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    ice WESTCHESTER, N.Y. Jane Doe

    Video at link

    WESTCHESTER, N.Y. -- She was brutally strangled to death, her naked body laid out on the sidewalk in broad daylight in front of a junk yard in Mount Vernon, N.Y., on Valentine’s Day nearly three decades ago.
    She is the only Jane Doe ever found in Mount Vernon, and to this day investigators still aren't sure who she is.
    Since she was found, the process of identifying John and Jane Does has changed quite a bit, and there are more tools available to both the police and the public.

    A Facebook community has grown up around Mount Vernon's Jane Doe, and DNA from many women have been tested to see if there's a match -- but still, the identity of Mount Vernon's Jane Doe remains unknown.

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    I think her jaw was broken, or very bruised on her post mortem?, and I think she had a very small tiny nose, it seems broken as the nostrils are more the other way around, as if she got a hard punch on it, but still the nose is very small. Very good they, or Carl I should say, made a recon which include her teeth. I wonder if her hair could have been dyed, as it looks light colored on the recons, but I don't associate uni/mono brow with light haired persons, could be me though.

    ETA for spelling again.

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    I don't want to post her post mortem pictures, so I used the sketch CarlK made. I think Vickie could match, lightbrown hair which was dyed blond, same eyebrows and teeth.

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