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    Ten years later, Tech student's disappearance remains a mystery.

    Mothers know fear.
    They know it when their toddler first jumps into a pool, they know it when their teenager stays out past curfew, and they know it when their child goes away to college.
    Sometimes fear is replaced by relief, as a child's head surfaces from under the water, the family car pulls in to the driveway late at night, or a reassuring phone call tells mom that her college student is doing OK.
    But sometimes fear does not go away.
    So it goes for Jacqueline Kovack, who 10 years ago tried to call her son Robert, then a graduate student at Virginia Tech. She called on a Friday, but her son wasn't home. She waited until Saturday, but her call was never returned. She called several times on Sunday, but Rob still wasn't there.
    Rob always called home on Sunday night, but this time Jacqueline's phone never rang.
    Jacqueline called again on Monday morning demanding answers. But this time, she was told that Rob had left Blacksburg on Friday evening, heading home to Rivesville, W.Va., for the weekend.
    His vehicle was found abandoned three days later - Sept. 22, 1998 - on U.S. Route 19 near Fayetteville, W.Va. And so began one of the most mysterious cases in Virginia Tech history - a missing person investigation full of contradictions, loose ends and boundless conjecture.
    But it's also the story of a young man of modest means and tremendous potential. It's the story of a brotherly love spanning decades. And it's the story of a mother's fear that, in 10 years, has never been replaced by relief or closure.
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    Remains of Virginia Tech Student Missing Since 1998 Identified

    Human remains found below a West Virginia bridge belong to a Virginia Tech graduate student who vanished nearly two decades ago, state police said.

    Robert Leroy Kovack, 24, disappeared Sept. 18, 1998, while driving to a football game in Morgantown.

    His Geo Tracker was found near the bridge days later. It was locked and out of gas. Authorities say evidence suggested Kovack, a native of Rivesville, West Virginia, may have fallen after being hit by a car.

    In March 2016, human remains were found in a heavily wooded area below the bridge, along with Kovack's driver's license, a college ID and car keys, authorities told the Roanoke Times.

    Now DNA evidence has confirmed the remains are Kovack's, West Virginia State Police Lt. M.T. Baylous said.

    "We're relieved that we can finally put some of this to a close," Kovack's older brother, Michael Kovack, said Tuesday.

    At 875 feet, the New River Gorge Bridge is the third-highest bridge in the United States, and the site of a popular "Bridge Day" jumping festival every October.

    But the span also has a darker attraction: More than four dozen bodies have been recovered below the bridge since Kovack's disappearance, according to state police.

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