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    legend TIMELINE

    July 24, 1968/ Debra Lee Spickler, 13, vanishes from Vernon, Tolland County, Connecticut

    May 1969/ Dawn Cave, 14, vanished from Bethany, Connecticut. Her body was found

    May 1969/ Diane Toney, 11, vanished from New Haven. Her body was found

    May 28, 1969/ Mary Mount, 10, Vanished in New Canaan, Connecticut,her body was found in Wilton, Connecticut June 18, 1969.

    August 9, 1970/ Mary Olenchuk, 13, was heading to Ogunquitto, Maine to get a newspaper and candy. Her murdered body was found in a barn in Kennebunkport, Maine.

    September 21, 1970/ Jennifer Noon,5, vanished from New Haven, Connecticut. Body found in Hamden Connecticut 9 days later.

    June 2, 1971/ Douglas Charles Chapman, 3. vanishes from Alfred, York County, Maine

    1972/ William DeSousa of Chicago

    1972/ Altar boy David Croteau, 13, Was murdered. Smashed in the head with a rock.

    July 26, 1973/ Janice K. Pockett, 7, vanishes from Tolland, Tolland County, Connecticut

    April 7, 1974/ Leigh Francis Savoie, 9, vanishes from Revere, Suffolk County Massachusetts

    June 18 1974/ David Loison, 6, Vanishes from Brockton, Massachusetts. His body is found in 1980 in a Brockton, Massachusetts basement.

    July 19, 1974/ Kathleen Terry vanished from while camping in Mashapaug, Connecticut.She and her family were from Brookeville, Massachusetts. Her body was found the next morning in a wooded area off Rt. 15 about a mile inside the Massachusetts border.

    November 1, 1974/ Lisa Joy White, 13, vanishes from Rockville, Tolland County, Connecticut

    May 23, 1975/ Denise Cochrane, 11, Vanished from Brockton, Massachusetts. Body was located on April 28, 1976, died of a fractured skull.

    September 1, 1975/ Kurt Ronald Newton, 4, Vanished from Chain Of Ponds, Maine

    August 21, 1976/ Angelo Gene Puglisi, 10, vanished from Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts

    December 20, 1976/ Nelida De Jesus Del Valle, 9. vanished from Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

    May 3, 1977/ Deborah Ann Quimby, 13, Vanished from Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

    June 22, 1977/ Renee Freer, 8, vanished in Monroe, Connecticut walking to a friend's home. Her body was found later that day. head smashed with a rock.

    September 30, 1978/ Andrew Amato, 4, vanished from Webster, Worchester County, Massachusetts

    August 8, 1980/ Joyce Mclain, 16, Went jogging in East Millinocket, Maine, body was found bludgeoned on the neck and head on a soccer field there.

    March 31, 1981/ Taj Narbonne, 9, vanished from Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts

    October 18, 1981/ James W. Rogers, 14, vanished from Hanson, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

    May 9, 1982/ Wifredo Torres, 9, vanished from Dorchester, Massachusetts

    August 13, 1985/ Catherine Ruth Malcolmson, 16, vanished from Stow, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

    October 1985/ Sarah Pryor, 9, vanished in Wayland, Massachusetts. Found murdered.
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