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    explosion Laura Depies, 1993, Wisconsin

    Depies disappeared from the parking lot of her boyfriend's town of Menasha apartment complex in August 1992. She was 21.

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    Background: Depies disappeared from the parking lot of her boyfriend's town of Menasha apartment complex in August 1992. She was 21

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    ice 1992 Disappearance, Laura Depies

    The human remains found in Morrison last week remained in the morgue in Brown County another day because of the poor road conditions.

    Capt. Jeff Sanborn, head of the Brown County Sheriff's Department's investigation division, said the remains should be in Madison today.
    "We hope to know something late tomorrow," Sanborn said Monday.
    Hunters found a skeleton in a field just off Brown County Z and Brown County NN on Wednesday. The remains and the frozen dirt surrounding the bones are being held in the morgue at St. Vincent Hospital until they can be examined by a forensic pathologist who works with the state crime lab.
    Brown County Medical Examiner Al Klimek said he is letting detectives take the lead until they can confirm the person died in Brown County.
    "Technically the jurisdiction could change pending identification," Klimek said Monday. "We're in limbo as far as my office is concerned."
    Outagamie officials: Remains unlikely that of Laurie Depies, missing since 1992

    Investigators working on the 1992 Laurie Depies disappearance doubt the skeletal remains found last week in southeastern Brown County are related to the case.

    Town of Menasha Police Lt. Mike Krueger said the department provided information about Depies to Brown County investigators, including dental records, and expect to hear back from them this week after a forensic anthropologist in Madison examines the remains.

    Krueger said "it's probably pretty slim" that the bones belong to Depies, though he declined to elaborate on why he thinks so.

    Depies, 20, was last seen Aug. 19, 1992, driving away from Fox River Mall in Grand Chute, where she worked. Her car was found a short time later in the parking lot of a Town of Menasha apartment complex, where her boyfriend and friend had been waiting for her arrival.

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    The mother and boyfriend of missing woman Laurie Depies struggled with the news that a convicted kidnapper's confession cracked the 19-year-old cold case of the 20-year-old woman's disappearance.
    Larry DeWayne Hall confessed to Menasha, Wisc. police that he kidnapped and killed Depies in August 1992. Hall is currently serving a life sentence in a North Carolina prison for the kidnapping of an Illinois girl who disappeared a year after Depies. He was never charged with murder because the girl's remains were never found. Hall made the confession in the Depies case in November, but police didn't reveal it until a press conference Monday.
    "The big part of what I'm feeling is a sense of relief in a bad way...I'm glad that it's finally over with, but it's not anything to be happy with...there's just been so much time and so many years of just wanting to finally know what happened to her," said Marc Truebenbach.
    Truebenbach was Depies' boyfriend. He reported her missing when he found her car in his apartment building's parking lot.
    "I had seen her earlier in the day and she had gone that day and bought a present for me that she was all excited to give to me. We heard her car pull up and after a couple of minutes, we were like, where is she. It went from one minute thinking maybe she's goofing around to ok, something is not right," he said.
    Hall claims that he saw Depies when she was working at Fox River Mall and followed her to her boyfriend's apartment where he kidnapped and later killed her. Depies was in town for a civil war reenactment, police said. Police have not charged him with murder, but are following up on clues he's given about the location of her remains. ...............

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