The Benton County Sheriff's Office looks for leads in a cold case from 1990.

Currently the victim is unidentified and known to the sheriffs office as 'Bone Woman'. Benton County Sheriff's Office says it believes was a white female between the age of 28 and 32 about 5'6 in height.
The investigation has determined that she was shot then her body was lit on fire. The remains were found in a wooded area in Northwest Benton County, Arkansas. Specifically, investigators say the remains were found one mile from the intersection of Highway 43 & 102 south of Maysville. Investigators discovered her body in early May, 1990.

The case has been reopened by Sergeant Hunter Petray who started with the sheriffs office in 1998. Sgt. Petray said one of the hardest parts of cracking this case is having an unidentified victim.

"When you don't have the identity of the victim, it's hard to establish a timeline of 'Where did this person come from? Who did they associate with?'" said Petray.
He also adds that the National Missing Person Data Base may be missing information that could match the victim.

"There are a lot of people throughout the United States that have been reported missing but not actually entered into the data base. There are also people in the data base where there may not be dental records or a DNA profile developed," said Petray.

Sgt. Petray said it is possible the victim could be from Oklahoma or Missouri.

Despite the difficulties of the case, Sgt. Petray said he is determined to solve it.

"In my heart, I know that this victim was the daughter of somebody possibly the mother of somebody," said Petray.

If you have information on 'Bone Lady' or what happened that day please contact the Benton County Sheriffs Office at (479) 271-1008.