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Thread: Our Personal Privacy/ A Rant

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    Syniverse has an ethics hotline stating that anyone can report what is believed to be ethics or fraud issues. I wrote for awhile on the unethical refusal to divulge the IPs who were in Starless online account. When I went to post this came up, not sure what it means.

    Unknown Company Error

    Unknown Company Detected

    An unknown company has been detected and the alert process cannot continue. This may be due to a broken or invalid link.

    Copyright © 2001-2009 Global Compliance. All rights reserved.

    Ethics Hotline

    Anyone who has a concern about Syniverse's conduct, or about the company's accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, or any matter in which fraud or unethical behavior is suspected may communicate that concern directly to the company's Audit Committee. Such communications may be confidential or anonymous, and may be submitted in writing in care of Syniverse Technologies, attention:

    General Counsel, 8125 Highwoods Palm Way, Tampa, FL 33647-1765 , or reported by phone via the Syniverse Ethics Hotline at 1.888.779.5778 (toll-free for U.S. and Canada) or +1 (407) 965.3654 (outside U.S. and Canada,) or by using the web form below.

    I posted on Syniverse Facebook about the dishonor of the subpoena's, for some reason their wall and ability to post disappeared. I am not saying because of my post, just at the same time.

    I sent an email to Syniverse stating the same thing I said in their ethics hotline:

    This e-mail communication is intended to provide you with a confirmation
    that Syniverse's Customer Support has received your request.
    We will contact you shortly.

    Please keep in mind that formatting the subject line correctly will help
    Syniverse more efficiently route and expedite your issue. The subject line
    must contain only your customer number, followed by a colon, followed by a
    standard product name. For example: Subject: 1234:ACCESS

    If you do not know your customer number, please contact Syniverse Customer Support for
    assistance by telephone at 1-800-892-2888 or 813-233-7860, or if you have a Crossroads
    log on, you may access a web form through Crossroads at

    No Retaliation
    The Company will not permit retaliation of any kind by or on behalf of the Company and its employees, officers and directors against good faith reports or complaints of violations of this Code or other illegal or unethical conduct.

    Investigation of Violations
    All reported violations of the Code will be promptly investigated by the Company and will be treated confidentially to the extent consistent with the Company's interests and its legal obligations. In certain instances, employees’ names may be provided to those involved in the investigations with a “need to know” about the situation.

    The Syniverse Code of Business Conduct applies to all employees and board members of Syniverse and its subsidiaries, regardless of geographic location. Every person who is part of Syniverse is responsible for his or her own conduct, upholding this code and complying with the laws and highest standards of business ethics anywhere Syniverse does business.
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