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Thread: After a year, burned woman's identity is still a mystery,Brazoria County TX

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    keyhole After a year, burned woman's identity is still a mystery,Brazoria County TX

    It's been more than a year since the foggy morning when authorities found a young woman's burning body near Texas 288 in Brazoria County.

    Despite intense follow-up and the release of a sketch by Houston Police Department forensic artist Lois Gibson, investigators say they're no closer to learning who the woman was.

    "We just can't get her identified," said Investigator Chris DuBois, of the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office.

    Sheriff's deputies discovered the body of the woman, believed to be in her mid-20s, about 9:30 a.m. Jan. 31, 2011. Passersby had reported a small fire on County Road 60 about 150 to 200 yards east of Texas 288, DuBois said.

    "When the patrolmen pulled up, they discovered it was a body that was burning," he said.

    The woman was wearing remnants of camouflage pants and large gold hoop earrings with six stones, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    DPS investigators believe that she died the same day her body was found.

    Because the body was burned and unidentified, investigators called upon Gibson, known for her ability to view an injured body and recreate what the person looked like when alive.

    With many solved cases to her credit, Gibson was the artist who drew the sketch of "Baby Grace," a toddler whose body was found in a storage container near Galveston in 2007. The likeness was so accurate it helped authorities identify the child as 2-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers.

    In the Brazoria County case, fire had distorted the young woman's appearance.

    "Half of the lady's face was extremely burned," DuBois said. "Miss Gibson was able to do what she does so well and recreate the portion that was burned along with the portion that was not burned."

    Brazoria County investigators have checked more than 300 missing person reports and have located people missing from Houston, Galveston County and Fort Bend County, DuBois said.

    "We tracked one all the way to California," he said of a person reported missing in Fort Bend County, who was found jailed in the golden state.

    But they still have no leads on who the young woman was and who killed her.

    "I can't even get this girl identified," DuBois said.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office at 281-756-2226 or the Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse at 800-346-3243.

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    Default Re: After a year, burned woman's identity is still a mystery,Brazoria County TX

    Lois Gibson is fantastic at her job, she was also Playmate of the Year , years ago.

    Dont know what DPS investigators would have to do with anything though..This is my backyard but i dont know anything about this case except she was dumped where scores of others were.

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    Default Re: After a year, burned woman's identity is still a mystery,Brazoria County TX

    Where scores of others were:

    the first link I got on google, while searching for unidentified and Brazoria County, were the ones on this board. Not only her, but several others.

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