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Thread: Indian Creek Remains Identified

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    candle12 Indian Creek Remains Identified

    Huntsville, AL - Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning called this a "monumental day". After 14 years of investigation, Dorning says he believes his investigators have positively identified the body of a woman found in Indian Creek in October of 1997.

    Dorning says a family member saw an update to the story than was aired in 2009, and believed that the woman may have been connected to them. Investigators say they took DNA samples from family members around the country, and finally confirmed the woman's identity in May of 2011.

    Sheriff Dorning says the woman is Cynthia Lynn "Cindy" Davis of Huntsville. Dorning says Davis was 18 years old at the time of her disappearance. At this time, however, there is no new information that has brought police closer to her killer. Dorning says he hopes anyone who remembers Davis, or knows anything about her will contact investigators. He stresses that even something that may seem insignificant may lead to the arrest of her killer.

    Dorning praised the work of Lt. Charles Berry, who was on the investigation from the beginning of the case through today.

    Davis was originally from California, and moved to north Alabama in the early 1990s.

    She was Case File 148UFAL on Doenetwork.
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    I took down the original thread. Strange I though this was a younger girl, at least I had the impression. Sure am glad they identified her.

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    I thought her bones would exactly match, so also the chin, which seems not that short on the reconstructions. She looked younger like 18, fully agree.

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