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    Rosario Gonzalez

    Rosario Gonzales
    Missing since February 26, 1984 from Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida.
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics Age at Time of Disappearance: 20 years old
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Hispanic female. Dark eyes; long, brown/ auburn hair.
    Other: She was born in Cuba.
    Clothing: She wore red shorts and a white T-shirt with Mejoral printed on the front, had on her diamond engagement ring, and carried a gray purse.
    AKA: Chary

    <HR>Circumstances of Disappearance
    Rosario Gonzales disappeared on February 26, 1984. She'd been working at a temporary job distributing aspirin samples at the Miami Grand Prix racetrack, where witnesses said took a break and had left around noon with an older man she was last seen shortly after 1 p.m. Gonzalez's 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass was left parked near the Dupont Plaza, her paycheck was left unclaimed.
    Christopher Wilder became a suspect in Gonzales's disappearance in March 1984. He has been linked to at least a dozen disappearances and murders of women in the early to mid-1980s. Wilder, who also was at the race, was seen less than four hours later driving north on I-95.


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    Miami Herald, The (FL)
    March 2, 1984

    Index Terms:


    Author: EDNA BUCHANAN Herald Staff Writer

    Article Text:
    The bridal gown is being hand-sewn, the furniture and the china are picked out and there is a deposit on the hall for the wedding reception. All that is missing is the bride.
    The young husband-to-be, William Londos, 21, his stomach twisted by fear, pounded the pavement in Miami Thursday, passing out fliers, searching faces in crowds and pleading for help in
    finding his sweetheart.

    Rosario Gonzalez, a stunning young model, vanished in broad daylight five days ago at the Grand Prix.
    "I know what happened," Londos said. "I know someone -- one of those high-rollers, or some nut -- grabbed her. Someone kidnaped her."
    His voice breaking, the college student said, "I'm scared I'll never see her again."
    The night before Gonzalez, 20, disappeared, the engaged couple chatted for hours, long distance, until 2 a.m.
    "All she could talk about," said Londos, a student at Lake City Junior College, "was that the wedding was three months and six days away. She was counting the hours. She said we had been together for one year and two days. She was the happiest girl in the world.
    "I had to tell her not to call me every day, because she would run up her telephone bills," said Londos. The couple met when they attended Miami-Dade Community College, where she still studied computer science.
    "We can only think the worst at this point," said Londos' father, Chris. "She's a wonderful girl, a real doll. We just can't believe she would take off. But for her sake, I hope that's what happened."
    The dean at Londos' college said he could remain away for a week without it affecting his grades. "He's out day and night passing out fliers," Londos' father said. "We try to console him, but we hear him sobbing."
    Gonzalez took a job to distribute samples of a new aspirin product at the Grand Prix to help pay for $1,000 worth of furniture she and Londos had picked out. When she went to work Sunday, she was wearing red short shorts and a white T-shirt.
    In that last telephone call, the couple talked about her modeling career. She could be a top model, Londos believes. "She won the Miss Mannequin modeling contest for the last two years in a row," he said. "I asked her if she wanted to pursue it.
    "She said no, that she had everything she wanted in life right now.
    "She's very beautiful, she has something about her, a look of innocence that attracts people."
    She is a girl so family-oriented and close to her parents that "she never was away from home for more than a few hours without calling them," Londos said.
    "She is very much in love with him," said the missing girl's sister, Lisette, 18. "She never would have left on her own."
    Blas and Haydee Gonzalez offered a $5,000 reward Thursday for information leading to their daughter's return.
    Gonzalez's 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass was left parked near the Dupont Plaza, her paycheck was left unclaimed. Even hardened Miami police officers are concerned.
    "We're pursuing it as though she's a victim of foul play, even though there is nothing to support that except that this is out of character for her," said Miami Homicide Sgt. Bobby Cheatham. "We'll remain optimistic until we get something definite. We're hoping she's one of the 98 per cent or so
    of missing persons> who turn up.
    "The frightening thing about this whole case is the intricacies of people being in town from all over the world
    for the race>. It really complicates things."
    A mystery man sought Thursday may be a lead, police said.
    The mother of one of the 12 identically dressed young models distributing the samples saw Gonzalez on a crossover, walking in the direction of Reflections on the Bay. Walking near her, perhaps with her, was an unidentified man.
    Gonzalez was walking behind him, so it is not believed that he was forcing her to accompany him, but perhaps he saw someone or something that could help.
    He is described as white, about 30, with brown hair and mustache, about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 145 pounds, with some sort of pass or credentials clipped to his shirt.
    A police sketch of the man might be released today, detectives said, after it is shown to other persons who were in the area and might be able to identify him.
    The girl's parents and her fiance have passed out 3,000 fliers bearing her photograph in downtown Miami, Dadeland, Cutler Ridge, Liberty City, Homestead and Coconut Grove. They have searched wooded areas and in bushes.
    Londos went to the office of Grand Prix organizer Ralph Sanchez Thursday to plead for help. His staff said Sanchez is in the Caribbean and will return Monday.
    "She's a very innocent girl," Londos said. "She doesn't understand a lot of things that are going on. I was very protective of her because of the way she is. I warned her and told her to fight back if anybody ever tried to rape her, but I think she'd be too scared. I don't understand how something like this could happen ... all the bad people in the world. She would never have left with anybody she didn't know. If she never does come back, she's put happiness in a lot of people's lives just
    because of the way she was."
    Then he started to cry.
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    The fifth serial-killer case I helped investigate was more notorious. In the mid 1980s, Christopher Wilder, the jet-setting racecar driver and photographer, scoured the country for beautiful women, luring them with the pretext of being a fashion-model photographer. Wilder was a more sadistic killer, systematically torturing his victims with electricity, even gluing their eyes closed with superglue. During the Miami Grand Prix, an aspiring model named Rosario Gonzalez, hired to work at the Grand Prix, met Wilder. Although we may never know the exact details of what transpired, we suspect he enticed her with the prospect of her photographs appearing in a prominent magazine.
    Ms. Gonzalez apparently went with Wilder and met her demise. To this day her body has never been found. Just recently, I spoke to Lieutenant Jorge Morin who, when Rosario Gonzalez disappeared, was the lead homicide detective assigned to her case. Nearly 20 years after Rosario vanished, Morin is still baffled at the fact her body was never found. Although there was never any solid evidence that she was in fact dead, the investigation led us to that assumption, and Lieutenant Morin hopes someday to bring closure to this as-yet-unsolved investigation. Wilder was suspected of using this same MO to torture and kill at least eight women, and was the subject of a nationwide manhunt that culminated in a police chase. On the verge of capture, he shot and killed himself.

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