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Thread: Rebecca Coriam, Missing from Disney Cruise Liner

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    mexico Rebecca Coriam, Missing from Disney Cruise Liner

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    The parents of a missing Disney cruise line member met with investigators Sunday when the vessel returned to its Los Angeles port without their 24-year-old daughter.
    Rebecca Coriam, whose hometown is Chester, England, was reported missing at sea Tuesday after she failed to report for a scheduled shift on the Disney Wonder.
    The ship was on a seven-day cruise along the western coast of Mexico.
    Coriam, who worked as a coordinater for youth activities, made a phone call from the ship shortly before being reported missing, officials told the family. Details of the phone call have not been released.
    Coriam's parents, Michael and Ann, and cousin, Trish Davies, spoke with reporters while waiting for the ship to dock Sunday morning.
    The Coriams, who traveled from England, boarded the ship to gather their daughter's belongings, and said they were hoping to view surveillance video of the young woman, reports.
    "She was definitely onboard the ship when the ship was sailing from L.A. to Puerto Vallarta," Ann Coriam told the station. "It is just very, very painful and the thought of not seeing her is just frightening to think about it really."
    The 1,000-foot-long ship, which carries more than 2,700 passengers and 950 crew members, has reportedly been searched twice.
    Because the Disney Wonder is registered in the Bahamas, police from Nassau are handling the investigation.

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    Police found no evidence of "foul play" in the disappearance of a 24-year-old crew member from the Disney Wonder last week as it sailed toward Mexico, according to a BBC report.
    Rebecca Coriam, a native of Chester, England, failed to report to her job in the ship's youth center on March 21, as the Wonder was heading to Puerto Vallarta from Los Angeles on a seven-night cruise.
    The BBC reported that a superintendent with the Royal Bahamas Police Force, in charge of the investigation because the Wonder is registered in the Bahamas, said that the police had concluded its investigation onboard the vessel.
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    "At the present time there is no evidence to suggest foul play," Superintendent Paul Rolle, of the Royal Bahamas Police Force is quoted as saying by the BBC. "The case remains open and under active investigation."
    In statement issued over the weekend, Disney said it had conducted multiple shipboard searches and was working with the appropriate authorities. The Mexican Navy, which had been searching the Wonder's route, called off its search over the weekend, Disney said.
    The 1,754-passenger Wonder returned to its Los Angeles homeport on Sunday and departed that night on its current Mexican Riviera cruise.

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    mexico Re: Rebecca Coriam, Missing from Disney Cruise Liner

    Blonde Rebecca, 24, from Chester, vanished from the £580million Disney Wonder as it sailed from Los Angeles in the States and along the coast of Mexico 18 days ago.
    She organised activities for children on the ship and was reported missing when she failed to turn up for a shift on March 21.
    The 83,000-ton vessel returned to dock in Los Angeles last Sunday and has since set off on another cruise.
    Mum and dad Michael and Ann Coriam have issued a new set of pictures of their daughter in the hope they will jog someone's memory, as her uncle John Jennings admitted their lives had ground to a halt.
    Builder John said: "Since getting back from America, where they were making enquiries, they have heard no news at all. To be truthful, they are in bits - devastated.

    "There were 2,700 passengers on that ship and 980 staff - one of them must know something. Hopefully, the pictures released by the family might jog a memory.
    "It is the 'not knowing' that is the hardest, they have to believe she is still alive and do believe it, but it is hard going. They are seriously thinking about going back to America.
    "For the moment, they are hardly going out, just hovering over the phone. Michael is a gardener but has not been back to work. However, there have not even been any false alarms.
    "The Mexican Navy has now ended its search over 10,000 square miles. So the only thing we can do is keep this in the public eye and cross our fingers.
    "Churches along the Mexican shore have lit candles to remind congregations to be on the lookout. And on Sunday at Chester Racecourse we are releasing hundreds of balloons to highlight her plight."
    Liverpool Hope University graduate Rebecca was captured on the boat's CCTV making a call to a friend and walking off with her hands in her pockets shortly before she was reporting missing.
    Because the Disney Wonder is registered in the Bahamas, police there are handling the investigation into her disappearance.
    They say that they have found no evidence to suggest foul play on board the vessel and have concluded their onboard inquiries.

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    Fundraising night for missing ex-Hope University student Rebecca Coriam

    FRIENDS and family of missing cruise ship worker Rebecca Coriam will host a night to raise funds to continue the search for her.

    The 24-year-old, former Liverpool Hope University student, was last seen just before dawn on March 22 on board the cruise ship, Disney Wonder, sailing from Los Angeles for a week-long cruise along the Mexican Riviera. She is now officially listed as missing at sea.

    The fundraising night, at Chester Racecourse on Saturday, July 23, will be a chance to raise awareness of Rebecca, from Chester, and her family’s quest to find her, according to friend Helen Davis.

    Ms Davis, a 27-year-old trainee primary school teacher, said: “This is an opportunity to make some money for the search and keep the public aware that Bex is still missing.”

    Ms Davis said a group of 20-30 students and former students from Liverpool Hope would be going along to show their support

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    Rebecca Coriam: 'Bad dream' for missing girl's parents

    Twelve months ago Ann Coriam was settling down to make a bedtime drink when she and her husband Mike received a late-night phone call telling them their 24-year-old daughter Rebecca was missing at sea.

    The trauma of their youngest daughter's disappearance has been compounded by a frustrating and debilitating quest to find the truth.

    "It is like we are in a permanent fog," said Mr Coriam, 58.

    Mrs Coriam, 52, added the family had been "in limbo" ever since disappearance of her daughter, known as Bex.

    Rebecca had been working organising children's activities and games on the 83,000-tonne Disney Wonder, sailing off Mexico's Pacific coast.

    She was last seen on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 at about 05:45 GMT, when CCTV footage showed her making a phone call to her friend from the staff quarters.

    Four hours later the alarm was raised when she failed turn up for the start of her shift.

    'Disney-style treatment'

    Despite a search of the ship and the efforts of the Mexican coastguard, she was not found.

    As the Coriams flew to Los Angeles from their home in rural Cheshire three days after Rebecca was reported missing, they were told in advance by cruise officials they would be treated "Disney-style".

    In hindsight, Rebecca's parents said "Disney-style" meant a tightly-controlled visit to the ship before it set sail again.

    "We were met with a car with blacked-out windows," said Mrs Coriam.

    "It was obvious they did not want us to leave the hotel alone," added her husband.

    They met with the captain and officials from Disney in a small room on board the ship where they were shown the CCTV footage of their daughter.

    "We asked if we could have a copy and we were told 'no'," said Mrs Coriam.

    The couple said they had no opportunity to question the crew.

    Instead, they said they were shown her room, the staff quarters and to Deck Five, where they said officials put forward a theory that Rebecca had been swept overboard by a wave.

    However, the Coriams said they had doubts that was possible and said as the deck was in front of the ship's bridge, they believed someone would have seen what had happened to their daughter.

    'More frustrations'

    When they looked around the dock in LA where the ship was berthed, they said they showed Rebecca's picture to one worker.

    "He told us he remembered her loading her luggage but then she said, 'you never saw me'," Mr Coriam said.

    The family's Miami-based lawyer Jim Walker, who specialises in maritime law, said he had been "deeply troubled" by the "lack of co-operation and transparency demonstrated by Disney".

    He added: "In this day and age it is inconceivable that anyone would vanish from a cruise ship - particularly a ship catering to families and children - without the circumstances being recorded by closed circuit television cameras."

    In a statement, Disney said: "Our hearts go out to the Coriams. Rebecca's disappearance has been heartbreaking for everyone at Disney Cruise Line.

    "We wish we knew what happened."

    They said the family's next frustration came with trying to get information between the Royal Bahamas Police, called in because the ship was registered in the Bahamas, and Cheshire Police.

    They said progress was slow and they had not heard any updates for some time.

    However, Sgt Chrislyn Skippings, public affairs officer for the Royal Bahamas Police, insisted the investigation was ongoing.

    The family's supporters have set up a fundraising campaign through Facebook and the couple are in touch with other relatives who have lost loved ones at sea along with sea safety campaigners.

    They have also found themselves offering support to others in the same situation.

    Rebecca's parents are now also campaigning for UK authorities to be able investigate cases of British nationals who go missing on vessels registered abroad.

    At some stage they plan to go to the US to resume their investigation and quest for the truth.

    But, in the meantime - to mark the first anniversary of the disappearance - family and friends are gathering for a special Mass at St Werbergh's Roman Catholic Church, Chester, to pray for Rebecca, whose 25th birthday was on 11 March.

    Her family said the hardest thing to deal with is the uncertainty.

    There is talk of a UK inquest but a spokesman for Chester's coroner said that would be impossible in the absence of a body.

    "We just don't know what has happened," said Mrs Coriam.

    "We couldn't even grieve."

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