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    buffalo Torso Murders

    A SERIES of torso murders,
    never solved, started In Texas
    in 1959, touched New Mexico,
    Georgia and Florida, and
    abruptly stopped in mid-1964.
    Parts of a dissected body of
    a man were found in the Rio
    Grande near El Paso on June
    20,1959. They were in a green
    suitcase. More parts of the
    same body were found July 5,
    1959, near Tularosa, New
    The head and fingers were
    never found, BO it was Dot
    possible to Identify the body.
    The torso of a man, apparently
    killed by a blow on
    the head, was found in a
    drainage ditch near Roswell,
    N.M. Dec. 6, 1960. The body
    was identified, because the
    head was not removed, as that
    of Charles Cox, 32, an Artesia,
    N.M.,- schoolteacher who had
    been missing three days.
    THE LEGS had been
    severed at the hips and other
    parts were missing.
    The arms, legs, feet and
    other parts of a white man
    were discovered Jan. 30, 1962,
    in Clay County, Fla. The
    following day, a torso was
    found near Sylvester, Ga., 200
    miles away. Both finds looked
    like parts of the same body.
    Fiugers were clipped off at the
    joints, the pahns were peeled
    and the head was never found.
    Two boxes containing most
    of the parts of a woman's body
    were found in a culvert on US-
    59 in San Jacinto County on
    Feb. 3, 1962. Head, arms and
    legs were never found.
    A FARMER in Fort Bend
    County June 11, 1964, found
    the torso of a man in a field.
    By now it was a familiar
    story. Head and hands were
    severed. The legs were cut off
    at the knees. The man was
    believed to have been killed
    somewhere else.
    Twenty-one officers from
    Texas, New Mexico, Florida
    and Georgia met in Houston in
    1964 and agreed the murders
    were related.
    They thought the man whose
    body was found In Fort Bend
    County probably was the husband
    of a woman murdered in
    Ohio. One of the woman's
    near Troy, Ohio, then the
    other arm was found six days
    later the woman's torso was
    found in the old Erie Canal.
    Neither man nor woman was
    ever Identified.

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    Sunday, June 21, 1959


    El Paso (UPI) An El Paso couple fishing on the Rio Grande Saturday found the dismembered body of a white man in a suitcase foating in the water.

    When Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam F. Taylor made the discovery they notified El Paso County Sheriff's Officers who found other parts of the body in two cardboard boxes downstream.

    The head was missing as wel as the right hand and the left arm.

    A Friday's E Paso Herald Post had been used to wrap the upper part of the torso which the suitcase contained, but a pathologist said the victim probably had been dead four days.

    Made Incisions

    Deputies said the slaying may have been the work of a maniac. They said the body had been partially skinned on the back, hips and thighs.

    The incisions which were made to dismember, appeared to have been done by an expert, deputies said.

    The spot where the body was found is located about 11 miles north of El Paso. It is in the upper Valey Region of El Paso County.

    The suitcase which the couple found contained the victim's torso with the exception of the head, the left arm and the right hand.

    Found Boxes

    Deputies found the two cardboard boxes about 200 yards down the river. One of them contained the bottom half of the body to the knees, which were neatly severed. The other box held the lower parts of the legs and the feet.

    Investigating officers said the torso had been sliced in half just beow the rib cage.

    Initial speculation was that the murder was done by a maniac or someone who cut the victim's head off to prevent identification and partially skinned the body to take tattoos off.

    County Pathologist Dr. Frederick T. Bornstein said a preliminary investigation indicated the man was between 25 and 45 and had been dead about four days. The victim was not Mexican he said.

    Dr. Bornstein said also the initial tests did not indicate the cause of death and that the missing head would probably reveal what killed the man.

    The body was taken to the Rodenhaver-Miller Funeral Home in El Paso. The pathologist said specialists have been called in to x-ray the bones and make other tests Monday.

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    Wednesday, December 2, 1959
    El-Paso Herald Post


    Sheriff Bob Bailey said today that the El Paso and Las Cruces Sheriff's Departments are checking on a Lubbock man missing since early June.

    The man, Elvin Martin Brashear, disappeared from Brownfield where he was working and may be the dismembered torso which was pulled out of the Rio Grande near Las Cruces on June 20, Sheriff Bailey said.

    Other parts of the body, including the hands, were located in the hills near Tularosa later. The head was never found.

    The hands of the body were sent to the Federal Bureau of Identification laboratory in Washington where three fingerprints were obtained, Sheriff Bailey said Brashear's fingerprints will be checked against the murdered man's prints by the FBI.

    Sheriff Bailey said Brashear's car was found abandoned in Oklahoma a few weeks after he disappeared.

    "We haven't given up hope at all on the torso case," the sheriff said.

    If Brashear is not the victim, Sheriff Bailey said, he plans to have a photograph of the torso's prints sent here, where they will be checked against the 50,000 fingerprints in the Sheriff's Deparment files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starless View Post
    Seems I'm ony getting in deeper, TKG, you are so going camping !!!

    We're going to Atchafalaya tomorrow !!!! none5 My favorite.
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    Wednesday, September 9, 1959
    El Paso Herald-Post


    Finding a human hand in the Upper Valley near Anapra today touched off a search by officers for the body from which the hand had been severed.

    Archie Bond, retired cement plant worker, found the hand on his lawn, one mile west of the Courchesne Bridge, early today.

    "We have two dogs that are always bringing in bones and putting them on the grass," Mr. Bond said.

    He turned the hand over to Police Chief Jim Flanagan of Las Cruces, who said it will be sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory in Washington. Sheriff A. P. Garcia organized a party to search for the body.

    Dona Ann County officers said the hand had been dug out of the ground. They could not estimate how ong it had been buried.

    The Las Cruces officers said it appeared to be the left hand of an adut male, severed at the wrist, and considerably shrunken but not decomposed.

    Parts of the fingers had been severed at the knuckles and the thumb was missing.

    Mrs. Bond said "It looked like a woman's hand to me."

    The find was reminiscent of the discovery last June 20 of a headless and handless torso found in the Rio Grande above Anapra.

    The hands beonging to the torso were later found with other dismembered body parts, near Tularosa, N.M.

    The latest discovery caused officers to wonder if some fiend in the Las Cruces-Anapra has committed two mutilation murders.

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    Findings on Rio Grande Body:

    The torso and hands seem more likely to be those of one victim. He probably was a white male, between 35 and 40 years of age and was not a laborer or outdoors man.

    Sheriff Bob Bailey said the victim's feet were smooth and bore no callouses. He probably worked indoors.

    The murderer was adept at carving animals.

    Boxes in which the hands, human skin and flesh and other parts of the dissected body were found were all cardboard cases used for grocery store item shipping.

    The slayer apparently kept the body hidden, perhaps in a large freezer or walk-in for from one to six days before disposing of it. Some body parts were wrapped in small zippered plastic bags, commonly used by women to store shoes, indicating the possible implication of a woman in the murder or disposal of the body.

    Because of the danger, it is felt the slayer would not have chanced driving to long a distance with the dissected body in his/her car or truck after it had been dead some time, for fear of detection. This would indicate the murder took place not too far from the Alamogordo-Las Cruces area.

    The mutilation of the body appears more the result of sadism, than an effort to hide the identity of the victim, since none of the parts were buried.

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