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Thread: family offers $100k reward, Lauren Spierer

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    reward family offers $100k reward, Lauren Spierer,3522683.story

    Bloomington, Ind.—
    According to reports, Lauren Spierer's companion on the last night she was seen, has no memory his last moments with her. At some point, Corey Rossman, Spierer's companion Friday evening, was punched in the face after the two had returned to the Smallwood Plaza apartments.

    In an interview, former Monroe County District Attorney Carl Salzmann who is representing Rossman, stated that at around 2:40 am Friday Rossman and Spierer were involved in a confrontation with another group of young people. At some point during the altercation Rossman was struck. It was at that point, according to Salzmann, that Rossman and Spierer left and returned to his apartment. Spierer was last scene leaving the apartment building at 4:30 am, heading back to her own apartment.

    Salzmann went on to say that Rossman, who is from Sharon, Massachusetts, was not involved in Spierer's disappeance and that he was cooperating with the police. However, Salzman stated "there is a lot more to this," alluding to the conditions that lead up to the initial confrontation. Salzmann said he has provided additional information to the Bloomington Police.
    Meanwhile, Spierer's mother said the family is offering a $100,000 reward. Charlene Spierer told FOX 59 News Thursday morning that the reward is for any information that leads to the safe return of Lauren.
    Lauren has been missing since Friday morning. Thousands of people have been searching countless hours for the 20-year-old woman from Scarsdale, New York.
    Monroe County Sheriff's deputies began searching lake Monroe Wednesday afternoon with boats and sonar equipment. They are resuming the search of the lake's nearly 24,000 acres Thursday.

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    Parents of missing student increase reward

    BLOOMINGTON, IN (CNN/WTHR) – The parents of Lauren Spierer, the Indiana University Bloomington student who went missing in June 2011, increased the reward for information leading to her discovery to $250,000

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