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Thread: Missing child cold case is reopened

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    replica3 Missing child cold case is reopened

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    Twenty three years ago, a three-year-old girl went missing from her east Bakersfield home. The high-profile abduction case went cold after numerous leads never led to a suspect. But now a group of retired Sheriff's deputies are reopening the case they say has stuck with them all these years.

    In 1987, Sheriff's deputies searched the east Bakersfield neighborhood area for signs of Deisy Herrera who went missing from her front yard while playing with her siblings.

    "Maybe if I had done something different, if I had just paid more attention, because you know there's a lot of bad people, but you never think it's going to happen to you," said Eva Hernandez, Deisy's mother.

    The girl's mother says she thinks a stranger took Deisy, but after numerous leads and years of investigating no clues have turned up.

    Back then, Sheriff's deputies say the case frustrated them, and the mystery surrounding Deisy's disappearance has stuck for twenty three years.

    That's why a group of retired deputies have decided to reopen the case to see if they can come up with a new clue.

    "Maybe a different set of eyes and ears can unturn something that was overlooked at that given time or maybe something else has arisen," said retired Sheriff's deputy J.R. Rodriguez.

    Deputies say with their free time, they plan to go back to the neighborhood and talk with Herrera's family and neighbors.

    Although deputies say the possibility of finding Deisy is slim, it's not impossible.

    Police identified Jaycee Lee Dugard just last year after she went missing from her Lake Tahoe home more than 18 years earlier.

    Despite the time lapse, Deisy's mother says she still holds hope her daughter will be found alive.

    If you have any information on Deisy Herrera's disappearance you are urged to call the Sheriff's Department at 391-7500 and you can remain anonymous.

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    Default Re: Missing child cold case is reopened

    Her picture.

    Was it the only picture they had? The picture is rotated, the child lies on a blanket or something, with closed eyes.

    Report Type: Stranger Abduction

    Sex: Female

    Race: Hispanic

    Hair: Black

    Eye Color: Brown

    Height: 3 ft. 00 in.

    Weight: 40 lbs.

    Date of Birth: 5/6/1984

    Clothing: White mesh material t-shirt, pink sweatpants, white tennis shoes

    Last Seen: 12/28/1987

    Scars/Marks/Tattoos: Scar on back of head, three scars on left buttock, rectangular scar on middle of back, scars on right shoulder, kidney area and on left elbow areaDental X-rays Available: No

    Alias: Daisy Herrera

    Deisy was last seen in playing in her front yard

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