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Thread: UPdated Information: Do You Recognize This Woman? Jane Doe 1981 Tucson AZ

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    ice UPdated Information: Do You Recognize This Woman? Jane Doe 1981 Tucson AZ

    A Jane Doe victim from a case dating back to 1981 in Arizona resembles the female in the picture police are trying to identify.

    The Chelmsford Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the female in the picture above.

    Police say she may have lived or visited the Chelmsford, Tyngsboro, Westford area on or about 1979-1981. Police believe she was approximately. 18- to 22-years-old in this photo.

    On Friday, Chelmsford Police said the Pima County Sheriff’s Office, in Arizona, is investigating a Jane Doe case involving the discovery of a deceased female in 1981. A convicted murderer was recently found in possession of the picture above. He is also tied to the Jane Doe case. He will not identify the female in the photo.

    Chelmsford Police believe the photo may have been taken in this area on or about 1979-1981. The suspect lived in Tyngsboro at that time. The Jane Doe victim resembles the female in the picture police are trying to identify.

    Any Info please contact the Chelmsford Police Department. Lt. John Roark is the point of contact on this case and can be reached at 978-256-2521.

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    Near where the Jane Doe found in the desert near the Pima County Fairgrounds in April 1981 was this Oops California brand with red-and-white striped cuffs and collar.

    A petite young woman, the Jane Doe was wearing this navy blue Chain Reaction brand blouse that had red sleeves with floral print when her body was found by people off-roading in the desert.

    She was wearing this pair of size three bluejeans when she was found

    A pair of brown suede earth-style shoes and ankle socks with pink pompoms were found on the body

    This light blue jacket, with two pockets embellished with white stitching and three brass-type buttons was found near the body

    She also had an opaque white spot on one of her front teeth.

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    Police seek info in cold case murder with Mass. ties
    Photo of possible victim taken in Chelmsford area

    CHELMSFORD, Mass. —Chelmsford police are asking for the public's help in identifying a female believed to be the victim in a 1981 cold case killing.

    Police released a photo Friday depicting a blonde woman they believe was taken in the Chelmsford area between 1979 and 1981. The woman could be the victim in a 1981 Arizona homicide in which victim and suspect have yet to be identified, according to police.

    The photo was recently found in possession of John Kalhauser, a convicted murderer, who refused to identify the woman pictured, according to police.

    Kalhauser lived in Tyngsboro at the time the photo is believed to have been taken, and possibly has information about the Arizona cold case, according to police.

    The body of an unidentified female was found in a small drainage wash on April 8, 1981, in Tuscon, Arizona. Police believe she was deceased two days prior to the discovery of her body.

    The victim had straight, blonde hair, and a white spot on her front tooth that might have been noticeable to those who knew her, according to police. She was about 5 feet 2 inches tall and 100-110 pounds.

    Anyone with information about this case should call Chelmsford police at 978-256-2521.

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    Article about John Joseph Kalhauser, he was charged with murder in 1971 at the age of 17.

    John J. Kalhauser, of Bowers Avenue, a 10th grade student in the town's high school was arrested last night and charged with the murder ot Paul W. Chapman, 52, of 3 Pratt Ave., Nashua, N.H. whose body was found in a wooded area of Route 3,1806096

    He was sentenced in 1999 to 20 years in prison for the second-degree murder of his estranged wife, Diane van Reeth.

    Murder attempt in 1979, he tried to kill his girlfriend's former fiance



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    They have a tentative identification on this girl. DNA has been sent in to confirm her name, according to a post on Facebook.

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    Identified as Brenda Marie Gerow, according to a post on Facebook.

    She finally has her name back.

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    I guess the post above wasn't an official identification.. as she now is officially identified.

    Nashua, NH woman identified as victim of cold case murder

    NASHUA, NH ( -- A Nashua, New Hampshire woman has been identified as the victim in a cold case murder.

    In 1981 a woman was found dead in Arizona. For 34 years she was known only as Jane Doe. Now detectives have identified her as Brenda Gerow. Who was born and raised in Nashua.

    She was around 20 years old when she left with a man named John Kalhauser. He is now a person of interest and is already serving time for the murder of his estranged wife.

    New technology and testing of some evidence found in 1981 lead to this break in the case.


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    Crime Trackers: PCSD names person of interest in 34-year-old cold case

    Tucson- Brenda Gerow was murdered 34 years ago. Up until last September, she was only known as Jane Doe.

    Hunters found her remains by the Pima County Fairgrounds in April 1981. Pima County Sheriff's Department cold case detectives has named a person of interest in the case.

    John Kalhauser is currently serving time in prison for the 1995 murder of his wife. Cold case detectives canvassed a Southside neighborhood looking for people who may have seen the couple in the early 1980s.

    John Kalhauser was going by the name of Don Stecchi. Detectives said he came to Tucson with Brenda Gerow in 1980. They moved to the Old Pueblo from New Hampshire. He was 27-years-old. She was 20-years-old when she was brutally murdered in 1981.

    “We believe Mr. Kalhauser, also Mr. Stecchi, was with our victim and the last person seen with our victim back in 1981,” Det. Charles Garcia said.

    Autopsy results showed Gerow had been severely beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled.

    Detectives went to the area of South Sixth and Inez. They went door to door asking if anyone had lived there during the early 1980s.

    Garcia and Miguel Flores were particularly interested in the corner house where John Kalhauser's brother lived. Their names were Bob and Joanne. Both have since died.

    Detectives showed pictures of John Kalhauser from the early 80s. They also had pictures of the victim.

    One neighbor said Gerow’s picture looked familiar.

    Her picture was found in Kalhauser's possession while he was being investigated by Tucson police for the 1995 disappearance of his wife, Diane Van Reeth.

    Another neighbor said she recognized Tannhauser, and her brother would probably remember him. He now lived in California, so detectives were going to contact him.

    If people were not home, detectives left a business card.

    Garcia said he was pleased with the results, especially since it is a 34-year-old cold case.

    “We still have to try," said Garcia. "In trying, we did get some encouraging news today, and hopefully that will lead us to some more information “

    Detectives will set up appointments with the residents who have information and take their statements. In the meantime, if you have information, you are urged to call 911. If you want to remain anonymous, call 88-CRIME.


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    Brenda Gerow: ID's 'Who killed Jane Doe?', John Kalhauser, Arizona Desert Murder

    The cold case murder of Brenda Gerow will air on Investigation Discovery’s latest crime docu-series Who Killed Jane Doe?

    The show examines cases of missing crime victims, whose bodies eventually turn up with no way of identifying the victim. Authorities say that’s exactly what happened to Brenda Marie Gerow, who vanished without a trace in the early 1980s.

    For 34 years, her crime was unsolved until DNA evidence and the latest technology helped crack the case. John Kalhauser, the victim’s former friend, is the man police believe committed the murder. On Who Killed Jane Doe’s episode, “Girl Gone West,” you’ll hear from Pima County, Arizona, police detectives and KVOA news reporter Lupita Murillo.

    On ID’s Who Killed Jane Doe?, detectives will describe the day in 1981 when they found the body of a woman in the Arizona desert. The body was initially found by hunters, who happened upon the dead woman near the Pima County Fairgrounds. In that same area, they also found a shirt and a jacket.

    Jane Doe’s body appeared to be that of a woman between the ages of 18 and 20, and the skin was completely scorched. One detective noted that the woman looked like she had been roasted by the sun. A corner’s report determined that this was no runaway. She had been well-kept. She hadn’t been malnourished or homeless, and her extensive dental work was also an indication that she lived a normal life.

    The cause of death was strangulation with a ligature. She had been beaten and sexually assaulted before she was finally dumped. From there, all leads went cold. Jane Doe was buried without any identification being made.

    D’s Who Killed Jane Doe recounts that the discovery of the body did nothing for a family who lived many miles away. They had been searching for Brenda Gerow.

    Brenda Gerow had taken off, supposedly with a man that she had met in a nightclub. Gerow was never seen or heard from again.

    After the case of Jane Doe was reopened in 2012, new technology helped solve the mystery. Police exhumed the body and released a sketch of the woman. The information was placed on social media. All tips led police to Brenda Gerow’s family, who had no idea that she had been found dead over 30 years earlier.

    How Did Police Connect The Case?

    A man named John Kalhauser was under investigation for the murder of his wife in 1995. Among his possessions was a photo of a blonde woman. John Kalhauser refused to tell police who she was, leading investigators to realize that the photo had some significance. The photo was placed in an evidence drawer. The woman in the photo turned out to be Brenda Gerow.

    Investigators learned that Brenda Gerow had some sort of relationship with John Kalhauser. Most likely, they were lovers. When Brenda Gerow left her home with John Kalhauser, she relocated to Tuscon, Arizona, with him. They lived together for only a few months before he killed her.

    When she was found back in 1981, the coroner noted that she had strange scratches all over her body. She most likely received the scratches as she was running through razor-sharp brush. Brenda Gerow was scared to death and running for her life.

    A Recap Of John Kalhauser’s Trail Of Terror

    John Kalhauser has a disturbing past. He has been in and out of trouble since he was a teen.

    According to The Telegraph, 17-year-old John Joseph Kalhauser was arrested and convicted for the murder of a 52-year-old man who was found dead in the woods in 1971.
    He was also arrested for beating up a nurse.

    In 1979, John Kalhauser tried to kill Michael Renk, his ex-girlfriend’s new man, according to Cold Case Investigations.

    In 1981, John fled to Arizona with Brenda Gerow, who most likely knew nothing about his criminal past.

    He allegedly killed Brenda Gerow and left her in the desert.

    In 1995, John Kalhauser killed his estranged wife, Diane Van Reeth. Her body has never been found.

    Currently, John Kalhauser is serving time in prison. To see the dramatic recreation of the case, and how it was finally solved, tune into Who Killed Jane Doe? tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.

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    Default Re: UPdated Information: Do You Recognize This Woman? Jane Doe 1981 Tucson AZ

    I watched the show last night. Pretty amazing the amount of work the police put into this. Hope some day they can find out what he did with his wife as well.

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