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Thread: James Whittle/ Harry Lanham/ Tony Knoppa

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    mystery James Whittle/ Harry Lanham/ Tony Knoppa

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    Big Spring Texas Herald
    Tues. June 13, 1972

    HOUSTON (AP) - Two
    Houston men have been
    charged with the shotgun slay
    ing of a 20-year-old woman and
    a city detective said they have
    also made a statement admit
    ting the killing of a 16-year-old
    girl in which another man has
    been charged.
    Harry Andrew Lanham, 25,
    who has been held in county
    jail since January after being
    convicted of beating a 5-year
    old child, was charged Monday
    with the murder last Nov. 7 of
    Linda Faye Sutherlin, 21.
    Anthony M. Knoppa, 24, was
    charged in the same death last
    week after being arrested in
    Morgan City, La., Both men
    were charged in neighboring
    Brazoria County, where Miss
    Sutherlin's body was found under
    a bridge.
    Paul Nix, a Houston police
    detective who questioned the
    two men, said both gave him a
    statement in which they said
    they killed Adell Crabtree, 16,
    last November. They have not
    been charged in that case.
    Another man, James M.
    Whittle, 28, a Houston wrecker
    driver, was charged with the
    murder of Miss Crabtree last
    Nov. 30 in Conroe, where her
    body was found.
    Dist. Atty. E. A. Oualline Jr
    of Montgomery County said his
    office was aware of the state
    ments by the two men.
    "We plan to investigate the
    matter and see what we can
    come up with," he said.
    Oualline said that Whittle still
    faces charged but he has not
    been indicted. A grand jury
    which meets today in Montgomery
    County probably will take
    up the case, he said. Whittle is
    free on bond.
    Nix, who has been working
    on the case with Montgomery
    and Brazoria officers, said that
    Lanham and Knoppa told police
    Miss Sutherlin was abducted
    from the parking lot of a bar
    the night of Nov. 4, taken to a
    building where Lanham operated
    a wrecker service, and raped
    Nix said she was then driven
    to Brazoria County, where she
    was strangled with her own
    panty hose and thrown off the
    bridge. She was not killed, however,
    until she was shot with a
    12-guage shotgun, he said.
    Officers recovered what they
    aid was the murder weapon
    from a Houston pawn shop
    Nix said he was told that
    Miss Crabtree, a runaway from
    Cincinnati, Ohio, who
    working as a waitress
    was picked up as she hitchhiked
    to work on a Houston
    Nix said Lanham told him
    both men look her to Lanham's
    apartment where they had sexual
    relations with her, then decided
    to kill her with the shotgun.
    Knoppa was accused in a 1970
    case here in which a 22-yearold
    woman claimed he forced
    her to shave her head and then
    raped her.
    Knoppa finally pleaded guilty
    last October to aggravated assault.
    He told the court the
    woman had consented to come
    to his apartment and the shaving
    of her head occurred after
    he found her going through his
    Lanham was sentenced in
    Vlarch 1970 to two years in jail
    'or aggravated assault on the 5-
    year-old daughter of a girl criend.

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    Adele Crabtree
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    Linda Faye Sutherlin
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    Harry Lanham
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    Tony Knoppa
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    Big Spring Herald
    Tuesday July 11, 1972
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