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Thread: Johnnie Joe Herrera, CA, 20, 8/27/71

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    Got this e-mail today.

    Mr. Border,
    I am the Sergeant over the Missing Persons Unit at Oxnard Police. I received a copy of a recent email you sent to my employee, Lynette Fenton. I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that she will no longer be releasing any type of information on our cases to you or anyone else. Since we have not talked, I am not certain who you are professionally. Unless you are another investigating agency, we can’t share information with you. I would be willing to talk with you about your requests regarding this missing person case.

    Hopefully you understand why we can’t share information with you unless you are an involved party. If you would be interested in speaking with me you can contact me at the below listed phone number.

    Thank you for your time.

    Sharon Giles, Sergeant
    Sexual Assault & Family Protection Unit
    Oxnard Police Department

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    Another bump. I found a picture of Johnnie's son Johnnie Jr. The picture came from his wife's MySpace page (her name is Candace Conley-Herrera; they've been married since 1998 and have two daughters.) As I always suspected he would, he looks a lot like his father. Of course, I say that having never seen pictures of his mother Annette.

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