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Thread: 3 Missing Women

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    New eyes could eventually solve case of Springfield's 3 missing women

    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. It is a mystery, a story many know that remains without an ending. Today marks 24 years since three women from Springfield vanished: Stacy McCall, Suzanne Streeter, and Streeter's mother, Sherrill Levitt.

    On Tuesday, fresh flowers rested near a memorial to the two teens and mother. Like those fresh flowers, Stacy McCall's mother tells KSPR she feels fresh leads, technology and investigators can still bring her daughter and the other two women home.

    "I look at Stacy and I think she's not 18, she's 38. It's heartbreaking," McCall said in an interview with us on the 20th anniversary four years ago. "Twenty birthdays and twenty Thanksgivings and Christmases and so many times that we sit around the table wanting her nearby."

    Today she echoed heartache and also glimmers of hope.

    "I want people to know I am not in denial, I still believe if there's one in one-hundred chance my daughter is alive I"ll take it," she said on Tuesday over the phone. "I want my daughter. I don't even care about an arrest, I just want my daughter."

    Now 24 years of looking, hoping, praying and searching take a toll, and yet family and police say they will never give up. They say neither will Springfield.

    "The community wants answers," McCall said in the previous interview. "Three women were taken from our community never to be seen again."

    On that June day in 1992 the McCall family made the first worried call to police.

    "There are those few cases that just haunt you," said Mark Webb. Webb is now the Bolivar police chief. In 1992, he was with Springfield P.D.

    "Instantly within the first paragraph you knew this wasn't a typical missing person case. I knew this is going to be bad," said Webb.

    McCall and Streeter just graduated high school. They'd been to a party and were last seen around 2 o'clock in the morning. The two girls were headed to Streeter's home where she lived with her mom, Levitt. When police arrived they there were no signs of struggle. The women's purses, clothes and money were left behind. It looked as though the ladies had been kidnapped.

    "We get calls weekly," said Springfield Police Lt. Culley Wilson.

    Lt. Wilson oversees detectives on the case. He says there are some new eyes on it.

    "That always can uncover things we haven't seen before," said Wilson. "It's fresh. They may see it in a new way."

    He says hope is very much alive.

    "We've done interviews around the state in the last year. Some leads have promise. We still have persons of interest," said Wilson.

    Meanwhile, as Janis McCall says, this is not a day she celebrates.

    "There's a big hole here," said McCall.

    Investigators want to fill that hole.

    "I am confident our law enforcement will solve it," said Wilson. "I am confident in our dedication and our abilities. Tomorrow could be the day someone brings us that piece of information that locks it all up."

    Webb offers this advice to any law enforcement who finds the mystery in their hands: "Never give up. You have to go to work on this and treat any piece of information like it's the glue we've been waiting for to crack this case open."

    McCall asks people who speculate to stick to the facts and stay away from so many rumors that she feels have sensationalized the case.
    The reward fund for prosecution of those responsible now sits at $42,000.

    Anyone with information into the disappearance of the three women should contact the Springfield police department or Crime Stoppers of Greater Springfield.

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    Someone is posting clues on Reddit, don't know if it's a serious post or someone fooling around

    And here are the clues, he/she posted:

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    Good point! They cleaned up the broken glass, checked the answering machine, but didn't feel it was necessary to turn off the TV? Maybe they were still thinking they would come back soon. But they were worried enough to do all those other things.

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    If they thought Sherrill, Suzie and Stacy would come back soon, they wouldn't dare to check the answering machine, because it would show no new messages after someone listened to the answering machine, if Sherrill would have returned she would have figured out there were more messages then she had heard before if she would have hit the play button. So I guess they were worried something was amiss, and listened to the new messages, but if they felt worried they wouldn 't have deleted a message, dirty talk or not, so I guess the call was from someone else, and had to be deleted before it could lead to someone. (Maybe it was a panic call, Suzie calling her mother? Friends asking if Suzie got home safe?) I would rather turn the tv off at a friends house if no one was home, because it could start a fire, then listen to the answering machine and clean the house.

    No matter their age, at the age of 18 they are almost adults, not that naive or innocent. And it seems someone was worried enough to call often early in the morning as I recall. She and her friend drove to the house she never visited before, with a dog jumping anxious in her arms after arriving, as if a dog would be that happy with strangers entering the house. She even cried in the backseat after they drove through the neighbourhood to find them and visited Shane, (Suzie's good old friend??sure.) his mother had to wake him as he was asleep, then why was Janelle in the backseat of the car afterwards if there were only two in the car, she and Mike? Feeling upset, right! So your friend is driving, and you are in the backseat all alone?

    And who would clean a house in the evening, (after others already got rid off the glass of the porch light). As another favor, just vacuum the house, get rid off dust and everything else. Really? I wonder what all those people did there, feeling so worried, even making coffee, replacing all kinds of things, in someone else's home. Screwing evidence, that is what they did. Each and everyone of them, maybe some were really stupid and not thinking straight, but I doubt that.
    And after I saw "the other girl" on a video I doubt it even more..I bet she was the other girl, not Suzie. They should have checked Janelle's house for evidence of a crime, party started there, and ended there when they got out of Shane's car, if they got out there that is. Meanwhile they should be sleeping here and there, and well they couldn't stay here and there, relatives all around, one guy's parents could show up so they couldn't sleep there either. Lots of talking and excuses, too many for me personally. Some friends for sure!!

    And no, I don't think they they were in any kind of witness protection something.

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