Who is she?

The Utrecht police received seven new tips about the Heul girl, het heul meisje, the young woman who was found dead in parking lot The Heul Maarsbergen in 1976 . It is still not known who she was.

Because of one the tips leads to Poland, the Polish television will soon pay attention to this case, says a police spokesman.

Bizarre twist
The naked body of the woman was found on 24 October 1976 by a forester in the parking lot along the A12. How she died is unknown. It was clear that she was dead for several weeks or months. Research has shown that the girl was between 15 and 18 years old when she died.

The girl was buried in a tomb in Maarn. It was thought it were the remains of Monique Jacobse Bilthoven. Jacobse disappeared in 1975 at the age of 18, after she had run away from home. Her name was also on the grave in Maarn.

In 2006, the case took a bizarre twist when Jacobse contacted her sister. She said she went to Germany. Eventually she emigrated to the U.S., without contacting her family. After over 30 years she notifed her relatives she was in the U.S.

In late 2006, a three-dimensional reconstruction of the face of the Heul girl was made.

After the AVRO program Opsporing verzocht, showed the reconstruction of the face, a man called saying he thought he recognized the girl.He gave her a ride in the summer of 1976 when he drove home from work. She was in the company of a man. They left his car near the parking lot the Heul. The two spoke german with eachother. The tip did not lead to the identification of the murdered woman.

Although the murder of the Heul girl now barred time and no offender could be convicted, a cold case team of police in Utrecht has recently reopened the case. Since then, many tips were received.

Yesterday TROS Missing reported six missing women from different countries could match the description of the Heul girl. The cold case team is now trying on the basis of DNA profiles to find out who she is. A new technique using isotopes to demonstrate in what environment the girl lived at the time.

'' We hope with new tips and new research this girl will have a name,'' said a police spokesman.


In dutch, but it is all about her clay face: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykjWu...layer_embedded