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Thread: Was Jeanie Monk Ever Found ??

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    Missing Girl
    MR. AND MRS. L. E. Monk,
    118 E. Hunnicutt, still have not
    heard from their 16-year-old
    daughter, Jeanie, who has been
    missing since June 11. Jeanie is
    :five feet, two inches tall,
    weighs about 100 pounds, has
    .green eyes, fair complexion
    : and blondish brown hair.

    The Baytown Sun
    Friday, July 2, 1971

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    Aid Asked In Finding

    Missing Baytown Girl

    A 16-year-old Baytown girl,
    Jeanie Monk, has been missing
    from her home at 118 E. Hunnicutt
    since the night of June 11.
    Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Monk, her
    parents, ask that anyone with
    any information about their
    daughter to please contact her

    at home or at Hazel's Pie Shop
    where Mrs. Monk works. The
    Monks do not have a phone bu
    anyone with information can

    call the pie shop number, 427-3963.

    In tears Monday afternoon,
    Mrs. Monk expressed the fear
    that harm had come to Jeanie.
    "She didn't go out to stay,"
    Mrs. Monk said.
    Jeanie took no clothes with
    her or personal belongings. She
    was wearing a red shirt, cut-off
    blue jean shorts and was barefoot.
    The girl is five feet, two
    inches tall, weighs about 100
    pounds, has green eyes, fair
    complexion and blondish
    brown hair.
    She had planned to join the
    Job Corps in McKinney this
    week, Mrs. Monk said. The oldest
    of six children, she attended
    Robert E. Lee' High School.

    Jeanie is like a "second
    mother" to her brothers and
    listers, having helped to care
    for them these past few years.
    Mrs. Monk said Jeanie
    mowed their lawn the Friday
    afternoon before she disappeared
    that night. She left their
    home between 10:30 p.m. and
    If Jeanie reads this, Mrs.
    Monk pleads that her daughter
    call her to let her know she is

    all right.

    The Baytown Sun
    June 22, 1971
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    Jeanie Monk, Missing from Baytown, TX, June 11, 1971
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    Interesting that she attended Robert E. Lee High like the ring Princess Blue was wearing, but too old of a case. Maybe Princess Blue killer got the ring from the Monk case and placed it on the body to send a very sinister message or to throw police off ??

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