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Thread: Possible remains of teen missing for 25 years found in Wharton County TX

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    news Possible remains of teen missing for 25 years found in Wharton County TX

    Officials say suspect in her abduction is deceased

    WHARTON COUNTY, Texas – Wharton County officials and search volunteers with Texas EquuSearch believe they have located the remains of 15-year-old Rosemary Diaz, a girl who went missing 25 years ago to the day.

    "We got lucky," said EquuSearch founder Tim Miller. "We found a ring. We all cried."

    Officials say it was Nov. 24, 1990 when the El Campo High School student left work at a country food store near her home in Danevang. She was never seen again, but her car remained parked outside the store.

    Officials followed every lead, but their search turned up no hard evidence of her apparent abduction.

    EquuSearch says in early November 2015, Wharton County law enforcement asked for help in locating the teen.

    Miller and Search Coordinator Jack Boggess met with the investigators, and during the first day of their search on Monday, they found bone fragments believed to be human. The next day, investigators returned to the search site and performed an excavation where they found more remains and other evidence thought to be that of the missing 15-year-old.


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    Default Re: Possible remains of teen missing for 25 years found in Wharton County TX

    Body found in Matagorda County last year identified as missing teen

    GALVESTON – A body discovered last year by Wharton County investigators is that of a 15-year-old girl who disappeared in 1990 while working at a convenience store, a sheriff's detective said Thursday.

    The Wharton County Sheriff's Office said it was notified Tuesday that remains found Nov. 24 had been identified as those of Rosemary Diaz, an honors student at El Campo High School, sheriff's Detective Scott Grosser said.

    The determination was made by the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification.

    Grosser said he had spoken with Diaz's family in El Campo, a city along U.S. 59 that's about 75 miles southwest of Houston. "It's the beginning of the healing process," Grosser said. "It's sad but now they have the ability to move forward."

    The identification took nine months because the center has a waiting list of cases, Grosser said. "The day (Diaz's) remains were taken up there they had four others come in from all over the world," he said.

    Diaz had worked at Dane's Country Store in the small community of Danevang, about 10 miles from her home in El Campo, for less than two weeks when she disappeared on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving 1990.

    A couple stopped at the store and found no one in the building. They called police, who found no signs of a struggle. No cash or merchandise was missing.

    Rosemary's purse and the radio she listened to at work sat untouched, and the car she drove to the store was found parked nearby.

    The disappearance stumped police. The evidence at the time didn't necessarily point to abduction.

    A tip years later led Wharton County investigators to a remote area just over the county line in Matagorda County. Remains were found about 2 miles from where she was last seen.

    Investigators also discovered an amethyst ring with a heart-shaped stone believed to be one that was worn by Rosemary on the night she vanished. The ring had been given to her by family earlier that year for her quinceañera, a Hispanic tradition celebrating a girl's coming of age.

    "Last night I cried, and it hurts and I know I will never be able to hug her, to touch her or speak to her again," Elia Diaz, Rosemary's sister, said last November as she and two other sisters gathered to grieve at their 78-year-old mother's El Campo home.

    Police believe a deceased relative of the owners of the undeveloped property where the remains were found had abducted Rosemary, killed her and buried her there.

    They say the suspect - whose name has not been publicly released - died in July 2015, prompting the family to put together hints he had dropped over the years that he might have been responsible for Rosemary's disappearance.

    The discovery closes the missing person's case for Wharton County, Grosser said. The Matagorda Sheriff's Office is handling the criminal investigation because the body was found in its jurisdiction.

    That office said there is an ongoing investigation in cooperation with the Texas Rangers.

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