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Thread: Beverly Rose Potts, Ohio, 1951

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    Default Beverly Rose Potts, Ohio, 1951

    Beverly Potts
    Missing Since August 24, 1951 from Cleveland, Ohio

    Vital Statistics:

    Date of Birth: April 15, 1941

    Age at the time of disappearance: 10 years old

    Height and weight at the time of disappearance: 4'11", 90 lbs.

    Distinguishing characteristics: White female, blonde hair, blue eyes. She had her hair cut in a short bob with bangs.

    Marks, scars: She had a vaccination scar on her upper left arm, a small scar over her left eyebrow, and a kidney shaped birthmark about one inch long and three-eighths of an inch wide on her instep. Potts had a distinctive, duck-like gait in 1951, with her toes turned out.

    Clothing: Blue jeans with a side zipper and no label: bright red cotton panties: green socks: a white cotton Honeylane undershirt: a red sport shirt: a navy blue poplin jacket with no label and both pockets torn: a size five and a half Karrybrooke Sportshoes loafers and a yellow gold ring.

    Dentals: Her upper and lower molars have silver fillings. Gaps between her teeth.

    Circumstances of Disappearance: Potts disappeared from a neighborhood festival at Halloran Park. There were no witnesses and no trace of what happened to her. Foul play is suspected.
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    The Morgantown Post
    Thursday, April 19, 1973


    Cleveland (UPI) Police ripped out four inches of concrete below the basement floor of an auto body shop Wednesday in a futile search for the body of a little girl who disappeared 22 years ago.

    Police were acting on a tip from a relative of Beverly Potts, a 10-year-old who was last seen August 24, 1951, when she went to a park about a block away from her home. The letter recieved by police theorized Beverly was killed and buried by a man who lived at the location where the auto body shop now stands.

    After homicide detectives broke through the concrete with sledgehammers, picks and shovels, Police Lt. Stanley Deka said, "We are satisfied we have exhausted any possibilities raised by this clue."
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    Tuesday, February 9, 1988

    37 YEARS LATER, Murder Solved ?????

    Allegedly confessed to police; ties to Cleveland case checked.

    Aston PA (AP) An ex-carnival worker from Nebraska twice admitted he killed an eight year old girl 37 years ago after the youngster pestered him for a free ferris wheel ride, a state investigator testified Monday.

    William Henry Redmond, 66, of Grand Island, Neb, was held without bail on charges of murder, manslaughter, kidnapping and assault with intent to ravish after Trooper Malcolm Murphy testified "He told me he had killed her."

    Jane Marie Althoff was asphyxiated on April 25, 1951. Her body was found in a truck on the grounds of a Penn-Premier Show Carnival in Trainer.


    ..Police are attempting to determine whether Redmond, formerly of Conneaut, may have been involved in the Pott's disappearance.....
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    The Chronicle Telegram
    December 12, 1955


    Cleveland, Ohio (UP) Police relayed a series of questions to Los Amgeles by telephone today to test the confession of a man who is held there as the confessed slayer of a Cleveland girl.

    Harvey Lee Rush, a drifter, but former Clevelander , said he "killid a girl in Cleveland in 1952." Beverly Potts disappeared in 1951.

    detective Chief James McArthur said he would obtain a tape-recorded statement from the man in a telephone conversation. Rush told California officials he lured Beverly Potts with candy and then killed her "under the bridge at Rocky River Drive."

    ....Rush, who has a record here, had been arrested on a drunk charge. He muttered about "my murder" to police. He said his real name was Rushkowski. He was reported to have signed a detailed confession of luring a girl from a circus performance in Cleveland in 1952 by offering her candy , then killing her with his hands and burying her.


    Police said Rush had several aliases , with Rushkowski, Harvey Rice and Henry Ruzowski on file here.He has been arrested for robbery in 1930 and four years earlier was convicted of burg;ary and larceny in Pennsylvania,
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    Default Beverly Rose Potts Ohio 1951

    I've always questioned just how closely the activities of the neighbors on her street from that night were looked into by authorities. There is one theory that her body may still be buried there now.

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    I'm confused....did the article say whether the bridges beneath Rocky River Drive were searched? How many could there be,,,,that were accessible in 1952? Or 1951. Looks like Rushowski would be a good bet even if he's not a chronological wizard.

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    Default Re: Beverly Rose Potts, Ohio, 1951

    Quote Originally Posted by Sherlock07 View Post
    I'm confused....did the article say whether the bridges beneath Rocky River Drive were searched? How many could there be,,,,that were accessible in 1952? Or 1951. Looks like Rushowski would be a good bet even if he's not a chronological wizard.
    I don't see anything about them having been searched.

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    Default Re: Beverly Rose Potts, Ohio, 1951

    New lead on anniversary of 64-year-old cold case

    CLEVELAND -- It remains one of the most haunting mysteries in Cleveland's history. Exactly 64 years ago today, 10-year-old Beverly Potts simply vanished.

    She went to a crowded concert that night in Halloran Park near her home on Linnet Avenue and stayed there after the girlfriend she went with left.

    There were no tracks left behind. Potts' body was never found.

    Her parents were frantic. The Cleveland Press headline screamed "Girl Abducted" and showed an empty seat in a fifth-grade classroom.

    Over the years, the hysteria led to tips. The first was a $25,000 ransom note that came months after the disappearance and turned out to be a fake.

    In 1973, police heard the girl's body was buried beneath an auto shop on West 52nd Street, but nothing turned up.

    In 1988, a one-time carnival worker was arrested and convicted of murdering and molesting other children, but was never tied to Beverly Potts.

    The last potential break came in the summer of 2000, when the Plain Dealer received a series of notes from a person who confessed to the killing.

    "Leads you to believe that something's going on in that person's mind, perhaps which could indicate remorse," said columnist Brent Larkin at the time.

    The letters' author explained they were old, had cancer and would turn themselves in on the anniversary of the abduction, but they never did.

    And now, there may be yet another fresh lead.

    Investigators confirm the Cuyahoga County Crimestoppers recieved a call this month with new information. They cannot yet confirm if it is credible. But after all of this time, they cannot quite ignore it either.

    Today, most people living near Halloran Park do not even know that a little girl once went missing there.

    Even though her parents and sister have all since passed away, their struggle over her loss has not been forgotten.

    Crimestoppers has raised the latest reward for information leading to an arrest to $15,000.


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