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Thread: Neighbor arrested in 1997 disappearance of Oklahoma girl, 8

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    Default Neighbor arrested in 1997 disappearance of Oklahoma girl, 8

    Authorities in suburban Oklahoma City have arrested a neighbour in the case of an eight-year-old girl who disappeared from her bedroom 18 years ago and whose body has never been found.

    Investigators used DNA to link 56-year-old Anthony Palma to the disappearance and presumed death of Kirsten Hatfield, who was reported missing from her home on May 14, 1997, according to an affidavit released Tuesday by Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes.

    Palma was arrested Monday on first-degree murder and kidnapping allegations, and Clabes said investigators are now searching his home for evidence. Palma lives two houses away from where Kirsten's family lived in 1997, the affidavit said.

    Blood was found on Kirsten's windowsill and her underwear was found in her backyard, but the girl has not been seen since. At the time of her disappearance, investigators recovered DNA from the items but did not get a hit when running the information through a database.

    The affidavit said Palma willingly gave a DNA sample in June to investigators following up on the case and results showed a match of one in 293 sextillion.

    Court records don't list an attorney for Palma, who is being held without bond.

    "There have been no verified sightings or contact from Kirsten since May ... of 1997," the affidavit from Midwest City Police Detective Darrell Miller said. "Therefore, it can be concluded that she was killed shortly after her abduction ... It is likely that Palma has been motivated to stay in the same home to conceal evidence of the crime and/or the location of Kirsten's body."

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    Family Of Missing Norman Woman Hope For New Leads In Cold Case

    NORMAN, Oklahoma - The investigation widens against a man already jailed in connection with the 1997 disappearance of an 8-year-old Midwest City girl.
    As Midwest City police continue searching Anthony Palma’s property for Kirsten Hatfield’s body, police in Norman are getting involved.

    Glenda Peterson, 40, has been missing since July 4, 1997. Peterson was last seen leaving Lake Thunderbird with a dark-haired man with a mustache, in a pickup truck.

    Norman police told News 9 Palma was working as a groundskeeper at Lake Thunderbird at the time of Peterson’s disappearance.

    Peterson’s younger sister Diana Fairchild is pleading for anyone who thinks they have information to come forward.

    “Just any information at will help us, it can just bust her case wide open,” she said.

    Anyone with information on Peterson’s disappearance is asked to call Norman Crime Stoppers at (405) 366-7867.

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    Default Re: Neighbor arrested in 1997 disappearance of Oklahoma girl, 8

    Judge rules that other alleged assault victims may testify in cold case murder trial

    OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. - There are new developments in the case against a Midwest City man, who is accused of kidnapping and murder.

    In 2015, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater officially charged 57-year-old Anthony Palma with first-degree murder and felony kidnapping related to the Kirsten Hatfield case.

    In 1997, Kirsten was 8-years-old when she disappeared from her home at 1108 Jet Drive in Midwest City in the middle of the night. She hasn’t been seen since.

    Palma has pleaded not guilty in the case.

    Now, more women are stepping forward and claiming that Palma assaulted them in the past.

    It was an emotional day at the courthouse as one woman told her story, alleging the Palma rented a garage apartment to her and her husband in 1982.

    While her husband was away, she says Palma broke into her home, covered her head with a blanket and beat her with a glass coke bottle.

    She told the courtroom "he was trying to kill me."

    She said one of her sons helped stop the alleged attack.

    “He’s just a horrible human being and he violated my mother. I witnessed him violating my mother, and he was given prison time for that. He was given a second chance and he’s continued to violate people his whole life,” said Greg Hargrove, the alleged victim's son.

    Another woman's story is eerily similar to what prosecutors believe happened to Hatfield.

    When she was six or seven-years-old she said her sister's boyfriend, Palma, crawled through her bedroom window and touched her inappropriately.

    She did not want to be identified, but is now sharing her story publicly for the first time.

    "When I was told what he had done, how he had went through the little girl's bedroom window. That just brought everything back," she said.

    She told NewsChannel 4 they are painful memories she felt she had to relive.

    "He has no more power over me and I hope that justice is served. I mean, I hope to God they find that little girl's body and the parents get the closure that they need," she said.

    Another woman said when she was 17 she lived with Palma, a family friend.

    She said he gave her medication for a rash on her face, and after she took the pill she felt drugged.

    She told the courtroom she woke up in Palma's boxers and felt like she had been assaulted.

    On Thursday evening, a judge ruled that the woman's testimony can be used in Palma's murder trial which is set for October 9th.

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