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    cellar Not Much of a Description To Be Had: CAUTION !!!

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    cellar Stubby Articles

    Amarillo Globe Times
    Monday, January 24, 1966


    Houston (AP) Mrs. Norma Kjelstrom , who earlier identified a torso found nearly two years ago as that of her former husband, now says she is not sure.

    Police say her former husband, Ben Frank Oliver, who has a lengthy prison record was an informant in the March 11, 1964, torture robbery of a Houston couple.

    Three men have been convicted in the robbery case in which Mr. and Mrs. Mair Schepps were tortured and robbed.

    John Oscar Young and Calvin Sellars are appealing death sentences. Former Pasadena Texas Mayor Sam Hoover is serving a 60 year sentence.

    Dist. Attorney Frank Briscoe and Oliver's parents say they have talked to Oliver since the torso, which has no head, no hands, or lower legs, was found June 11, 1964 in nearby Fort Bend County.

    Briscoe said he talked to Oliver "several times" since the finding of the torso. Sam Robertson Jr., Briscoe's former assistant also said he had talked to Oliver "after they found that torso in Fort Bend County."

    Oliver's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Oliver, who run a small store in Eclectic, Ala. outside Montgomery said they "talked" to Ben about two months ago.

    "He called us from Las Vegas," they said.

    Houston authorities would not state Oliver's exact association with the Schepps case. Briscoe said he probably could produce Oliver , "within a week or two."

    Authorities said police records show Oliver was born Jan. 7, 1923 , in Elmore County, Ala. and has served a five year prison term in Utah.

    Mrs. Kjelstrom , who signed a statement identifying the torso as her former husband, said Sunday night. "I don't know...the doubt is there..."

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    San Antonio Express/News
    Saturday, June 13, 1964


    Houston (AP) Authorities tried in vain today to identify the headless torso found Thursday beside a farm road near Richmond.

    "We've just wasted one perfectly good day," Sheriff R. L. (Tiny) Gaston of Fort Bend County said after chasing down a few scattered leads without results.

    An autopsy showed the dead man was about 50 years old with a weight of about 175 pounds.

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    StaceyK Guest

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    What are the discovery details?

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    Have to get them still, glad you reminded me, I forgot about poor Stubby.

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    November 29, 1984


    Richmond, Texas (UPI) About 25 County Officials, Law Officers and a judge gathered at a small rural cemetery Wednesday to bury "Stubby," an unidentified murder victim whose torso remained in a refrigerated vault for 20 years.

    "We are putting to rest our brother unknown to us," said Rev. James Madden, "We can remember him in our prayers. For a moment or two today life stops and work is put away to honor him."

    "We pray he can find peace, something he apparently did not have much of in life."

    A farmer discovered the man's body June 11, 1964, along a rural road near Richmond, a Houston suburb. His head had been chopped off, his hands severed at the wrists, and his legs cut off at the knees.

    The victim never was identified, and the killer remained free, despite efforts over 20 years by police and medical investigators.

    Dubbed Stubby by investigators, the torso was embalmed and remained in a refrigerated vault at the Harris County morgue. Dr. Joseph Jachimczyk decided it was time for Stubby to be buried.

    A silver casket donated by a funeral home for the ceremony was topped by a red ribbon and three red roses.

    Serving as pallbearers were a Fort Bend County Deputy, who was Sheriff at the time of the murder, two medical investigators, a Texas Ranger, a newsman, who covered the story and a judge who was a prosecutor when the body was found.

    All Investigators knew about Stubby was that he was Caucasian, about 50 years old, 5-foot-10, 160 to 175 pounds.

    Jachimczykm a Catholic Deacon, conducted a portion of the ceremony at the cemetery near where Stubby's body was found.

    "To deliver a eulogy for someone you do not know, you have not met, is difficult," he said.

    "We pray for Stubby, that he's in eternal happiness, that the good Lord in his eternal mercy and love will forgive any sins and transgressions this individual may have committed in his lifetime."

    Pallbearers each placed a red rosebud on the coffin after the fifteen minute ceremony.

    Fort Bend Lt. R.L. "Tiny" Norton, a former sheriff, agreed with the decision to bury Stubby, but said any clue, any lead would still be followed.

    "The statute of limitations never runs out on murder," he said.

    The grave will be marked with a small plastic-coated card atop a metal post.

    It will bear only the name, Stubby, the date of death and the Medical Examiner's case number.

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