...The charred remains of a girl found shot and stabbed to death near Blackie's Pasture in Tiburon 28 years ago have been identified as those of a Washington teenager slain weeks before she was due to testify in an organized crime case.
The victim's identity remained a mystery for years until a DNA database analysis in February identified her as Tammy Vincent, 17, a runaway who worked in a sex trade establishment owned by a man known as a local "godfather."
Marin County sheriff's Detective Steve Nash said the positive identification was made in February, after DNA extracted from a 3-centimeter strand of pubic hair matched DNA samples from Vincent's mother and sister at a private DNA lab at the University of Texas in 2005.
Marin investigators are pursuing suspects they believe stabbed Vincent more than 40 times
in the chest with an ice pick, shot her in the head and then burned her body beyond recognition with acid on a Tiburon beach. Vincent's upper torso and her face were disfigured by burns.
"When you think that this case is nearly 30 years old, and then to be able to identify the person, that's just unbelievable," Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle said........