Girl Tells of Escaping Man in Wyoming
    Author: Ray Robinson

    Article Text:
    A year ago, a partially clothed teen-age girl fled a home in Evansville, Wyo., setting in motion a chain of events that would lead to the emergence of Royal Russell Long as the suspect in the 1981 disappearance of two girls from the State Fair of Oklahoma.
    Prosecutors charged Wednesday the similarities between the two cases essentially placed Long's imprint on the disappearance of Cinda L. Pallett and Charlotte Kinsey, whom Long is charged with killing after luring them from the fair with the promise of a $5-per-hour job unloading stuffed animals.
    With Long's preliminary hearing on the murder and kidnapping charges in its fourth day, a 16-year-old South Dakota girl testified Long offered a ride to her and her 12-year-old friend as they hitchhiked on a Wyoming highway Sept. 19, 1984.
    ""We're gonna get you guys some food, then take you back to the house so you can clean up and eat,'' she quoted Long as telling the two girls.
    But she said that after feeding them, Long offered them $100 to have sex with him and pulled a gun when she told him, ""We're not that kind of girls.'' She said Long beat her friend, Sharon Baldeagle, then bound the two girls with coat hangers and duct tape and raped her.
    The girl said she escaped from Long's house as he slept and sought help from a neighbor. But she said she heard Long's pickup truck drive away as she waited for police. When police searched the house, Baldeagle and Long were both gone.
    Like Pallett and Kinsey, prosecutors said, the Baldeagle girl has not been seen since.
    They also presented testimony from Evansville police officer Steve Myrum, who said that when the FBI arrested Long one week later in Albuquerque, N.M., a search of his car revealed two stuffed toy animals: a green frog and a pink snake with a bow tie.
    Long later pleaded guilty to the Wyoming kidnappings and was serving two life sentences in a state prison when the investigation of the Pallett-Kinsey disappearance focused on him.
    Summing up the testimony, District Attorney Robert Macy acknowledged it did not directly implicate Long in the Oklahoma case. But he said: ""It's important because it shows what Royal Russell Long is like when he's with these young girls.''
    Earlier Wednesday, forensic chemist Janice Davis of the Oklahoma City police department testified she found four scalp hairs matching the hair of Pallett in the trunk of the car Long is believed to have rented around the time of the 1981 fair.
    While police do not have a certain sample of the Pallett girl's hair, they used strands found in two of her brushes for comparison purposes. Davis said the hair found in the car appeared to have been stuck to a mat in the truck after being painted over.
    Davis also said a lock of blond hair found when police searched Long's home in Evansville matched hair clipped from Kinsey by her grandmother a few days before her disappearance. Davis said that since there were no roots on the clippings, she could not conduct a complete comparison.
    Davis said she sprayed the trunk mat with the chemical Luminol, which glows when it comes into contact with blood and other substances, and sent photographs of the glow pattern to an expert on the technique, Ned Stuart of North Idaho College.
    Stuart, director of the Regional Crime Laboratory at the college, testified that police did not tell him what they were looking for when they submitted the photographs.
    But in examining the pattern, he said, ""I thought there was a possibility of either one large or two small bodies on the mat.''
    Defense attorney Michael Gassaway, who has been contesting the validity of the Luminol process, attacked Stuart's theory. ""Could it be two dogs?'' Gassaway asked.
    ""Could be,'' Stuart replied.
    ""Could it be two deer?'' the attorney pressed.
    ""It's possible,'' Stuart said.
    ""It could be nothing at all, couldn't it?'' Gassaway asked.
    ""No, I think something caused this,'' Stuart said.
    Special Judge Stanley P. Pierce was expected to rule today whether the prosecution had presented sufficient evidence to hold Long for trial on the murder and kidnapping charges.
    Gassaway argued that all of the charges should be dismissed because the prosecutors had failed to present ""one scintilla'' of evidence to show that Long had kidnapped and killed the girls, or even that they are in fact dead.
    ""They (the prosecutors) haven't made the cut,'' he told Pierce.

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    The Daily Oklahoman
    December 18, 1985
    Section: NEWS

    Prosecutors Fear Dismissal Of Murder Case Charges
    Author: Nolan Clay

    Article Text:
    An Oklahoma County judge Tuesday excluded the testimony of a girl kidnapped last year by murder defendant Royal Russell Long, and the ruling has prosecutors worried that charges against Long might be dismissed today.
    District Judge Charles L. Owens is to rule at 1:30 p.m. on the defense's request to dismiss first-degree murder and kidnapping charges against Long, 50.
    ""I'm very concerned,'' District Attorney Robert Macy told reporters after the ruling. He said the jury should decide the case.
    The former Wyoming truck driver is accused of kidnapping and killing Cinda L. Pallett and Charlotte Kinsey, who vanished after going to the State Fair of Oklahoma on Sept. 26, 1981. They were then 13.
    The exclusion of the kidnapped girl's testimony left the prosecution without key evidence allegedly showing Long's violent pattern with young girls.
    Owens wrote, ""... there is nothing in the evidence before the Court to show how, when and where the defendant kidnapped Charlotte Kinsey and Cinda Pallett, if in fact he ever did.
    ""Moreover, there is no evidence to establish when, where and in what manner he killed them, if in fact he committed such act,'' Owens wrote. ""There is no "visible connection' between the other offenses about which the proposed witness would testify and the offenses for which the defendant is on trial.''
    No bodies have been found and the defense contends Pallett and Kinsey may be runaways and still alive.
    In an October preliminary hearing, the South Dakota girl testified Long offered her and a 12-year-old girlfriend a ride as they hitchhiked on a Wyoming highway Sept. 19, 1984.
    Long took them to his trailer where he beat and sexually attacked them, the 16-year-old girl said.
    The girl escaped; her girlfriend, Sharon Baldeagle, has not been seen since. Long later pleaded guilty to kidnapping the hitchhikers and received two life sentences.
    In the Oklahoma County case, Owens ruled, ""Such testimony would serve only to possibly prejudice this defendant by permitting the jury to speculate that he may be guilty of the crimes charged in the State of Oklahoma because he might have committed some other offenses in the state of Wyoming.''
    A dejected Macy said the judge erred in excluding the Wyoming girl's testimony.
    ""It would have given the jury the opportunity to see how Royal Russell Long operates when he gets these little girls alone,'' the district attorney said.
    ""We pointed out 22 points where they were exactly the same,'' he said.
    Defense attorney Michael Gassaway said, ""It connects nothing to this case. It has nothing to do with this case.''
    Of Owens, he said, ""Judging is a tough, hard job. It's the toughest job in the courthouse.''
    Owens could be seen researching his ruling during much of the trial. It was issued in a five-page written opinion.
    The prosecution rested its case after the exclusion. Gassaway then asked for the dismissal.
    Before the exclusion of the girl's testimony, a prosecution expert witness told jurors three tests on a car mat showed it was once bloody.
    The mat was taken from a car Long rented in Oklahoma from Sept. 26-28, 1981. Police traced the car to El Paso, Texas, this year.
    After learning of Owens' ruling Tuesday, relatives of Kinsey wept in a courtroom corridor.
    Pallett's father, Johnny Pallett, said, ""I'm not convinced one way or another about whether he killed the girls or not. I am totally convinced that he took my daughter from the fair.
    ""And no judge alive is going to convince me otherwise,'' he said.
    ""I don't understand the justice system,'' he said. ""We sit through a week of apparently two little 13-year-old girls on trial rather than a 50-year-old convicted felon.''
    The death penalty is being sought in the case. The trial is in its second week.

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    The Daily Oklahoman
    December 12, 1985
    Section: NEWS

    Index Terms:

    Parents Believe Their Daughters Dead
    Author: Nolan Clay

    Article Text:
    Parents of two Oklahoma City girls who disappeared in 1981 from the State Fair of Oklahoma told a murder trial jury Wednesday they believe their daughters are dead despite many reported sightings of the pair.
    Royal Russell Long, a former truck driver, is on trial in Oklahoma County District Court for first-degree murder and kidnapping charges. The defense contends the girls, Cinda L. Pallett and Charlotte Kinsey, may not be dead.
    The defense revealed during the trial Wednesday there was one reported sighting as recently as Nov. 27, south of Washington, D.C.
    ""I feel like if she was alive, she'd be home with us,'' testified Norma Pallett, mother of Cinda Pallett.
    Kinsey's mother agreed.
    ""It has been hard for me to convince myself in my heart that my daughter is dead but after four years I'm learning to accept it,'' said Kinsey's mother, Pearla June Peterson.
    Peterson wept as she told of her last phone conversation with her daughter. The call was Sept. 26, 1981, when Kinsey asked permission to work for a man unloading stuffed animals at the fair.
    The prosecution contends that man was Long, 50, of Wyoming. In opening statements, District Attorney Robert Macy accused him of prowling the state fair looking for ""prey.'' Long offered the girls a job, abducted them for sexual purposes, then killed them, Macy alleges.
    Long ""hid the bodies so well that we can't find them and never will,'' he said.
    The death penalty is being sought.
    Both girls were age 13 when they disappeared. Prosecutors contend the girls were killed Sept. 27, 1981, the day after their disappearance.
    The prosecution's case consists of witnesses identifying Long as the man seen with the girls at the fair and of scientific test results.
    Tests on hair found in the trunk of a car Long rented and in his Wyoming house match the girls' hair and that of Pallett's pets, Macy told jurors. A lock of hair found in Wyoming was a ""souvenir,'' he said.
    Another, defense-contested scientific test shows evidence of blood in the car Long rented in Oklahoma City, the prosecution contends.
    ""Royal Russell Long is the victim of an unwarranted
    prosecution,'' defense attorney Michael Gassaway countered.
    ""There have been literally hundreds of sightings of these two little girls,'' he said. ""You'll get to hear about a great number of good, hard sightings.''
    Gassaway said there have been reports of the girls working carnivals, at the Texas state fair, as prostitutes and in pornographic magazines and films.
    ""I suggest to you it'd be hard to be dead and doing all these things,'' he said.
    The prosecution stressed that the reports were ""alleged sightings.''
    The Nov. 27 sighting was in Forrestville, Md, Gassaway said. Afterward, Gassaway told The Oklahoman police reported seeing the girls as part of a prostitution ring that worked out of a Forrestville mall.
    The defense acknowledges Long was in Oklahoma City in September 1981 on trucking business. He also went to the state fair to see his former mother-in-law about opening a savings account for his stepchildren. The woman worked at the fair, Gassaway said.
    The defense contends Long is on trial because of those circumstances, ""his misfortune'' of dressing in western wear and a former brother-in-law with a grudge.
    The brother-in-law was a ""police snitch'' and suggested police check Long in 1981, Gassaway said. Police at first cleared Long but ""flipped back'' to him after all their leads were exhausted, Gassaway said.
    The jury was not told Wednesday that Long kidnapped two young female hitchhikers in September 1984 in Wyoming. One of the girls was never found.
    He is serving a life sentence for those kidnappings.
    The prosecution contends the Wyoming abduction shows Long's method of operation, but District Judge Charles L. Owens has not ruled yet whether to admit evidence about the Wyoming case.
    The parents testified they have received crank calls since the disappearance, and police had a tracer on their phones for a time.

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    The Daily Oklahoman
    June 1, 1985
    Section: NEWS

    Index Terms:

    Man Accused of 2 City Girls' Deaths May Face Similar Count in Wyoming
    Author: AP
    Dateline: RAPID CITY, S.D.

    Article Text:
    RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) _ A Wyoming prosecutor says he thinks a 12-year-old girl missing since September is dead and he is considering filing murder charges against the man who admitted abducting her.
    The man, Royal Russell Long, was charged last week with abducting and killing two Oklahoma City teen-agers four years ago.
    Scott Evans, the Natrona County, Wyo., district attorney, refused to discuss details of where or when Sharon Bald Eagle of Eagle Butte may have been killed.
    ""It's a possibility that we will file murder charges without a body,'' he said. That is what Oklahoma County District Attorney Bob Macy did Thursday in connection with the disappearance of Charlotte Kinsey and Cinda L. Pallett, missing since 1981 when they were each 13 years old.
    Bald Eagle and another girl from Hot Springs were hitchhiking near Casper, Wyo., Sept. 19 when they were picked up by Long, 49, and taken to his Evansville, Wyo., home. Bald Eagle's companion escaped after being raped, but when she returned to the home with police, Long and Bald Eagle were gone.
    Long is serving two life sentences in Wyoming after pleading guilty in January to kidnapping the girls for the purpose of committing indecent liberties with a minor and one count of aggravated assault.
    Long maintains he drove Bald Eagle to Cheyenne, then got her a ride on a Texas-bound truck. He denies knowing her whereabouts.
    Evans said he will watch closely developments in the Oklahoma case.
    The two Oklahoma girls were last seen by two boys they were with when a man matching Long's description persuaded the girls to get in his car by promising them part-time jobs at the fair.
    Long was seen at the fair the day the two girls disappeared, said authorities.
    Evans said he will wait until at least after Long's preliminary hearing in Oklahoma before deciding whether to file Wyoming charges.
    He said investigators continue to search for Bald Eagle but not on a full-time basis.
    Throughout the ordeal, Bald Eagle's father, Taylor Bald Eagle, has maintained that he's certain she's alive. He could not be reached for comment Thursday.

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    The Daily Oklahoman
    February 3, 1985
    Section: NEWS

    Index Terms:

    Investigators Still Probing Truck Driver
    Author: AP
    Dateline: CASPER, Wyo.

    Article Text:
    CASPER, Wyo. (AP) _ Oklahoma authorities agree that a Wyoming truck driver who has admitted kidnapping two teen-age girls in Wyoming is a ""strong suspect'' in the case of two Oklahoma girls who disappeared from the State Fair in 1981.
    But Oklahoma City Police Capt. Bruce Shaw said the investigation into the disappearances of Cinda Pallett and Charlotte Kinsey ""has a long way to go.''
    Oklahoma investigators are searching for connections between Royal Russell Long and the Kinsey-Pallett case.
    Long, 49, a suburban Casper truck driver, pleaded guilty last month to kidnapping two teen-age South Dakota girls. He was sentenced to two life terms, meaning he will not be eligible for parole.
    Investigator Ron Owens said Thursday he examined the skeletal remains of a body found near 33 Mile Road and believes the person was older than 13. However, state crime lab officials are still attempting to match dental records to determine if the remains were those of the missing Oklahoma teen-agers, he said.
    Meanwhile, Natrona County District Attorney Scott Evans confirmed that he had contacted the FBI for help in investigating whether Long had committed other crimes, but FBI officials declined to comment.
    U.S. Attorney Richard Stacy said Thursday that the FBI's Behavioral Sciences Division will try to put together a psychological profile of Long, but agents declined to say what that would entail.
    Natrona County authorities are still seeking the whereabouts of one of Long's kidnap victims _ 12-year-old Sharon Bald Eagle of Hot Springs, S.D.
    She has not been seen since she and a 15-year-old companion were picked up by Long while hitchhiking through Casper Sept. 19. Long emphatically denies knowing where she is, saying he drove her to Cheyenne and then got her a ride with a trucker headed for Dallas.
    After his guilty pleas, Oklahoma City police began questioning Long about the missing Oklahoma girls.

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    Sharon Baldeagle
    Missing since September 18, 1984 from Eagle Butte, Dewey County, South Dakota.
    Classification: Non-Family Abduction
    Vital Statistics
    * Date Of Birth: June 26, 1972
    * Age at Time of Disappearance: 12 years old
    * Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'3; 110 pounds
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: Native female. Black hair; brown eyes
    * Clothing:Black/yellowish tiger striped top. Black shoes. Red bag.
    Circumstances of Disappearance
    BaldEagle and another girl from Hot Springs were hitchhiking near Casper, Wyoming on September 19, 1984 when they were picked up by Royal Russell Long and taken to his Evansville, Wyoming home.
    According to testimony, Long bound the girls at gunpoint and beat BaldEagle. Later that night the friend escaped and sought help from a neighbor. When the police arrived at the home, Long and BaldEagle were gone. There has been no trace of BaldEagle since that time.
    Long was arrested a week later in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He plead guilty to kidnapping the girls for the purpose of committing indecent liberties with a minor and one count of aggravated assault. He died in prison in November 1993. Long maintained he drove BaldEagle to Cheyenne and found her another ride to Texas. He denied knowing BaldEagle's whereabouts.
    If you have any information concerning Baldeagle's case, please contact:
    Fall River County Sheriff's Office
    You may remain anonymous when submitting information to any agency.
    Agency Case Number: 63037R
    NCMEC #: NCMC600185
    NCIC Number: M-179514672
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.
    Source Information:
    The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
    The Daily Oklahoman
    Casper Star Tribune

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    I have always had the gut feeling that he killed Sharon in a panic after he realized his first victim escaped. I think she likely remains close to where she was last known to be as he didn't have time to dispose of her very well. The odds of her escaping and not contacting her family after all of this time is very much unlikely.

    Why were children that young hitchhiking in the first place? She is Native American and it is well known that reservations are the poorest places in America, rife with alcohol and drug abuse on top of multi-generational poverty and segregation of all kinds even amongst fellow Natives, as some believe that 'pure blood' Natives are better than 'non pure bloods' as the Native Treaties state that Natives control the lands that were granted to them as long as 'pure bloods' remain, hence why pure bloods look down upon those who do not marry other Natives as they look upon them as being blood traitors. Like Harry Potter but in real life. Family abuse and molestation rates on reservations are also extremely higher than the national average which could explain why children that young were running off.

    Native women also suffer from higher predation rates, particularly for sex crimes, as the women often believe they deserve it or that reporting it is a waste of time as tribal police are overworked and are truly incapable of investigating all of the crime that goes on. Also there is the issue with Tribal Laws as some believe that U.S. laws do not apply on reservations and for the most part that is sadly true, however federal laws still apply to all reservations. There is also the issue of race, as Native women who are assaulted by white men feel ashamed for cultural and historical reasons and are far less likely to report such crimes. There are also a lot of sick freaks out there who get off on the idea of raping women of other races because of the domination factor.

    It's just bad news all around for poor Sharon. She was born into such a bad set of circumstances and as a result she fell prey to a monster.

    I hope one day her remains can be found. I don't know if the area where this creep took them was wooded or anything like that but if she did manage to escape she might have gotten lost in the elements and died. I sincerely hope that she got away and is living happily somewhere but given the circumstances this is really unlikely in the extreme.

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