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Thread: Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C.

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    Default 2001 murder Aaron Webster, "Alternative Lifestyle" "cruising" in Park

    Canada: Suspect in park slaying arrested
    Feb 13, 2003
    ... have arrested a 19-year-old man in the brutal 2001 murder of Aaron Webster. ... lot in a gay cruising area of Vancouver's Stanley Park in November 2001. ...

    Vancouver rally condemns murder of gay man
    The Militant - Dec 10, 2001
    Webster was beaten to death early the previous day in Stanley Park, in an area frequented by gays. Another 150 people joined a vigil in Victoria, ...

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    Default 2005, May robbed by 4 men

    Aug. 2, 2005: A man walking in Stanley Park is swarmed by four men and robbed at gunpoint.

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    Default 2002, Ji-Won Park, Strangled while Jogging in Park

    B.C. police looking for person in Asian murder
    Updated Sat. Nov. 23 2002 1:53 PM ET

    CTV News Staff

    Burnaby RCMP sent a cryptic message through the media Thursday, urging a certain unnamed person to come forward in the recent murder of a 21-year-old Chinese student.

    Wei Amanda Zhao disappeared Oct. 9 after leaving her Burnaby apartment to walk to a nearby grocery store for cooking oil.

    Two hikers found her body on Sunday on a wooded embankment near Stave Lake, north of Mission. Police say she was murdered.

    Burnaby Const. Andrea Hills, a spokesperson for the RCMP, says police believe a certain person knows something about Zhao's case and they want that person to talk to them. However, Hills wouldn't say who that person was.

    She says a special tip line has also been set up for the case. It is 1-866-288-8088.

    In her statement, Hills also repeated that police do not believe Asian women are being targeted.

    "Women of all age and race are vulnerable to attacks by those who prey on the unsuspecting, the weak, and those unable to defend themselves."

    Zhao's boyfriend, Ang Li, has left the country for Beijing. Hills said Li is allowed to leave Canada because he was a witness and a complainant and there was no reason to detain him.

    After reporting Zhao missing, Li gave a statement to police that was recorded on videotape, then he heard nothing for 10 days.

    That changed Monday, when police subjected the soft-spoken Li to a barrage of interviews, bringing him to the station and later visiting his home. Police spent nearly one hour videotaping inside and outside the basement apartment he once shared with Zhao.

    Despite their sudden interest in him, police insist Li is not considered a suspect.

    Meanwhile, police are facing criticism for their handling of Zhao's case.

    When Li reported Zhao missing four hours after she disappeared, he was told the case was not an emergency and that he should call back after 24 hours. Police then waited a week to release photos of Zhao and details of her disappearance.

    Hills said management has asked for a review of the investigation. Results of the internal review will be released within the next week.

    Zhao, a student at Coquitlam College, came to Canada from Beijing in July 2001. Her death is the latest in a series of attacks on young Asian women in the Vancouver area dating back to May.

    On the same day that Zhao disappeared, there was a failed abduction attempt of a 38-year-old Korean woman, also in Burnaby. However, police do not believe the two incidents are linked.

    Asian women attacked

    On Thursday, there were fears that another Asian student had gone missing. But police found Xiasi (Vivian) Xie -- a 23-year-old UBC graduate student -- a few hours later at a conference on the campus.

    That case was in part due to a misunderstanding. But there have been four other Asian women attacked in the Vancouver area in the past six months.

    In May, 22-year-old Ji-Won Park suffered brain damage after she was strangled while jogging in Stanley Park.

    In July, a 13-year-old girl visiting from Japan told police she was sexually assaulted in a residence at the University of British Columbia.

    Also in July, a 28-year-old Korean woman was attacked while walking down a Surrey street and a 21-year-old Korean student was dragged into a car and sexually assaulted on East Hastings Street in Vancouver.

    The attacks have created fears among the approximately 10,000 foreign students, many of them Asian, who come to Vancouver each year to learn English.

    Schools are concerned that Vancouver's international reputation as a safe place to study will be tarnished by the incidents.

    Officials at Language Studies Canada, which has taught English to foreign students across Canada for 40 years, say they will revise their safety tips for students in the wake of Zhao's death

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    Default 2008, UID Man, 40s, found Dead, Under a Log in Park

    found under log in Stanley Park
    Chantal EustacePublished: Thursday, January 10, 2008
    VANCOUVER - An unidentified man, found dead under a log in Stanley Park by cleanup crews on Wednesday, might have been killed by a falling tree branch.

    The body was covered by debris, Vancouver Police Sgt. Alan Gosbee told CBC news.

    "This morning several members of a forestry crew that were scheduled to clear this area came across a corpse of an unidentified male," Gosbee said Wednesday.

    "He's approximately 40 years of age and had been there probably about three to four months at least. We can't tell what the cause of death was."

    Asked whether the man could have been hit by a tree branch breaking off and landing on him, Gosbee said: "It is possible."

    He said certain areas of Stanley Park remain dangerous due to the windstorm of 2006, despite the cleanup effort that is underway.

    "Right now, there still are a number of areas that have a lot of debris down that we don't recommend the public accessing that are very dangerous," said Gosbee.

    He said the man might have been camping in the park. "There is an unoccupied camp about 50 metres from this location."

    While police haven't determined what happened in this particular death, a 59-year-old man who was camping in the park when the December 2006 storm hit said he was trapped for days by falling debris.

    He was rescued by police after calling 911 on a mobile phone he said he had forgotten was in his backpack. Police said the man survived by drinking rain water.

    Meanwhile, in Richmond on Wednesday, an unidentified body was pulled out of the Fraser River at River and No. 6 Roads shortly before noon.

    The decomposed body was likely in the water for some time and the gender could not be determined, said Richmond RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Nycki Basra.

    She said police are treating the case as a sudden death since there are no signs of foul play at this point. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, she said.

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    Default 2003, 6 Police Officers Convicted of Assault

    B.C. cops guilty of assault kept on payroll
    Updated Wed. Nov. 26 2003 3:36 PM ET News Staff

    Six Vancouver police officers are staying on the city payroll, despite pleading guilty to charges they beat three men in the city's downtown Stanley Park.

    "We have officers on the job who have been convicted of assault," Const. Anne Drennan told reporters Tuesday, answering questions about the six constables who had pleaded guilty to charges of assault the day before.

    "Just because an officer has been convicted of assault... doesn't necessarily mean dismissal."

    The six will be sentenced in B.C. provincial court Dec. 16 and 17. In B.C., conviction on a summary assault charge carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison and a $2,000 fine.

    After that, Drennan said, under provisions of the Police Act the officers will face an internal, closed-door hearing in mid-January.

    Until then -- when the convicted officers will have a chance to convince Vancouver Police Chief Jamie Graham that they shouldn't be fired -- they will continue to draw their regular pay cheques.

    That means the force will be paying close to $25,000 to keep the convicted police officers on the payroll. For the beating victims' lawyer, Phil Rankin, that's unacceptable.

    "I think they should no longer work on the force, if you are going to break the law and you are not living by your own rules you should play on a different team," Rankin told CTV's Vancouver affiliate.

    For his part, chief Graham isn't commenting on the case. Drennan says that, after consulting with labour lawyers, it was decided the suspended officers should stay on the payroll because they're yet to face a disciplinary hearing.
    But Rankin suspects the police are actually pursuing a more complicated strategy.

    "They are getting ready to reinstate them," Rankin said. "That's what this is about -- preparing the public perception for the reinstatement of the police officers."

    The six constables are Christopher Cronmiller, Raymond Gardner, Duncan Gemmell, James Kenney, Gabriel Kojima and Brandon Steele.

    All of them pleaded guilty to assaulting three Vancouver men in the early hours of Jan. 14. The victims had been arrested after being spotted in what police believed was a drug deal. The men were driven to Stanley Park, where they were berated, punched and shoved before being released.

    The victims have since filed a lawsuit against the six officers and the City of Vancouver.

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    Default 2004, Predator in Park, Assaulting Women

    Vancouver police warn women of sexual predator
    Updated Sun. Dec. 19 2004 11:31 PM ET News Staff

    Vancouver police are warning women to be careful, because a man suspected of two sexual assaults in Stanley Park is the likely culprit of another attack in the city's west end.

    Residents are disturbed by the possibility that a sexual predator is in their midst. "I live right down there," said one woman. "That's scary, not good."

    "It makes me mad I can't walk around Stanley Park by myself anymore," said another. "I don't like that."

    Police are also appealing to any victims who haven't yet come forward. The latest victim to speak with police says she was walking up the street at 6:45 a.m. when the man came up behind her.

    When the woman screamed, the attacker was startled and ran away. Vancouver police say the attack happened on November 28, but the victim only came forward after hearing media reports about two sexual assaults near Stanley Park's Lost Lagoon.

    One happened in September, the other on Dec. 15. "We believe there's a strong likelihood these three incidents relate to one suspect," Const. Anne Drennan told reporters.

    The suspect is described as male, 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a medium build. He was wearing a black hooded top and dark pants.

    One of the other victims said the suspect may have reddish hair, but she couldn't be sure. Police say it's such a broad description, they're having trouble narrowing suspects down.

    But, they say the profile could help jog the memory of someone who saw the man. For now, police say it's important that women keep an eye out.

    "The buddy system is strongly recommended," Drennan said. "If women can walk, jog or shop with a friend, that would be best."

    However, Vancouver's Rape Relief Centre wants police to put 'decoy joggers' in Stanley Park to catch the suspect, instead of putting all the onus on women. The idea is similar to a bait car program for stolen vehicles.

    "These women weren't doing anything wrong," says the centre's Suzanne Jay. "The focus has to be on the man and stopping his behaviour."

    Vancouver police say they've stepped up patrols in the park and around the west end. Drennan defended the warning, saying it's an effort to let women make their own safety decisions.

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    Default 1948, Two Men charged with Assault of Woman


    Bail of $10.000 each was set for
    two youths charged with criminal
    assault following an attack on -a
    29-year-old woman in Stanley Park,
    Vancouver. Sunday night. Remanded
    until Sept. 7 were Michael Pickersgill.
    18, seaman, and Russell
    Yatets, 19, a laborer Police are still
    seeking a third man.

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    Default 1964 - 1980, Boys, Sea Cadets, Assualted in Park

    VANCOUVER -- Thirty-five former Navy League cadets will share in an $8-million sexual abuse settlement against the defendant Attorney General of Canada, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled Friday.

    The settlement, approved by Justice Austin Cullen, could go as high as $10 million, depending on how many more victims come forward.

    It names several third parties, including former officers of HMCS Discovery stationed on Deadman's Island in the city's Stanley Park who abused the cadets between the period 1964 to 1980.

    The boys ranged in age from 12 to 17 and were members of the Navy Leage, an organization that teaches young Canadians about naval traditions and "the exciting technological opportunities of the future."

    Two of the officers, Ralph Bremner and Conrad Sundman, already have been found guilty of sexual abuse and other sex crimes. Sundman was sentenced to seven years in prison three years ago after earlier pleading guilty to 13 counts of indecent assault and three counts of buggery. Bremner was convicted of four counts of indecent assault on boys aged 13 to15.

    The settlement also includes a hefty payout to lawyers on a contingency basis of more than $2.6 million from the $8 million.

    The judge set out lengthy terms in the settlement.

    The $8 million includes legal fees, PST and GST.

    An additional $1.8 million, plus $200,000 in administrative fees, are included in the settlement for other victims who might come forward within 45 days of the approval of the order Friday.

    The judge set out two levels of payment. The first calls for a $30,000 payment to all eligible without any testing.

    A Level II payout involves psychological testing and assessments and the maximum payout to any one person would be $500,000.

    The court said the average payout would be about $267,867 before legal fees and PST and GST.

    "Some members, based on the testing and assessments that they will undergo, will get less than this and other members will get more than this," the judge said in his ruling.

    Lawyer Richard Gibbens urged any former cadets who suffered alleged sexual abuse at the hands of a superior during that period to join the class action by contacting him at his Vancouver office.

    The class action was certified in early 2004, naming the attorney-general of Canada as defendant. The trial was set for January 2006 but settlement negotiations had begun in 2005. The final settlement was reached in February. In his statement of claim, White claims the abuse began in 1968, when he was 13 or 14, and ended in 1971, when he was 17 or 18 years old.

    He names Sundman and another former officer, Clarence Anderson, now deceased, as the men who abused him.

    The other defendant named in the settlement is Beverley Richard Wilson, whom Gibbens described as one of the Navy League's leaders in the 1960s at HMCS Discovery. He was ruled unfit to stand trial, said Gibbens.

    He emphasized that other victims are out there and must come forward soon.

    "The judge has encouraged counsel to get the word out there with regard to any potential victims out there that we don't already have," he said in an interview.

    Testing for anyone applying for the Level II payout will receive forms soon and testing would likely begin in June, said Gibbens.

    "The problem is that some were abused more than others so the payment if they opt for Level II will be adjusted to reflect the nature and extent of the injury," he said.

    The victims ranged in age from about 12 to 17.

    Gibbens wasn't sure about how many more victims may come forward but he said an investigating police officer told him there were many more victims.

    "It's clear that this is the last opportunity for them to come forward if they believe they fall within the terms of this settlement

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    Default Re: 1998, Two Boys Killed in Park... Pos Serial Killer in Ped Ring

    Quote Originally Posted by Texaskowgirl View Post
    $2.95 - Contra Costa - NewsBank - Nov 23, 1998
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia Police suspect two boys killed in Stanley Park nine ... "We've just recently learned that there was a similar murder (of two ...

    Article 1 of 1; 240 words

    Almost like some sort of fault line of evil runs through the grounds of Stanley Park.

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia Police suspect two boys killed in Stanley Park nine years ago were the victims of a serial killer who may have been part of a homosexual pedophile ring along the West Coast. Police combed the park for clues Saturday, for the second time in a month. "We've just recently learned that there was a similar murder (of two boys ages 9 and 13) in San Diego about the same time," Detective Al Cattley of the unsolved homicide squad said

    Published on November 23, 1998, Page A11, Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA)
    It is almost like some fault line of evil runs through Stanley Park. Also, I just remembered about all of those women who disappeared from Vancouver BC & the RCMP did not do very much to help them. In a special I saw about this a couple of years ago on TV it was said that the reason the RCMP did not listen was because these women were Native Canadians. I guess that some of the prostitutes in the area had been telling the mounties for years about how a man was abducting young women, killing them & disposing of them at his pig farm. But these reports were consistently dismissed. Turned out to be true though.
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