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Thread: Authorities say woman’s 1981 disappearance connected to Allenstown cold case

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    exp Authorities say woman’s 1981 disappearance connected to Allenstown cold case

    MANCHESTER, N.H. — Authorities plan to release details about the 1981 disappearance of a Manchester woman and its connection to a case involving the remains of four people found in barrels in Allenstown, the Attorney General’s Office announced Wednesday morning.

    Representatives from the Attorney General’s Office and Manchester police will hold a news conference Thursday morning about the cases and their connections to a California murder case.
    Authorities said that they will discuss recent efforts to find Denise Beaudin, who went missing from Manchester in the fall of 1981 but was not reported missing until new information surfaced late last year.

    The Beaudin search is connected to a cold case in Allenstown, authorities said. The bodies of a woman and three girls were found in metal drums in the town in 1985 and 2000.

    Both cases are connected to a murder case in California, authorities said. They did not elaborate on the specifics of that case.

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    AG: New information links missing woman, Allenstown murder mystery

    CONCORD, NH – The Attorney General’s office has called a press conference that will involve three high-profile cold cases. On Jan. 26 they will talk about the link between missing person Denise Beaudin, last seen in 1981; a 1985 cold case from Allenstown involving the discovery of four bodies not far from Bear Brook State Park – a woman and three children, from 1985; and an unsolved California murder case.

    The briefing is set for Jan. 26 at 10:30 a.m. at the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles Auditorium in Concord.

    Beaudin was last seen by her family on Thanksgiving in 1981. The FBI swarmed a residence on Hayward Street last week, digging for evidence.

    The Allenstown case was last in the news in November of 2015, when investigators using new forensic technology, made progress in identifying the bodies that had been separately – the woman and one of the children, in 1985, and two more children, in 2000.

    Based on forensic evidence, investigators believe the woman and two of the children, who were her daughters, lived in the area where their bodies were found. but the third girl likely came from the Dakotas or Nebraska, according to testing of their hair, teeth and bones.

    The bodies found in 1985 indicted they suffered blunt-force trauma as cause of death. Investigators have yet to release a cause of death for the two young girls found in 2000.

    Also see: http://www.officialcoldcaseinvestiga...hlight=beaudin


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    Denise is excluded as a match for the Allenstown mother

    I wonder what the connection is, also with an unsolved murder case in CA.
    Guess we'll have to wait for the press conference.

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    Default Re: Authorities say woman’s 1981 disappearance connected to Allenstown cold case

    Is his name actually even Robert Evans? I am slightly confused

    They are not telling us much either

    MANCHESTER, N.H. — The following is an approximate timeline for the case involving Robert "Bob" Evans, who police say killed at least six people and perhaps more before dying of natural causes in prison in 2010.

    Evans' real name and birth date are not known.
    Bob Evans works at Waumbec Mill as head electrician.


    February - Evans was arrested in Manchester, New Hampshire, as Robert T. Evans for issuing a bad check on Dec. 21, 1979 (insufficient funds).

    May - Evans was arrested in Manchester, New Hampshire, as Robert T. Evans for theft of services (electricity).

    October - Evans was arrested in Manchester, New Hampshire, as Robert T. Evans for diverting electric current.

    November - Evans and his girlfriend Denise Beaudin go missing shortly after Thanksgiving with Beaudin's 6-month-old daughter.

    March - Evans was hired under name Curtis Kimball by electrical company in Los Alamitos, California.
    May - Evans was arrested in Cypress, California, as Curtis Mayo Kimball for DUI.
    November - First barrel found at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. The barrel contained an unidentified adult female (approximately 23-33 years old) and a female child (5-11 years old).
    Barrel found in 1985
    January - Evans was in Santa Cruz County, California, living and working at the Holiday Host RV Park in Scotts Valley under the name Gordon Jenson.
    June - Evans abandoned Denise Beaudin’s daughter in California and fled.
    September - A fingerprints match between Gordon Jenson and Curtis Kimball was made, confirming they were the same person (the man known as Bob Evans).
    November - Bob Evans was pulled over in San Luis Obispo, California, under the name Gerry Mockerman. He was driving a vehicle stolen from Preston, Idaho.
    Bob Evans in 1990
    March - Evans was arrested in California on warrants from the child abandonment and sentenced to 3 years in prison.
    October - Evans was paroled and absconded the following day in California. His activities and whereabouts between 1990 and 2002 are not known.
    The middle child is the daughter of Bob Evans.
    May - A second barrel was found at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. The barrel contained two female children (2-4 years old) and (1-3 years old).
    June - Evans' wife, Eunsoon Jun, disappears from Richmond, California.
    New Hampshire Attorney General's Office
    Eunsoon Jun
    November - Evans was arrested as Lawrence Vanner for Jun’s homicide and a parole violation. He was fingerprinted and found to be the same person as Curtis Kimball.
    June - Evans was convicted of Jun’s murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.
    August - DNA testing confirmed that the Evans was not the biological father to the child he abandoned (Denise’s daughter).
    December - Evans died of natural causes in prison in High Desert Prison in Susanville, California.
    Bob Evans in 2002
    July - San Bernardino County Sheriff’s contacts New Hampshire authorities in reference to Evans and his connection to New Hampshire.
    October - DNA confirmed that Evans is the biological father of the unidentified 2-4 year old little girl found in Allenstown, New Hampshire, in 2000.
    December - Police reveal Denise Beaudin is considered missing, 35 years after she disappeared.
    Denise Beaudin in 1976
    January - Authorities announced that Evans is responsible for the deaths of at least 6 people, including Beaudin, the woman and four children -- including his biological daughter -- found inside barrels in Allenstown, and his girlfriend in California. Police fear he killed the mother if his child. Her identity and whereabouts are not known.

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    Anyone wanna venture a guess who this guy is???

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    I also wonder if Elizabeth existed, if that could be the name of the adult victim, she was listed as his spouse in 1980.

    Guess that's why they showed older pictures of him, to figure out who he is, and where he lived. Right now they don't even know when he was born. If he was born in 1944 I bet there are a lot more victims in the early years, and there is a gap between 1990 and 2002...

    Evans was seen with other women and children during 12 years as fugitive. Used children as bait to lure women towards him. (Tweet from Bob Ward Fox25)

    AG: Man who killed woman, 3 children in Allenstown also killed missing Manchester woman

    The same man believed to have killed a woman and three children in Allenstown is also believed to have killed a Manchester woman who went missing in 1981.

    The suspect, Bob Evans, was known by many different names over the years. Evans left New Hampshire in 1981 with his then-girlfriend, Denise Beaudin, and her infant daughter. No missing person report was ever filed, as Beaudin's family believed the couple left the area for financial reasons.

    In late December, police filed an official missing person report for Beaudin. When officers searched Beaudin's Manchester home, no remains were found, though investigators say the dirt floor was "disturbed.

    Police believe Evans killed Denise somewhere in California and sometime thereafter abandoned Denise's daughter, Lisa, in a trailer park. Lisa has just shadowy memories of her life as a baby and recently decided to find more about her past through DNA evidence. That led to the discovery that Denise was her mother.

    This discovery led police to investigate Evans further. Based on DNA evidence, police said that Evans is the father of the middle victim in the Allenstown murders, where an adult woman and three children were found dead in barrels. The victims of the Allenstown murders have not yet been identified. Investigators say the adult woman and other two children are not related to Evans. Based on his criminal profile, investigators believe Evans knew the victims.

    The identity of the mother of the middle child in Allenstown is unknown, but officials said it is possible Evans killed her too. Investigators believe Evans fits the definition of a serial killer and may be tied to seven victims. Evans has been tied to 11 states, including Texas, plus Quebec.


    Evans married in California 2002 and pleaded guilty to killing his wife (see timeline below). The four Allenstown victims and Evans' wife all died of blunt force trauma. Evans' wife and the oldest child in the Allenstown murders were both dismembered.
    The Allenstown victims were wrapped in material and electrical wire. Evans worked in Manchester mills as a mechanic and electrician. According to Mike Kokoski of New Hampshire State Police, the wire used on the Allenstown bodies came from Carol Cable, where Denise Beaudin worked.
    Evans worked at Bear Brooks Store, which is located on the property where the Allenstown victims were found. Investigators believe that the barrels containing the bodies likely came from the mill where Evans worked.


    In 1980, Evans was arrested and listed his spouse as Elizabeth Evans, though authorities do not know who that is.

    Evans and Beaudin disappeared together in 1981, but no missing persons report was ever filed with authorities. The couple disappeared with their daughter, then known as "Dawn", but Evans later gave the daughter, now known as "Lisa", up for adoption.

    In 1984 and 1985, Evans changed his name to Curtis Kimball. In 1985, Evans was arrested for drunk driving in California. He had a baby girl, Lisa Beaudin, with him at the time. Around June or July of that year, Evans abandoned his daughter at a trailer park. The girl was placed into foster care and later adopted.

    In 1986, when California went to investigate Evans for abandoning his child, he was no longer in the Santa Cruz area. In October of 1986, felony arrest warrants were put out for one of Evans' aliases: Gordon Curtis Jenson.

    In 1988, Evans was arrested in San Luis Obispo, California for vehicle theft. This time, his alias was Gerry Mockerman.

    In March of 1989, Evans was arrested on warrants out of Santa Cruz. In October of 1990, Evans made parole and took off the next day. Evans was then a fugitive for 12 years.

    In August of 2001, Evans married Eunsoon Jun in Richmond, California using the name William Vanner. It was a backyard marriage and no official paperwork was filed.

    In September of 2002, Jun was found buried in her basement. In November of the same year, Evans was arrested for Jun's murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

    On December 28, 2010, Evans died in prison.

    DNA tests from August 2003 show that Beaudin's daughter is not biologically Evans'.

    In December of 2016, police file a missing person report for Beaudin.


    Police are still working to discover the identity of the Allenstown victims and are curious if a woman named Elizabeth Evans ever existed. They are also sure that Bob Evans was not his birth name, given the many aliases he used over the years.

    Officials don't have any verified information of where Evans lived before New Hampshire in the late 1970s, meaning there could be many more victims in places around the country.

    Anyone with information should contact New Hampshire's cold case unit.

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    Names and Information Used by Robert “Bob” Evans

    Confirmed aliases:

    1. Robert T. Evans
    a. Robert C. Evans

    2. Curtis Mayo Kimball

    3. Gordon Curtis Jenson
    a. Gordon Curtis Jensen

    4. Gerald E. Mockerman
    a. Jerry Edward Mockerman

    5. Lawrence William Vanner

    Other alias variations:

    1. Jerry Edwards Gorman
    2. Ulos Jenson
    3. Curtis Rollin Kimball
    4. Don Vannerson

    General characteristics:

    1. Died in prison in 2010
    2. Caucasian
    3. Tall
    4. Slim
    5. Brown hair
    6. Blue eyes
    7. Skilled electrician and mechanic
    8. Lived in trailer parks or motels
    9. Alcoholic
    10. Changed names frequently
    11. May have spoken a foreign language.


    1. Red Dodge pickup truck with a light colored camper, 1965-1968 model.
    2. White Ford Van, 1978 model.
    3. VW Van, two-toned, light color on top with a blue or green color on bottom.

    Evans possibly attended the following schools (unconfirmed):

    1. Lowell Elementary, Phoenix Arizona
    2. North High School, Phoenix Arizona
    3. Devry Institution of Technology (Electronic Engineering and Design) Phoenix,

    References to Family (from witnesses):
    1. Seen with an unknown woman in her 20s-30s, and four small children in a
    dark four door sedan in California during the 1980s.

    NOTE: Much of the below information was provided by Evans himself in various
    communications with others. The veracity of the information below is unknown:
    1. Evanstown, WY
    -Possible place of birth.

    2. Denver, CO
    -Possibly spent time here.

    3. Roanoke, VA
    -Evans claimed he married his wife Denise LaPorte here (cannot identify
    or locate female).

    4. Quebec, CA
    -Evans claims he met his wife Denise LaPorte in here (cannot identify or
    locate female).

    5. San Pedro, CA
    -Possible place of birth

    6. Anaheim, CA
    -Possibly employed here.

    7. Bay City, TX
    -Possibly spent time here with “family” and was employed here.

    8. Ingleside, TX
    -Possibly employed here.

    9. Houston, TX
    -Suspect claimed Denise LaPorte died here, was possibly employed

    10. Austin, TX
    -Suspect attempted to call someone here living in an RV park.

    11. Corpus Christi, TX
    -Suspect stated his wife was murdered in Corpus Christi.

    12. Honolulu, HI
    -Possible association to the International Brotherhood of Electrical
    Workers, based in Honolulu.

    13. Greensboro, GA
    -Possibly arrested under another alias name here.

    14. Phoenix, AZ
    -Possible place of employment.

    15. St. Louis, MO
    -Possible place of employment.

    16. Louisiana
    -Possible place of employment.

    17. Washington State
    -Possible place of employment.

    18. Oregon
    -Possible state of travel/employment.

    References to Family (from Evans):
    1. Born as Ulos Jensen in Wyoming with a Norwegian/Danish background.
    2. He was the youngest son in his family.
    3. Ran away as a teenager.
    4. Referenced having a 2 year old and a 6 month old child in the 1980s.
    5. Listed “Elizabeth Evans” as spouse on 1980 arrest report.

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    Default Re: Authorities say woman’s 1981 disappearance connected to Allenstown cold case

    I searched for the name Ulos, it is Finnish for out, outside, outdoors, way out, outward, out-of-doors, out of, and outside of. Didn't see it mentioned as a name yet.

    ETA; Just wondering if some of the surnames lead to a place, like Jenson in KY or something. He also mentions Denise LaPorte, and I wonder if he refers to Denise Beaudin, and LaPorte CO., Indiana, Texas or any other place, or if that was really the surname of an other woman named Denise. Maybe he mixed names and places?

    Curtis Rollin Kimball, only one man with the same name, in Marietta GA, age 66. Could be a coincidence, or maybe Evans read the name somewhere, guess they checked if the man knew Evans.

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    Allenstown girl's 1969 slaying has new relevance after serial killer revelations

    Debra Lee Horn was 11 years old when she vanished from her Allenstown home in 1969.

    Her coat and boots were left behind; the side door was open and the family's two poodles were outside.

    Right away, officials feared she had been kidnapped.

    "If she had walked away," her worried father told a reporter, "The dogs would have gone with her."

    Seven months later, the child's unclothed, decomposed body was found in an abandoned car about 25 miles away. An autopsy revealed blunt force trauma, a blow to the back of her head.

    No one was ever arrested for her murder.

    Debra Lee Horn lived in Allenstown, not far from Bear Brook State Park.

    In 1985, a hunter discovered a barrel containing the remains of a woman and girl on land near the park. Fifteen years later, police found a second barrel there, the remains of two young girls inside.

    All four victims died of blunt force trauma, according to officials, who now believe a drifter who called himself Bob Evans was their killer.

    Evans was "a chameleon," officials said; he preyed on women with young children, using them to get close to the girls.

    DNA testing recently revealed that Evans was the father of the middle child found in Allenstown. The woman and the other two girls were related to each other but not to Evans or his child.

    New Hampshire authorities last month released a wealth of information about Evans and what they know of his travels. They hope to spur memories of the man that could lead police to finally identify the Allenstown victims - and discover any others that might be out there.

    Could Debra Lee Horn have been one of them?

    Detective Sgt. Michael Kokoski with the State Police cold case unit said in light of what authorities now know about Evans, "I think to some degree, you've got to revisit every case that we have on the list."

    "With a person like this, it's our due diligence to revisit all of the cases for any potential links," he said. "But that said, as we sit here today, do we have any reason to believe this Bob Evans is connected to the Debbie Horn case? No."

    Police say Evans was likely in his 30s or 40s when he was living and working in Manchester in the late 1970s. He left in late 1981 with then-girlfriend, 23-year-old Denise Beaudin and her 6-month-old daughter.

    Beaudin was never seen or heard from again, but police say Evans kept her daughter with him until he abandoned her in California in 1986; she was later adopted.

    Evans was convicted in 2002 of killing his girlfriend in California; he died in prison eight years later.

    Police now believe Evans killed Beaudin somewhere between New Hampshire and California, and they fear he also killed the mother of his child whose remains were found in 2000.

    Kokoski said authorities know nothing of Evans' whereabouts prior to the late 1970s, when Evans was working at the Waumbec Mills and living in Manchester.

    "And obviously what we do know about his life pertains more to Manchester than Allenstown," he said.

    "So while the Allenstown (Horn) connection is obviously of interest, everything we know about his whereabouts and his life here was centered around Manchester, with Allenstown as kind of a secondary location."


    Allenstown is where Evans dumped four of his victims. He was working at the Waumbec Mills in the late 1970s, and when the mill was closing, Evans was tasked with cleaning the site under a supervisor.

    That supervisor owned the property where the barrels containing Evans' victims were found in 1985 and 2000, according to officials.

    And there's another curiosity: A 1980 court order that established ownership of that same property mentioned several individuals with former claims to the land.

    Three were named Evans.

    Kokoski said investigators "are aware of the Evans name popping up in the old property records."

    "Research into those types of details is on-going, but at this point we don't think that is of any particular significance," he said.

    On the morning of Jan. 29, 1969, Debra Lee Horn had fallen and hit her head on her way to the school bus with her brother. When she complained of neck pain, her parents let her stay home from school and they left for work.

    According to articles published in the Manchester Union Leader back then, the girl's mother had returned home at 11 a.m. to find the side door open and her daughter missing. Tire tracks outside indicated a vehicle had gotten stuck in the snow.

    One early theory was that a burglar had broken into the Horns' home; a copper pipe fitting was found outside, matching one stolen from a neighboring home. But police soon discounted that connection.

    Debbie's mother broadcast an appeal to whoever took her daughter: "Only God in His infinite wisdom know at this moment where and how Debbie is and why this sorrow has been allowed. ... May God forgive you as we through Him have been able to. Keep her safe and unafraid and please leave her where she can be warm and able to call her mommy and daddy."

    The next day came news that police dogs had found blood spots in the snow along Route 28, about a mile and a half from the house - but no sign of the child.

    The search for Debbie remained a front-page story. Hundreds of police and civilian volunteers searched for the 6th-grader for weeks on foot, snowmobiles and snowshoes, and from the air. A $10,000 cash reward was offered.

    Then on Aug. 10, three Massachusetts teenagers found a body in the trunk of an abandoned car in a heavily wooded area off North Road in Sandown, about 25 miles south of Allenstown. It was Debra Lee Horn.

    Officials said the cause of death could not be determined but that there appeared to be a traumatic injury to the back of her skull.

    No one was arrested, but police apparently did have a suspect in the case.

    After the remains of Luella Blakeslee, a Hooksett teacher missing since July 4, 1969, were found in Hopkinton in 1998, the Attorney General's Office issued a statement noting that at the time of Blakeslee's disappearance, suspicion had focused on a man she had dated, Robert G. Breest. And it said Breest "remains a suspect in Luella's death."

    In 2013, Blakeslee's brother told a Sunday News reporter that authorities had questioned his sister about Breest in connection with Debra Lee Horn's disappearance, before she, too, disappeared.

    Breest was convicted of first-degree murder for the 1971 beating death of 18-year-old Susan Randall. He has maintained his innocence and last October, the New Hampshire Supreme Court heard arguments in his case for a new trial.

    Shaun Mulholland is the former Allenstown police chief; he's now town administrator there. He confirmed that police had "considered" Breest in connection with Debbie Lee Horn's murder.

    Mulholland was deployed on military service when the second barrel containing human remains was found in Allenstown in 2000. But he remembers police considered a possible link between Debbie Horn's murder and the Allenstown victims. "We did look to see if there was any connection between the two and we didn't see any connection," he recalled.

    It's worth a second look, given the revelations about Evans, Mulholland said.

    Debbie Horn's body was found in the trunk of an abandoned car. The remains of the Allenstown woman and children were in barrels. But Mulholland said a killer's M.O. can shift.

    "Obviously there's a large gap in time, so someone's pattern of behavior can be different and change over time," he said.

    Mulholland said the Evans name on the Allenstown property records could be a coincidence; it's a common surname. It's also possible Evans took his alias from those records.

    Back then, he recalled, that property near the state park "was a dumping ground for the mills."

    "They'd just tell someone 'get rid of this,' and it would end up there," he said. There are still steel drums on the site, he said.

    Edward Gallagher of Portsmouth owns the land and was Evans' supervisor at the mill. In a brief interview outside his home last month, Gallagher said he's been hounded by the press for years but doesn't have any extra insight into the Allenstown murders.

    "The state troopers and all of them, they asked me questions, they never volunteered any information. As far as I'm concerned, I've always been in the dark," Gallagher said.

    Robert Evans was a co-worker, not a friend, he stressed. And he said, "I never suspected anything,"

    Kokoski said investigators plan to revisit the property in the spring, to see whether evidence may have been overlooked in past searches. New technology could help determine whether there are other barrels, other remains.

    Since officials went public with the connections among Evans, Beaudin and the Allenstown victims, numerous tips have been coming in, Kokoski said. "We all feel like we're trying to drink from a fire hose," he said.

    Some tips have been about missing persons or unidentified remains from other states; others are from people who might have known Evans when he lived here or in other states, he said.

    Police are trying to "fill in the gaps" of what they know about Evans and his activities when he lived in New Hampshire, Kokoski said. And he said, "Moving forward, we certainly don't want to miss any potential connections that he has to other potential cases."

    Debra Lee Horn was buried in Loudon Ridge Cemetery on Aug. 14, 1969.

    More than 250 people attended her funeral. Her small white casket was draped with daisies, red roses and white snapdragons.

    Debbie Horn remains on the state police list of cold cases; her death is listed as an "unsolved homicide."

    Sunday News correspondent Kimberley Haas contributed to this report.

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