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Thread: Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

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    Default Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

    Joan Leigh Hall
    Missing since September 30, 1983 from Warrenton, Clatsop County, Oregon
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics
    • Date Of Birth: February 24, 1966
    • Age at Time of Disappearance: 17 years old
    • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'6"; 110-120 lbs.
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair; blue eyes, ears are pierced.
    • Clothing: A green hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, a blue jacket, and white and maroon sneakers, and was carrying a blue and white backpack and a brown purse.
    • Nicknames: Joanie
    • Dentals: Available

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Hall was last seen shortly after 2 p.m . September 30, 1983, at the Warrenton Mini-Mart in downtown by a boy who gave her a ride from the high school. She told the boy she was going to buy a soft drink and walk the half-mile to Warrenton Grade School, where she helped her aunt, a third-grade teacher. She never showed up.
    Police from several agencies found no sign of the teen, despite exhaustive searches and interviews, including following hunches from psychics. Authorities suspected foul play. Hall was reliable and had a good relationship with her parents, she always let them know where she was.
    There is no sign of a struggle, no reason to think she ran away, no enemies to interrogate. There is nothing.
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    Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
    October 22, 2006

    Where is Joany Hall?

    Author: LARRY BINGHAM; The Oregonian

    Article Text:
    SUMMARY: It was Homecoming in 1983, but the 17-year-old never came home;
    now 23 years later, the family and the small town still grieve, still hope
    WARRENTON --A 17-year-old girl leaves Warrenton High School on a Friday afternoon and heads across the road to help her aunt grade papers. A friend offers a ride and they stop at the Mini-Mart, where the girl buys a soda.
    Her family reports her missing after she doesn't show up at the grade school. There's not much to go on. Authorities trace her route back down South Main Avenue, passing small houses set close to the road and decorated with crab pots, fishing nets and driftwood, but they find nothing.
    Her brothers and sisters --she is the baby of six and the last at home --comb the brush along the railroad track, thinking she might have taken a shortcut. They go to the high school football game that night and search the stands, but they find nothing.
    There is no sign of a struggle, no reason to think she ran away, no enemies to interrogate. There is nothing.
    Distraught, her parents hire a psychic from Portland, who says she's "in water." The problem is there's water everywhere in this small town southwest of Astoria. Water flows through the Skipanon River behind the Mini-Mart, water pools in the marshes when you turn off Highway 101. Water fuels the old forests that supply the lumber mill, water provides a home to the fish that feed the few canneries left.
    A search of the water yields no sign of Joan Hall, or "Joany" to her family and friends.
    This was in 1983. She was never seen again.
    Her mother and father live the rest of their lives looking at the faces of strangers, looking for their daughter. They die without knowing what happened to her.
    Twenty-three years go by and nothing changes, until one day, the phone rings in the home of Joany's brother, Chuck Hall. It is a woman, a stranger, calling to say she heard something 22 years ago that has bothered her ever since. She tells Chuck, now a father of three, that a year after his sister vanished, someone referred to her in the past tense, which led the caller to think she was dead.
    Chuck asks why she never spoke up until now, but the caller doesn't give him a satisfying answer. Afterward, the call stays with him. He figures if a stranger has been haunted for this long, then maybe the person who knows what happened to his sister has been haunted, too.
    And maybe, after all these years, that person will finally come forward and give the family the one thing they've had to learn to live without --a sense of peace.
    He'll hold a candlelight vigil, he decides. A friend at the retirement home where he's a nurse's assistant offers to help organize the vigil.
    Most of the 30 people who come on this Saturday night to stand outside the high school are family: A sister, two brothers, a few aunts, a scattering of nieces and nephews. A few others are police detectives and some are townspeople who have never forgotten.
    "The family is really happy about this, a nice turnout," Chuck says. "Our hope is this vigil will raise awareness for Joany's disappearance."
    They stand awkwardly in a semicircle as cars go by behind them. It is Homecoming at the high school, the same as it was the night Joany disappeared. A few teenagers arrive early, wearing dresses and slacks.
    A woman who works with Chuck sings "Amazing Grace" on a karaoke machine she brought from home. The mortuary in town donated the white candles being distributed. The framed photograph of Joany sitting on the table, the last picture taken of her, came from Chuck's house, where it was hanging on the wall.
    Chuck asks if anyone would like to share a memory.
    "I remember my sister called me and said, 'They can't find Joany.' And this was the day she disappeared," says Aggie Stocker. "She said, 'It's 7:30 and I know she's not coming home. Something bad has happened to her.' Joany wasn't like that. She always let 'em know where she was."
    In his heart, Chuck thinks his sister was abducted and murdered. He has no evidence of such a thing and keeps his thoughts to himself.
    Detective Kristen Hanthon hasn't ruled out anything. She thinks someone along the northern coast of Oregon knows what happened to Joany.
    "Any others?" Chuck asks the crowd.
    A gray-haired woman raises her hand. "I'm Viola Leonhardt, the widow of Harold Leonhardt, who was a police officer who worked on Joany's case. Much to his sorrow, he was never able to solve what happened to her. And I knew Joany from Lewis & Clark school, where I was employed in the library. She was a sweetheart, a real sweet young lady.
    "We were so sad to hear of this tragedy. I know my husband would be here if he were here. So I came for both of us --to remember Joany."
    Another of Joany's brothers, Jeff Hall, was the last in the family to see her. He saw her at lunchtime, hanging out with friends close to the high school.
    "Me and Joany were the youngest," he says, "and need I say more? The mischief that we could find." He shakes his head, remembering. "I was just thinking back to all the stuff we were going to get in trouble for, and the blame would go on Joany, but as it turned out it was reversed and it happened to me . . . "
    He pauses. Then he says, "I saw her the day she disappeared and I'll take that day to my grave --how happy she was. That's the last memory of Joany. It's just heartbreaking to see a good kid like that disappear."
    How does a family live with such a loss?
    They don't, really.
    A small town doesn't, either.
    "I don't know if any of you recognize me or remember me," says a woman standing near a tree. Lorraine Andriesian is the wife of the town dentist. She used to be his assistant.
    "I had quite a personal, close relationship with each of you," she says. "Because you had to come. Your parents saw to it that your teeth were well taken care of. So I had close, personal time with each of you, to maybe stifle your fears, or keep you busy talking, or thinking about other things.
    "And I was only so grateful we were able to provide the information the police needed for identification. We had models. I don't know if you ever saw them --of her teeth. We turned them over, as well as X-rays. I have never forgotten --will never forget --her; the family. How we were touched. And how we grieved for you."
    A few others speak, and then no one speaks. The air seems heavy with memories. A goose honks as it flies overhead. Finally, Chuck asks his cousin to say a closing prayer.
    "Father, you are a just God," the preacher says. "You care for us and love us more than we can imagine. It's hard for us to fathom why something like this has to happen, and I don't know if anybody could give any good answers. Some day we hope we can stand in your presence and know.
    "Father, I ask your peace to rest on the family, and the friends --that the memories be sweet and not tormenting. Lord, if it's at all possible, we ask that you would bring about a change in what has taken 23 years. Be it your will, someway, somehow, let things come to play so we could now where Joany is --that it could be set to rest."
    He pauses.
    "If we could just have a few moments of silence."
    A car whooshes by, headed toward Highway 101 and the world beyond Warrenton.
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    Texaskowgirl Guest

    Default Re: Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

    Bump...... GV, how about post your Myspace link for her...

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    grandmavan Guest

    Re: Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

    Thank you so much for bumping this. Here is her link. The latest on Joanies story is on the youtube video. I never met Joanie Hall. She grew up two towns over from me on the Northwest Coast of Oregon. But I am never going to stop until she is found & obtains justice. This happened when I was 19 & pregnant & now that child is a grown man. This had ALWAYS bothered me though. I had overheard 3 girls talking about her shortly after she had disappeared & for many years I believed that those girls were involved. I no longer believe that but I do think that these 3 girls were the catalyst that caused this to get under my skin all these years. I was an atheist for many years but things have happened to me during this "journey" that have led me to believe again. Something drives me that I cannot explain. You should have seen the letters I used to write the Det, the DA, anybody who would listen. I didnt care how crazy I sounded. I still don't. I would beg & plead that she not be forgotten despite the passage of over two decades. I'm surprised they didnt send men in white coats after me. lol All I can say is that as I told one Detective, I know I made a pain in the ass out of myself of EPIC proportions. lol But as I said, something DRIVES me that I cannot explain & I gave up trying to. I have also had many strange experiences during my search for Joanie & who killed her. I finally had to quit trying to apply logic & take this on faith. But there are times looking back that I believe that Angels MUST have been surrounding me. I know this sounds so existential but I have no other explanation. There was a psychic from Court TV (now tru tv) "Psychic Detectives" who did a reading. She came up with some interesting info. I believe her.

    Anyway, there are lots of things that I have learned & if you are interested please contact me with any questions & I will answer them. I do not know everything that is going on in the current investigation. Although its not too hard for me to figure out. The longtime lead detective on this case was suddenly replaced several months ago. none507 But then I dont need to know everything anyway. Heck, I dont need to know anything other than that they are working on Joanie Hall's case. Of course Im curious but all that really matters is that now she is not forgotten & that her case is being actively investigated. While never closed, the former "lead detective" did not seem very....motivated. However, there was one Detective from Seaside Oregon who was WONDERFUL. One of the best of our boys in blue. He was not the lead. But he is on the team.

    I cannot answer everything I have learned over the past several years on the open forum however. I will say however that somewhere along this "Journey" I came to think of her as "my girl". And that there is nothing I have done for her that I wouldn't do for my own child. And I will NEVER stop until she is found & obtains justice. Actually, I think my "job" was just to get her name out there again into the public consciousness. Not let her be forgotten. Her Myspace page has now had over 4,300 views & I like to think this helped her. And I think that once she is identified, justice will follow. I cannot explain it. But I just somehow "know" this. I was not sent on this journey without a purpose.

    I have FAITH. My girl is going to go home soon. On the wings of Angels.

    I also think that Joanie's case may be related to another case from 1978 that remains unsolved. The brutal murder of Elena Jacobs & Teresa Kruse. And when Joanies case is through, I am going after this one too.
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    Default Joanie Hall vigil???

    I wanted to add that according to the KOIN 6 news story by Amy Frazier of Late July 2008, (the youtube video on Myspace page justiceforjoanie)there is supposed to be a vigil held for Joanie Hall on the 25th Anniversary of her disappearance.

    I had not spoke to Joanie's older brother for several years now.

    But last month I did email him to ask him about the vigil.

    He left a voice mail telling him that if I wanted the details of the vigil to call him back. I feel more comfortable with email however.

    A couple of weeks later I sent another email asking him to please email me with the details as they should be posted on her Myspace page, justiceforjoanie

    Despite the vigil being two days away now I have yet to receive an email telling me the details of the vigil so that I could post them on justiceforjoanie.

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    Re: Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

    (click image to enlarge)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    9/28/2006 11:40:00 AM

    Joan Hall

    Vigil set Saturday for Warrenton woman who went missing 23 years ago

    The Daily Astorian

    Warrenton - A vigil is planned at 5:30 p.m. Saturday at Warrenton High School to honor the memory of Joan Leigh Hall, who disappeared on the same date 23 years ago.

    The 17-year-old Warrenton High School senior was last seen at 2 p.m. Sept. 30, 1983, at the Warrenton Mini-Mart. Hall's brother, Chuck Hall, initially wanted to hold Saturday's vigil at the Mini-Mart, but chose the high school instead, because there is not enough parking space at the market.

    The youngest of six siblings and seven years his junior, Joan wanted to be a police officer and a mother, Chuck Hall recalls. Her

    disappearance destroyed their parents. Their father had a heart attack days afterward. Melvin and Mary Hall died in 1994, two months apart. Before her death, their mother would talk about Joannie on her birthday Feb. 24.

    Joan Hall was considered reliable by both friends and family, and foul play is suspected in her disappearance. To date, no trace of her has been found.

    An extensive investigation by several police agencies, including exhaustive searches and hunches from psychics, turned up no sign of the missing teen. Authorities suspect foul play. The family is resigned to the belief that she was abducted and murdered but still harbors some hope she may be alive.

    The case remains open. Over the years tips have come in, been investigated and added to the file. Clatsop County sheriff's Detective Kristen Hanthorn hopes the combination of new techniques and perspectives, as well as renewed public interest, will finally answer the question of what happened to Hall.

    The case also hit police hard: Hall was a member of an Explorer post sponsored by the sheriff's office and was elected its president the night before she vanished. One deputy kept her photograph on his clipboard until his retirement three years ago. All of the original investigators have retired, moved on or died.

    Information about Hall is posted on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Web site,, including an age-progression photo of what she might look like now. Her siblings' DNA will be submitted to a national database that in the future will link unidentified human remains and missing people.

    The vigil will be held rain or shine. All are invited to attend, and candles will be provided.

    Chuck Hall, the father of three and a certified nurse's assistant at a local care center, said his little sister is never far from his mind. "We just want to bring her home," he said.

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    Texaskowgirl Guest

    Default Re: Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

    New Web site seeks clues to disappearance
    $2.95 - Daily Astorian, The - NewsBank - Oct 13, 2006
    WARRENTON - A new Web site has been created about Joan Hall, who vanished without a trace 23 years ago as of Sept. 30. The site, ( ... Related web pages

    Note: Site is no longer good... just spam
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    Texaskowgirl Guest

    Default Re: Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

    Wife told ex-sheriff: 'Don't go'
    $2.95 - Daily Astorian, The - NewsBank - Feb 27, 2004
    ... and rescue cases in the mid-1980s, including the unsolved disappearance of 17-year-old Warrenton High School senior Joan Hall in 1983, Raichl said. ... Related web pages

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    Default Re: Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

    Joan Hall

    Missing Since 09/30/1983

    Joan Hall - Missing Since 09/30/1983
    Joan Leigh Hall is missing from Warrenton, Oregon, since September 30, 1983. She was last seen leaving from a local store en route to the Warrenton Grade School at 2:30 p.m.

    Missing Date 09/30/1983
    Race White
    Sex Female
    Current Age 41
    Hair Color Brown
    Hair Type Curly
    Eyes Blue
    Height 5'6"
    Weight 110 lbs
    Missing From Warrenton, Oregon, USA
    Type of Abduction Endangered Missing

    A Toll-Free Hotline: (1-800-282-7155) is maintained by the Clearinghouse to receive any information on missing children. Clearinghouse business number 503-934-0188.

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    Default Re: Joan Hall, 1983, Oregon

    DOB: Feb 24, 1966
    Missing: Sep 30, 1983
    Age Now: 42
    Sex: Female
    Race: White
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
    Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
    Missing From:
    United States

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