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    Irwin Margolies pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges that he masterminded the 1982 murder of a Federal witness and the abduction and presumed murder of a potential witness.
    Mr. Margolies, 48 years old, was indicted last week in the murder of the witness, Margaret Barbera, who was the controller of his nowdefunct company, the Candor Diamond Company.
    Miss Barbera was shot to death on a rooftop parking lot on a Hudson River pier in April 1982. When three CBS technicians came to her aid, they were also shot to death.
    Mr. Margolies has also been charged with the murder of Jenny Soo Chin, the diamond company's bookkeeper, in January 1982. Her body has not been found.
    Mr. Margolies is serving a 28-year prison term in a $5.6 million fraud case.

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    The CBS Murders
    By Richard Hammer
    220 pages
    William Marrow and Company Inc.

    This book was about a scandal in a company in New York City taking place in up town Manhattan in the diamond district. It was a crime story based on true events. The main characters in this changed because it would move sections of the book by years. In the beginning were Nash a hit man and a woman named Margaret Barbera the hit. The major issues where that a company in Manhattan that ran a jewelry company was buying small companies in New York and then making them big and then taking all the money then leaving them. The owner of the company who hired Margaret Barbera was starting not to trust her then decided its time to silence her. Nash did what he did and got her then the three well respected high board members of CBS where there and Nash had no choice but to take them out too so nobody could talk.

    On the positive side, in the beginning this book had a lot of action going on and was very interesting. The reading at this point I didn’t want to stop. It was a very violent book over all. When you read this book you will notice that the climax is in the first few chapters, everything else was falling action.

    However the bad thing about this book was that after the murders happened I wanted to put down the book. Like watching mob movies based on true stories the characters always play out on what they did on how to set up what they bought where they went who they said hello to etc… That also happened in this book which isn’t very easy to pick up on. It was boring after the first few chapters until the end again because then they pick up on the murders again and that is where they pick up on where Nash had to be brought into the picture again.

    My recommendations are to adult readers because for a kid this book is extremely difficult to keep interest in or if the reader likes crime stories. As I have said before after the first few chapters the book gets boring, and the difficulty range is extremes in one part its easy the next part is really difficult I give this book a 2 out of 5

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    Syracuse Herald Journal
    Wednesday, April 14, 1982

    New York (AP) The murders of a federal witness in a diamond company fraud case and three men who tried to help her were linked to the disappearance of another woman and seem to be the work of a professional killer, police say.

    The body of Margaret Barbera, 38, was found yesterday in an alley in Lower Manhatten, police said. Authorities believe she was the same woman who was abducted on a rooftop parking lot on the City's West Side by a man in his 30s who wore a ski mask and drove a white van.

    Three CBS technicians who were walking to their cars to their cars in the parking lot apparently witnessed the abduction Monday night, then were chased down and shot in the head at close range police said.

    Another CBS employee hid from the killer and saw the shootings.

    Chief of Detectives James Sullivan said there was no evidence of organized crime involvement in the case, but said "it's not unknown for organized crime hit men to use .22 caliber guns similar to the gun used in this case."

    Miss Barbera, of the New York borough of Queens, and the missing woman, Jenny Sue Chin , 46, of Teaneck, N.J. both worked at Candor Diamond Corp. The business was forced into bankruptcy last year by a creditor who charged it's owner, Irwin Margolies , with fraud.

    Mrs. Chin, who was a friend of Miss Barbera, disappeared Jan. 5. Her abandoned, blood-stained car was discovered six days later and a .22 caliber shell casing was found inside.

    Ballistics tests conducted yesterday proved the casing was from the same pistol with which Miss Barbera and he three CBS technicians were slain, Sullivan said.

    Mrs. Chin disappeared Mrs. Barbera's apartment after spending the night with her. authorities said. She was seen being pushed in her car by a man wearing a ski mask.

    Mrs. Barbera's lawyer, James R. Coley, told the New York Times that his client had sought protection from the U.S. Attorney's office but that her request had been refused.

    "She was afraid because of the investigation and now five people are dead," Coley was quoted as saying.

    U.S. Attorney John Martin Jr. , however, said Miss Barbera "neither asked for nor was given protection," the Daily News reported today.

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