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Thread: Jeramy Burt: Missing 2 Years, Idaho

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    ice Jeramy Burt: Missing 2 Years, Idaho

    It has now been two years since a man with local ties disappeared from Boise and his family is asking for the public's help on the anniversary of his disappearance.
    The missing man's family is hoping that they will finally get closure in this bizarre mystery.
    Jeramy Burt, who grew up in American Falls, went missing two years ago on February 11, 2007. He left behind a daughter, a business, and a lot of speculation about what really happened.
    After being reported missing, Burt's disappearance remains suspicious to his family. They say it was completely out of character for this 35-year-old to just up and leave. They find it especially difficult to understand, because according to them he would never abandon his little girl.
    Four months after he went missing, the case took a strange turn that some suggest proves foul play. The remains of the car that Burt was apparently driving were discovered 45 miles north of the Nevada border. The car was found by a cowboy in a very remote area.
    The abandoned car had been burned out. Investigators believe someone was trying to hide something, though they are not convinced it was foul play.
    On this two year anniversary of Burt's disappearance, his family wants to believe he is still alive and they will see him again.
    Shane Burt, brother: "My gut feeling tells me that I won't see my brother again. I definitely hope for that."
    Katrina Burt, sister: "We hope that he's still alive, but we know our brother well enough that he's probably not still around. But we are still keeping that hope that he's still here."
    The family says that there have been some leads to Jeramy's disappearance over the past two years.
    The Boise Police Department is continuing to investigate his disappearance as a missing persons case, and are asking for anyone with information to give them a call at (208) 373-5406.
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