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A CALL TO ACTION : February 17th--18th & 19th ending on the 20th concerning :


Tonight @ 9pm est..Together We Stand--Mja Inc Investigations & the Victims Mother Royce Eckley
had a Pod-Cast concerning the 26 page Police Report concerning her Sonís Death..

The File was incomplete even noting [ see attachments ] & the attachments wasn't in the File..

The 26 page Report didn't answer any of the questions we had & the Report just raised more questions..

Our actions is to gain the full Report so our experts can go over their findings to see why the Case was ruled
Suicide when all indications it was going to be ruled Undetermined..

Mja was told by two creditable witnesses close to the Investigation that Suicide wasn't even talked about
& the Louisiana State Police wouldn't exhume a Body unless they felt Foul Play was involved..

The Louisiana State Police has been put on notice to hand over the full Report & File so our experts can give their opinion...

Down below are the links to the Pod-Cast but the FaceBook link works better & the audio is a lot better..




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