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Thread: 2 Solutions To The MY NAME IS cypher

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    zody2 2 Solutions To The MY NAME IS cypher

    This cypher appeared in the letter mailed to the San Francisco Chronicle on April 20, 1970. The cypher is a short cypher in this letter:

    Here is my conclusion to what this cypher reads. I am not sure this is correct, but it makes sense that it is at least a possibility:
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    zody2 Re: 2 Solutions To The MY NAME IS cypher

    Another member here came to this solution which I also think is a really good possibility:

    AE can sound like A, as in one thing or a thing

    Then Nonknmn where the o is derived and the M became W by you, it turns out to be NONKNOWN
    Sounds good.

    Now you might ask yourself if the M/W was a mistake, or done on purpose if you decide to accept this refinement.

    The upside down T could mean perpendicular or at right angles

    NAM has a vowel, but sometimes a vowel is needed so this could = NAME

    We might then have " A nonknown right-angle name" where the right angle name is just a license number,which means he was playing with us. It is non known because it is non-descriptive

    Or if this was written after 1965 and you take into consideration that the M is correct, then we have
    A NONCOM N. VIETNAM (Noncom = noncommissioned officer )

    Our Zodiac would have been about 24-25 year old in 1965

    Now the letters AE might be referring to:

    The USS Mount Katmai (AE-16)
    On 26 February 1965, the ship departed San Francisco, underway to a new war zone to replenish 7th Fleet ships. She arrived Subic Bay on 15 May via Pearl Harbor. Within a few days, she was underway for rearming operations in the South China Sea, servicing the carrier strike groups and combatant ships off Vietnam. Operating out of Subic, Mount Katmai provided logistical support to the operating forces until late November. She departed Hong Kong on 1 December 1965, arriving San Francisco on 16 December.
    A NONCOM N. VIETNAM (Noncommissioned officer North Vietnam)

    upside down T could mean perpendicular or "at right angles"

    Suppose it meant "at right angles" If you tilted this right angle another 45 degrees it becomes a V

    letters AE :

    USS Mount Katmai (AE-16)

    A E N O N C O M N. V I E T N A M
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 2 13 14 15 16

    On a ship they have antiaircraft guns with large cross-hair sights out on the end of them

    The other symbols he used on the card are different from what we find here SUŁ

    In particular is the one that you read as U Look closer and it is looks more like q

    I think it means from your translation that it = a duplicate letter inside the circle of concern.

    So you are dead on about it being an N.

    So maybe he served on the MOUNT KATMAI as a non commissioned officer while stationed off the coast of N Vietnam. Typically a noncom could raise to this rank relatively fast during war, if he had what it took

    Tour of duty" means how much time did a person typically spend in a war zone. In Vietnam, the "war zone" was complicated. For 99% of Army and Marine ground soldiers, the war zone was limited to South Vietnam. But for Air Force and Navy pilots, the "war zone" extended beyond South Vietnam to North Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

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    Default Re: 2 Solutions To The MY NAME IS cypher

    This is not to say you are wrong , but you can't start out with the wrong symbols and get a correct answer. You changed the 8's and made them the Z logo's. The Zodiac used his logo for the letter D, his symbol D was used for the letter N. Use the Hardens solution as your Rosetta stone and you will have a better conclusion.
    If you stick with what the Harden's did, you can find the solution. Zodiac didn't change anything to make it much more complicated. What I found was that the K symbol is actually /, which you will find is correct by checking the solved cypher. But to make it not so easy , and knowing the Z liked to reverse his letters the / then becomes \ which is a R. I solved it also ,and came out with R. Hernandez the 3 8's could be HHH meaning Ha Ha Ha.
    I think I sent Starless a copy of that solution, the letters were scrambled but that is the name I found in that cypher. I am now playing with the 340. Also remember it is a clue to his name not a sentence.

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    Default Re: 2 Solutions To The MY NAME IS cypher

    Nobody knows what he says. Nobody can say what image represents which letter. Only he knows. I dont pretend to know but what is the evidence that supports that the "solved" cipher was "solved" correctly?

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    Default Re: 2 Solutions To The MY NAME IS cypher

    I think there is always a possibility of error or errors in the first part that was decoded, but it made sense and sounded like something the boastful killer might have said, so I guess this is why it was held as correct. As for the two above in this thread, I guess I should have titled this thread Two Possible Solutions.... but I did not do that. I was told by someone that they felt that Zodiac used a mirror or a backwards image. This person also informed me that Zodiac may be familiar with the DIAZO printing process, which when researched a bit I found not only to have used a type of revearsal of image, but also the name itself, missing only the "c", spells out the name Zodiac. I took a hand mirror and looked at the my name is cypher and it was very apparent to me what I was looking at. The person who told me of these things came to the second conclusion.

    If Zodiac spoke of being a non-commissioned officer in Vietnam, I think this might make sense and we would then be looking for a specific person. If my translation were correct, I think that he was either being sarcastic, making everyone go bananas trying to figure that out only to find he had stated the obvious, that no one knows his name. Or did he mean something like an unknown name/alias/codename/John Doe..??

    In any case, there is nothing to say if in one cypher Zodiac used a symbol to denote a letter, that he would use the same in the next cypher, in fact, I should think just the opposite.

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    Default Re: 2 Solutions To The MY NAME IS cypher

    Think, guess, sounds like..............

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