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Thread: Maryland murder cold case may have Massachusetts ties

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    ice Maryland murder cold case may have Massachusetts ties

    New evidence in a cold case may lead authorities to a clue suggesting that a Jane Doe murder victim found in Maryland in 1976 may have been in Boston prior to her death.

    Last year, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children featured a young woman recovered in Lorraine Park Cemetery in Baltimore County, MD. Baltimore County Police identified pollen native to Northeastern urban areas, specifically Boston and New York City.

    Authorities are asking for help to close a case that has kept friends and family members wondering for over three decades.

    A woman, age 15 to 25, was found near a Maryland cemetery. She was beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled. She was wrapped in a sheet, her hands tied behind her back, a hankerchief covered her face and a cloth bag was placed over her head.

    The bag covering her, and the cloth used as a gag were lawn seed bags from the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Association, and were only sold in Waltham, Rochdale, Lowell, South Weymouth and Greenfield. A house key found on her was made in Fitchburg.

    Anyone with any information is asked to call 1-800-THE-LOST

    From Namus:

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 30
    Minimum age 15 years
    Maximum age 30 years
    Race Unsure
    Sex Female
    Weight (pounds) 159, Measured
    Height (inches) 68, Measured

    Probable year of death 1976 to 1976
    Estimated postmortem interval Days

    Brown, shoulder length hair
    Brown eyes

    Scars and marks 1 1/2 inch scar on left thigh; Scarring on knees

    Tattoos Crude tattoo on upper right arm near shoulder of either "JP", "JS","JD", "JB", or "SP", "SS", "SD", "SB"

    Pierced ears

    Blood type: O+

    Clothing: White and beige pullover short sleeve top, "LEVI" brand beige and yellow jeans, white bra

    Footwear: Leather Brown shoes with soft rubber composition sole with laces, striped with brown/gray/beige knee socks

    Jewelry: Rawhide string necklace with small round blue bead/ 2 keys on a safety pin


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    Default Re: Maryland murder cold case may have Massachusetts ties

    Police Search For Clues In Nearly 40-Year-Old Homicide

    BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County police are seeking the public’s help in solving a nearly four decade old homicide case.

    The body of a Caucasian woman was found in the 5600 block of Dogwood Road in Woodlawn on Sept. 12, 1976. Her body was found a short distance from the Lorraine Park Cemetery.

    Police know the woman died as a result of asphyxia and her death was ruled a homicide.

    Since her body was discovered police have been looking for the person or people responsible for her death.

    Even with a fingerprint search and nationwide missing persons search, they have yet to identify her — so she is solely known as “Jane Doe.”

    She is described as a woman in her late teens to mid 20s, about 5-foot-8 and 159 pounds.

    She had shoulder length hair, brown eyes, a one-and-a-half inch scar on her left thigh and a rough tattoo of the letters “J.P.” on her upper right arm.

    When she was found, she was wearing a white/beige pullover short sleeve top, beige/yellow Levi jeans, brown shoes and a rawhide necklace with a small blue charm.

    How can you help?

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    Anyone with information regarding this case is also urged to contact the Homicide Unit’s Unsolved Case Squad at 410-887-3943 or Communications Team at 410-307-2020.

    Callers may remain anonymous and can also contact Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP (1-866-756-2587) to be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000. To text a message to Metro Crime Stoppers, send to “CRIMES” (274637), then enter the message starting with “MCS.”

    Information concerning the case is also available on the Doe Network’s web site case number 279UFMD.


    Date of Discovery: September 12, 1976
    Location of Discovery: Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland
    Estimated Date of Death: 24 hours prior
    State of Remains: Recognizable face
    Cause of Death: Homicide by strangulation
    Physical Description

    ** Listed information is approximate
    Estimated Age: 15-30 years old
    Race: Unknown, possibly White.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6" to 5'8"
    Weight: 159 lbs.
    Hair Color: Brown, wavy and shoulder length.
    Eye Color: Brown

    Distinguishing Marks/Features: Dark olive complexion. Pierced ears. She had a 1 inch scar on her left thigh (some sources state right thigh). She had what appeared to be the letters of either "JP" or "JS" or "JD" or "JB" or "SP" or "SS" or "SD" or "SB" crudely tattooed on her right arm, just below the shoulder. O positive blood type.
    Dentals: Available. Teeth are in good condition with the following notations: 3rd molars all extracted, left mandibular 2nd molar extracted, fillings in left upper 1st and 2nd molars, right 1st and 2nd molars and left lower 1st molar. Tooth #20 rotated 90 degrees.
    Fingerprints: Available. 12 0 5 U OIO 18, I 17 U IIO 19.
    DNA: Not available.

    Clothing & Personal Items

    Clothing: White or beige pullover short sleeve top, beige and yellow Levi's corduroy pants, a white bra, striped brown/gray/beige knee socks, and light brown leather shoes with soft rubber composition soles and twine used as laces.

    Jewelry: A rawhide, string necklace with a small round turquoise blue bead attached.

    Additional Personal Items: Two keys on a safety pin, one of which was manufactured in Fitchburg, Massachusets, and had the number DB09212 stamped on it. One key was used for a night latch and the second appears to be a house key.

    Case History

    The victim was found wrapped in a sheet by a passing motorist off the roadway in the 5600 block of Dogwood Road near the back gate of the Lorraine Park Cemetery in the Woodlawn section of Baltimore. She had been murdered and raped. It is believed she had been killed sometime within the previous 24 hours at another location and her body was dumped where it was found.

    Her hands were tied behind her back in perfect knots with some type of medical bandage. Her head was covered with three different cloths.

    The first one was a yellow bag for a 25-pound sack of lawn seed with "Farm Bureau Association Grass Seed, Lexington, Mass." printed on it.
    The bag was manufactured at the Bemis Bag Company located in Buffalo, N.Y., and they were only sold in five Massachusetts locations: 158 Lexington Street in Waltham; Stafford Street in Rochdale; 307 Western Avenue in Lowell; 3 Hollis Street in South Weymouth; and East Deer Field Front Yards in Greenfield.

    The second cloth was a dark blue and white paisley bandana. The third cloth was an orange and white bandana that had holes cut for the eyes and nose. All three clothes were tied behind the victim's neck in a square knot.

    Based on items found with the female she may have been from, spent some time in, or had associates or family in the state of Massachusetts.

    Investigators have followed up on similar cases in other states as far away as Illinois and California.

    Investigating Agency(s)

    If you have any information about this case please contact;
    Agency Name: Maryland Office of Chief State Medical Examiner
    Agency Contact Person: Charlotte Romero
    Agency Phone Number: 410-333-3254
    Agency Name: Baltimore County Police Department
    Agency Contact Person: Homicide Unit/Unsolved Case Unit / Detective Philip Marll
    Agency Phone Number: 410-887-3943 or 6162
    Agency Case Number: LE: B-678741; ME: 1054031/76-40U/76-1579A/B; NCMEC: 1106539
    NCIC Case Number: U157488272
    NamUs Case Number: UP #1895
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    ETA; There is a post mortem picture on the internet, I think she can be this girl? Height doesn't match, but her face does? Picture was taken about 13 yrs before she went missing.

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    I forwarded Patricia M. Laemmerhirt as a possible match for this Jane Doe, I got a really quick reply and sadly there is no DNA, no fingerprints or dental records:

    There is nothing available right now to secure a match for Patricia M. Laemmerhirt (NamUs MP #9541); No fingerprints, no DNA, and no dental records.
    It cannot be determined at this point whether she is a match or an exclusion for our unknown (NamUs UP #1895).

    Thank you for this referral.

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    These sketches look a lot more like her post mortem picture, which is on Namus.

    There is also a video:

    Sad she can not be compared to Patricia, I really think this could be her.

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    Police get new leads in cold case killing after 5 Investigates report
    Woman found dead in Baltimore may be from Boston

    BOSTON —Tortured, drugged and gagged, then dumped on an access road to a cemetery just outside the city of Baltimore.

    A young girl murdered nearly 40 years ago still has no name.

    "This was a brutal murder," says Baltimore County Homicide Detective Dave Jacoby.

    But now Baltimore County police tells 5 Investigates new leads are starting to come in following a 5 Investigates story.

    Investigators say new information suggests the young victim may be from the Forest Hills neighborhood in Boston and may have attended Jamaica Plain High School or Roslindale High School.

    The latest information follows more evidence pointing to possible links to Massachusetts.

    High-tech pollen tests of her clothing found rare pollens that come from a site in New York and the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain.

    A grass seed bag that was over her head was sold in five stores -- all in Massachusetts.

    The young woman was carrying two keys, one labeled Fitchburg, that police say were manufactured in the Bay State.

    Baltimore police have referred to the young woman as "Woodlawn Jane Doe" because she was found near the Woodlawn Cemetery in Baltimore County in September 1976. They are hopeful that someone can give the tip they need to give her back her name and bring justice to her case.

    Jacoby says even information that seems insignificant can help. "Call us if you think you know who she is," he says. "We are just asking for the public's help. It is time for somebody to step up to the plate and do the right thing and give us a call."

    Anyone with information is asked to call the Baltimore County Police Department at 410-307-2020.


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    I wonder where that site in New York is, it is not mentioned anywhere.
    Patricia also lived there before she disappeared, and apparently the bag was manufactured in Buffalo NY. Her parents in law owned a dairy and beef farm in Forrestville NY, and had lived in Buffalo.
    Don't know if it's possible, but could the bag have been taken from the company?

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    Default Re: Maryland murder cold case may have Massachusetts ties

    The work they are doing on this case is so astonishing and they are such good people to work so hard to identify her. I think they will find out who she is now.

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    5 Investigates: New info could help ID victim in cold case killing

    BALTIMORE —Baltimore County police tell 5 Investigates they have received a tip that possibly gives a girl found murdered 39 years ago a name.

    That girl, known only as Woodlawn Jane Doe because she was found near Woodlawn Cemetery in Baltimore County, has never been identified, but evidence in the case has connected her to Massachusetts.

    Investigators are not releasing the possible name until they have more information, but they are saying the girl and her family may have moved to Forbes Street in Jamaica Plain from Puerto Rico when she was 5 or 6.

    She may have attended Catholic school on Wyman Street, and disappeared when she was 15 years old.

    5 Investigates first told you last month that police had new evidence in the case of the girl, who was found tortured near Woodlawn Cemetery in 1976.

    High-tech tests of her clothing found rare pollens only from a site in New York and the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain.

    This discovery followed other evidence with possible links to the Bay State. Police have always believed evidence at the scene, including a grass seed bag and keys, came from Massachusetts.

    Police are not releasing the possible name of the girl in hopes that more people may come forward with information.

    If a possible relative is located, DNA testing can be done in an attempt to verify Woodlawn Jane Doe's true identity.

    Baltimore County police say Boston police have provided valuable assistance to the investigation.

    Baltimore County Detective Dave Jacoby has said even information that seems insignificant can help them in the effort give Woodlawn Jane Doe her true name back and bring justice to her case.

    "Call us if you think you know who she is," he says. "We are just asking for the public's help. It is time for somebody to step up to the plate and do the right thing and give us a call."

    Anyone with information is asked to call the Baltimore County Police Department at 410-307-2020.

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    Boston police join hunt for Woodlawn Jane Doe's ID, killer

    BOSTON —The body of the young woman known as Woodlawn Jane was found 500 miles away from Forbes Street in Jamaica Plain, but for two Boston detectives, the search for her identity and her killer -- or killers -- is now personal.

    "This is our old neighborhood," said Boston Police Sgt. Detective Bill Doogan, who along with his partner, Detective Jack Cronin, grew up on Forbes Street in JP's Hyde Square.

    It's the same street that a tipster told police was where Woodlawn Jane Doe lived, a tip that has reinvigorated the search for the killer or killers who dumped the young woman's body in Woodlawn Cemetery outside the city of Baltimore in 1976.

    Her body bore evidence of being drugged and tortured.

    The tip followed Karen Anderson's 5 Investigates story about the murder.

    The tipster believed she had moved from Puerto Rico to Jamaica Plain, went to Blessed Sacrament Catholic School and grew up with five siblings on Forbes Street.

    "What was going through my mind was, who can I call? Who do I know?" Doogan told Anderson.

    They're now using their hometown knowledge and old-fashioned police work -- "foot work, gumshoe stuff," as Doogan calls it -- checking old records, including from the Blessed Sacrament school.

    Investigators already had clues that placed the girl in the Boston area. A grass seed bag pulled over her head was sold in only five stores, all in Massachusetts. A piece of the bag was ripped off and stuffed down her throat.

    She was carrying two keys that were likely manufactured in Massachusetts, including one marked "Fitchburg."

    And recent high-tech tests of pollen on her clothing found it was rare and could only come from a site in New York or the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain.

    Doogan recalled the Arboretum, or the "Arbs," as a "place for young people to hang around, just lounge around, goof off."

    "You've got to believe she's from here," Doogan said. "You can never say 100 percent but it's looking more and more like this is a JP girl."

    The girl had a homemade tattoo that may have been the letters J-P, possibly for Jamaica Plain. Tattoos like that were not uncommon at the time, according to Sgt Doogan.

    "A lot of people had these homemade tattoos that they used to do with a pin and a ball point pen," Doogan said.

    But despite their efforts so far, police haven't been able to determine her real name. If alive today she would have been between 55 and 65 years old.

    Massachusetts State Police are joining Boston police and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children in assisting Baltimore County Police with the case.

    "Hopefully someone will know something and we can get her identity back," Detective Cronin said.


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    Police still working to solve murder of 'Woodlawn Jane Doe'


    New facial reconstruction image released in 40-year-old unsolved torture, murder
    Woman may have been from Boston

    BOSTON —The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is releasing a new facial reconstruction rendering and new information on the victim of a 40-year-old unsolved murder case, hoping to jar memories and generate more leads that will help police in Boston and Baltimore County identify a young woman, whom they believe to be from the Boston area.

    She may have been 15-25 years old and is known as "Woodlawn Jane Doe," named because her tortured body was found dumped near the Woodlawn Cemetery outside Baltimore, Maryland in 1976.

    5 Investigates first told you last year that tests of pollen on her clothing, along with other evidence, suggest the woman may have been from Boston.

    Detectives here have focused on the Jamaica Plain area, in part because of a tattoo on her body, and they believe she may have lived there in the early 1970s.

    They have been following up on all tips, including one received after a 5 Investigates story that suggests her name may have been Jasmine, that she went by the nickname Jassy, and may have had relatives named Blanca, Tito and Santana.

    Detectives are urging anyone with any information or possible leads on this case, even if it appears insignificant, to call the Boston Police Homicide Unit at 617-343-4470.

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