Sheriff IDs Victim In Marin Murder After 28 Years

CBS 5 CrimeWatch

(BCN) SAN RAFAEL The Marin County Sheriff's Office Monday identified a woman who was murdered in 1979 in the Blackies Pasture area of Tiburon.

Sheriff's Lt. Rick Navarro said DNA taken from a hair of the victim matched the DNA of the mother and sister of Tammy Vincent who lived in the Seattle area.

Vincent, 17, was reported missing on Aug. 29, 1979 from King County, Wash. Her body was found on Sept. 26, 1979 in Tiburon. She had been stabbed more than 40 times with an ice pick, burned using acetone as an accelerant and shot in the head, Navarro said.

The materials used to commit the murder were purchased at a Woolworth store on Market and Powell streets in San Francisco the evening before the murder, Navarro said. They were purchased by a white male dressed in a white leisure-type suit and a young white female matching the description of the victim, Navarro said.

The murder was classified as a "cold case" until Tiburon police asked the sheriff's office to re-open the case in 2001 and the murder victimís body was exhumed for skull reconstruction and DNA analysis of bones in June 2002, Navarro said.

The Department of Justice DNA lab in Richmond was able to obtain only a partial degraded profile of the murder victim and was unable to identify Jan Doe's true name, Navarro said.

In May 2005, The National Missing and Exploited Children organization made a photograph of the victim using crime scene photographs, Navarro said.

In December 2006, the DNA lab decided to examine additional evidence to get a better DNA profile using a sexual assault kit and clothing. Some of those items were degraded except for a pubic hair, Navarro said.

The National DNA Database known as CODIS was searched and an identification was made using a DNA sample that was submitted to the University of North Texas DNA program for missing persons.......