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Thread: Marjorie Luna, 1984, Florida

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    Source: Associated Press
    A Lake Worth man whose attorney described him as the scapegoat in the 1984 disappearances of two young girls has been sentenced to 75 years in prison as a habitual offender. Victor Wonyetye, who claimed he was a victim of police prosecution, was sentenced Tuesday in Palm Beach County Circuit Court for peeping into young girls' bedroom windows for sexual gratification last summer. Wonyetye, 49, was convicted last month on burglary and indecent exposure charges. The charges

    Published on May 14, 1992, Page 1B, Miami Herald, The (FL)

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    Author: AMY DRISCOLL, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Date: January 14, 1992 Publication: The Palm Beach Post Page Number: 1B Word Count: 346

    Victor Wonyetye confessed to other inmates in a New Hampshire prison that he had abducted, raped and then killed two 8-year-old girls, police testified Monday.

    Wonyetye, long a suspect in the disappearance of Christy Luna of Greenacres and Tammy Belanger of Exeter, N.H., is on trial for burglary and trespassing charges stemming from a series of peeping Tom incidents in suburban West Palm Beach.

    But the focus of the trial, which began Monday with jury selection, has been on the two girls

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    I hope someone has a retainer on him! He has a release date of 2012!

    -------------- 9

    DC Number: 621378
    Race: WHITE
    Sex: MALE
    Hair Color: BLACK
    Eye Color: BROWN
    Height: 6'00''
    Weight: 210 lbs.
    Birth Date: 05/07/1943
    Initial Receipt Date: 06/04/1992
    Current Facility: S.F.R.C SOUTH UNIT
    Current Custody: MEDIUM
    Current Release Date: 01/07/2012

    05/29/1991 BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT. 05/12/1992 PALM BEACH 9106680 10Y 0M 0D
    06/01/1991 BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT.(ATTEMPTED) 05/12/1992 PALM BEACH 9106680 10Y 0M 0D
    06/01/1991 BURGLARY TOOLS-POSSESS 05/12/1992 PALM BEACH 9106680 10Y 0M 0D
    05/23/1991 BURG/DWELL/OCCUP.CONVEY 05/12/1992 PALM BEACH 9106680 30Y 0M 0D

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  5. Christy Luna, 1984, Florida

    Christy was her chosen nickname, I don't know seems somehow disrespectful for me to refer to her as Marjorie.

    I know he was in the area at the time but not sure he's the one. Christy's mom's boyfriend and his brother were confirmed (don't know if prosecuted) pedophiles. Seems the neighborhood had quite a few of them back then. Which one and where are her remains seem to be the eternal question?

    Her mom stayed in the house they lived in up until just a few years ago in hopes she would some day come home. Sure wish we could get some answers for her mom and sister.
    Where is Kara Kopetsky?

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    New lead in 25-year-old unsolved case? Woman claims she was there when Greenacres girl attacked

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, May 27, 2009
    GREENACRES — Twenty-five years ago, 8-year-old Christy Luna went for a walk and never came home.
    This afternoon, on the anniversary of her disappearance, a woman stepped in front of cameras outside Christy's home and said she heard a man attack the little girl in a park bathroom, where he thrashed her until her screaming stopped.
    See more photos

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    What are these?

    The woman, who wouldn't give her name because she said the man sexually assaulted her before he attacked Christy, said she almost met the same fate.
    The woman came forward about two years ago, after seeing Christy's mother, Jennie Johnson, pleading for help on television, said Detective Sgt. Bill Springer, head of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office cold case squad.
    Detectives regarded the woman's account as a possible break in the case. But after quietly pursuing the lead, they have hit a dead end, Springer said.
    He decided the woman should tell her story to the media today with hopes that it would jog something loose in the case.
    Police and Johnson have always said they believe Christy disappeared May 27, 1984, as she walked the two blocks from her home to Belk's store on Swain Boulevard to buy cat food.
    The woman, who says she was a year or two ahead of Christy at Greenacres Elementary School, said she and Christy were attacked in a park a little farther from her home than the store was.
    She said she was playing with friends at the park the day before Christy's disappearance when a man came out of the bathroom and told her she had left some money in there. He said she could get it after he was done inside. But she didn't go in that day.
    The next day, she said, she and Christy were swinging on the park swings when the same man approached. He said the money was still there, and she should get it when he was finished. She ventured inside and saw coins scattered on the floor. When she bent to pick them up, she heard a noise, turned and saw the man - naked.
    She said he hit her on the head with something, and she blacked out. When she came to, he was sexually assaulting her. She blacked out again and woke to the sound of Christy screaming. She heard a loud thud and the screaming stopped. She blacked out again.
    The woman met today with the sheriff's office sketch artist, Paul Moody, to draft a composite of her attacker. Springer wouldn't say whether investigators drafted a composite sketch when the woman first came forward, though no sketch ever was circulated publicly.
    He also wouldn't say whether they've shown the woman pictures of suspects in the case. No one was ever charged.
    As Springer dogs Christy's case, her mother suffers.
    "Twenty-five years of pure torture," Johnson said. "Please end my nightmare. Let me find my little girl."

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    The park they're talking about is about 5 blocks from our old home in Greenacres...very creepy.

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