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Thread: Gary Ridgeway: The Green River Killer

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    This was one of the more interesting books I have read because it showed all of the things that went wrong in the investigation. I believe that it was only a fluke that prevent the killings to have stopped by the third one. But it didn't and 50 women died as a result. An unbelieveable case to be sure.

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    It was amazing to realize, that way back in the beginning of the investigation, one of the girl's he killed, her brother witnessed her getting into the Gary Ridgeway's truck, and described it and the man in it to police later when she didn't return. I believe he and the father tracked down the truck at Ridgeway's address and contacted police, but at that point, they felt there wasn't much they could do but question him. He always was in the potential suspects list of the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starless View Post
    It was amazing to realize, that way back in the beginning of the investigation, one of the girl's he killed, her brother witnessed her getting into the Gary Ridgeway's truck, and described it and the man in it to police later when she didn't return. I believe he and the father tracked down the truck at Ridgeway's address and contacted police, but at that point, they felt there wasn't much they could do but question him. He always was in the potential suspects list of the case.
    Amazing to say the least. One of the fictions that exists in our society is that the relative dearth of murders compared to our large population is that most of us are safe and secure in our persons. Women are especially vulnerable in that they possess only 60% of the upper body strength of men on average. It is my own person view that all women should carry handguns with them them to protect against these predators. It wouldn't be a perfect solution but to rely on the police forces to keep them out of the clutches of these predators is an illusion. And here we have a case of a certain suspect who wasn't even questioned because it was inconvenient. What a shame. Most of the other women later died due to this apparent dereliction of duty. Get a gun. Learn how to use it and live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starless View Post
    It was amazing to realize, that way back in the beginning of the investigation, one of the girl's he killed, her brother witnessed her getting into the Gary Ridgeway's truck, and described it and the man in it to police later when she didn't return. I believe he and the father tracked down the truck at Ridgeway's address and contacted police, but at that point, they felt there wasn't much they could do but question him. He always was in the potential suspects list of the case.

    It was the girls pimp who witnessed it and came back to GR's house with the dad/brother of the Victim. (Malvar was her name, I believe)

    The police didn't believe the pimp/boyfriends' story so more women died.
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    Thank you for posting this. I am still confused about the number of victims and the number of bodies found. We probably will never know. I hope they are still investigating this since he can be charged with any other victims he *forgot about* and he can recieve the death penalty for those he didn't plead to.

    No telling how many bodies are out there buried under new condos or apartment buildings.
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    Default Re: Gary Ridgeway: The Green River Killer

    Remains have Green River tie; teen missing since 1983

    By Christine Clarridge and Michael Ko
    Seattle Times staff reporters

    The discovery of the remains of 16-year-old Pammy Annette Avent over the weekend is another indication that the man charged with seven of the Green River serial killings is talking to investigators about other victims.
    Avent's remains, found east of Enumclaw on Saturday, were identified yesterday. The discovery comes after reports that Gary L. Ridgway is trading information for his life.
    King County Sheriff's Detective Kathleen Larson would not say whether Ridgway directed members of the Green River Task Force to the site nor would she say whether the case is connected to Ridgway or the other Green River slayings.
    With the discovery and identification of Avent's remains, the case now becomes an active, independent homicide investigation, Larson said.
    "Let's stay focused on Pammy. This is her day," said Larson.
    Yesterday was an emotional day for Avent's family, Larson said.
    "They've not known where Pammy has been for 20 years, and hopefully, we've brought them some measure of closure," she said.
    Larson said the King County Medical Examiner's Office identified her remains by comparing teeth to her dental records, which Avent's family gave the Washington State Patrol years ago.
    The cause and manner of death have not been determined.
    Her remains were found about 40 feet from the road, covered with foliage and dirt, but apparently not buried, Larson said. They were found near milepost 26 on Highway 410, not far from where the remains of Mary Sue Bello, 25, Martina Theresa Authorlee, 18, and Debbie May Abernathy, 26, were found in 1984.
    Abernathy and Bello were last seen about the time Avent disappeared. Abernathy was last seen Sept. 5, 1983, when she left home to go to downtown Seattle. Mary Bello was last seen Oct. 11, 1983, on the Sea-Tac strip. Avent was last seen Oct. 26, 1983, headed toward Seattle's Rainier Valley.
    Authorlee, whose remains also were found in the cluster along Highway 410, was last seen May 22, 1983, at South 188th Street and Pacific Highway South.
    The killer was known to dispose of bodies of victims in small clusters; the first bodies found were in and near the Green River.
    Larson said Avent was included on the original list of possible victims based on criteria such as lifestyle, witness information and family records.
    Ridgway, a 54-year-old truck painter from Auburn, had been a prime suspect in the investigation years ago.
    He was arrested in 2001 and charged with seven of the 49 so-called Green River slayings. He has pleaded not guilty to killing Debra Bonner, 23; Wendy Coffield, 16; Debra Estes, 15; Marcia Chapman, 31; Carol Christensen, 22; Cynthia Hinds, 17; and Opal Mills, 16.
    He is scheduled for trial in July 2004 and could face the death penalty if convicted.
    However, sources have told The Seattle Times that Ridgway is nearing a plea deal that would spare him the death penalty in exchange for resolving some of the other cases attributed to the Green River killer.
    Ridgway's statements are being evaluated to determine if they are true and complete, one source said.
    At the time of his arrest in 2001, Ridgway told detectives that "not all of them are mine," according to sources. He did not, however, specify any numbers. If King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng agrees Ridgway has cooperated sufficiently, the death penalty would be removed and if Ridgway is convicted he would be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of release, sources said.
    If rejected, Ridgway's admissions could not be used against him, and the case would proceed to trial under the original charges.
    Ridgway began cooperating with prosecutors and investigators weeks ago, leading to his transfer last month from the King County Jail to another location so he could work with law-enforcement officers, sources said.
    A judge sealed the reasons for the move, and Ridgway's location remains secret.
    Previously, Maleng said he would not plea-bargain in Ridgway's case, given the severity of the charges.
    But with the chance to close some of the Green River killings and to provide answers to the families of the victims, Maleng has indicated he would accept the deal for Ridgway's full cooperation, one source said.
    Dan Donohoe, a spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, declined to comment on the existence of the plea deal.
    "We will review any new cases referred to the Prosecutor's Office, and then we would make a decision with regard to any additional charges," Donohoe said.
    Until Saturday's discovery, Avent was one of seven women believed to be Green River victims whose bodies had not been found. The remaining six, who disappeared in 1982 and 1983 from Seattle or South King County, are:
    Kase Anne Lee, 16, last seen Aug. 28, 1982, at her South King County home.
    Rebecca T. Marrero, 20, last seen Dec. 3, 1982, at Western Six Motel near South 168th Street and Pacific Highway South.
    Marie M. Malvar, 18, last seen April 30, 1983, at a store at South 216th Street and Pacific Highway South.
    Kelli K. McGinnis, 18, last seen June 28, 1983, at South 216th Street and Pacific Highway South.
    April Dawn Buttram, 17, last seen Aug. 18, 1983, when police spoke to her in the 7300 block of Rainier Avenue South.
    Patricia Anne Osborn, 19, last seen Oct. 20, 1983, as she left a motel at North 115th Street and Aurora Avenue North.

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    King County Journal (Bellevue, WA)
    November 7, 2003

    Gary Leon Ridgway timeline

    Article Text:

    Sept. 1 -- First commercial flight at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, which became Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 1949. Motels, hotels and commercial businesses spring up along Pacific Highway South to serve travelers.
    Feb. 18 -- Gary Leon Ridgway is born in Salt Lake City. He has two brothers, Gregory L. and Thomas E., who are both in their 50s. According to the father's will, the elder Ridgway had another son, Roy Edward Hollowell.
    Aug. 16 -- Ridgway's family buys a house at 4404 S. 175th St. in McMicken Heights, which is now part of SeaTac.
    May 12 -- Howard Hanson Dam on the Green River is dedicated, opening the floodgates to development in South King County. The region boomed, with plenty of low-cost housing -- and low-paying jobs.
    July 31 -- Southcenter Shopping Mall opens in Tukwila, becomes another economic engine for South King County.
    April 2 -- Ridgway is hired as an hourly employee at Kenworth, the truck maker. He returns to the company after a stint in the U.S. Navy.
    June -- Ridgway graduates from Tyee High School at age 20. Also attended Chinook Junior High School and Bow Lake Elementary School in the Highline School District.
    Aug. 18 -- Ridgway enlists in the U.S. Navy; starts service in 1970 in San Diego. Completes a six-month sea tour in the Western Pacific.
    December -- Ridgway is diagnosed with gonorrhea, according to Navy medical records.
    Aug. 15 -- Ridgway marries Claudia Kraig Barrows at Fort Lawton Chapel.
    July 23 -- Ridgway is discharged from the Navy.
    Jan. 14 -- Ridgway is divorced from Claudia Barrows.
    Dec. 14: Ridgway marries Marcia Lorene Winslow.
    Sept. 5 -- Matthew, the son of Ridgway and Marcia Winslow, is born.
    June 4 ?-- Ridgway buys a maroon 1975 Dodge pickup truck, with numerous rust-colored primer spots.
    July 17 -- Marcia Ridgway files complaint with Kent Police Department, in which she claims Ridgway is harassing her over phone about divorce papers. She reports Ridgway is going to get a gun and blow her boyfriend's head off.
    July 20 -- The Ridgways get into a physical fight, according to Kent police. Both are said to have ``bad tempers.''
    July 21: Ridgway is accused of choking a prostitute.
    May 1981 -- Ridgway meets a girlfriend at a Parents Without Partners meeting. Their first sexual contact outdoors is in an Army bunker at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island. He occasionally ties her up before sex.
    May 21 -- Ridgway is divorced from Marcia Winslow.
    Late 1981 -- Girlfriend asks Ridgway to move out of her home.
    November or December -- Ridgway meets another girlfriend through Parents Without Partners. Girlfriend says he has low self-esteem and was never able to please his mother with his actions.
    Dec. 24 -- Ridgway shows up about 11 p.m. at a Parents Without Partners social function at the White Shutters Inn on Pacific Highway South. He seems upset and tells new girlfriend that he nearly killed a woman, perhaps a prostitute.
    THE CASE: The first victims are found and the case gets its name -- the Green River killings. In August the King County Police Department and other local police agencies launch a major investigation. Speculation grows that a serial killer is at work. Many of the victims have ties to prostitution, drugs and street life and were last seen near what was then called the Sea-Tac Strip, the stretch of Highway 99 near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport where there were numerous bars, dance clubs and street life. During 1982, Ridgway is arrested for approaching a police decoy during a prostitution sting. Sixteen women will go missing this year; the remains of six are found.
    January 1982 to August 1989 -- Gary Ridgway lives at 21859 32nd Pl. S. in SeaTac, about three miles from where the first victims were found in the Green River in Kent.
    January -- Ridgway meets a future girlfriend at Parents Without Partners dance in Normandy Park.
    Feb. 18 -- Ridgway turns 33.
    April -- Couple moves into Ridgway's SeaTac house to help pay his bills. Ridgway lives in the garage that has been converted into a living area. Woman says he was rarely at home at night.
    May 11 -- Ridgway is arrested for agreeing to an act of sex for money with an undercover King County police officer. He is driving a maroon-colored 1975 Dodge pickup truck.
    May or June -- The second girlfriend breaks off relationship, after third girlfriend tells her Ridgway gave her herpes.
    July 7 -- Amina Agisheff, 36, is last seen leaving Seattle apartment.
    July 8 -- Wendy Lee Coffield, 16, is last seen in Tacoma.
    July 15 -- Coffield's body is found in the Green River in Kent just north of the bridge on Meeker Street.
    July 19 -- Detectives knock on Virginia Coffield's door in Enumclaw to tell her her daughter is dead.
    July 17 -- Gisele Ann Lovvorn, 17, is last seen near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
    July 25 -- Debra Lynn Bonner, 23, is last seen south of Sea-Tac Airport.
    Aug. 1 -- Marcia Faye Chapman, 31, is last seen headed for the Sea-Tac Strip.
    Aug. 11 -- Cynthia Jean Hinds, 17, is last seen near the Sea-Tac Strip.
    Aug. 12 -- Opal Charmaine Mills, 16, is last seen at a public phone booth off Sea-Tac Strip.
    Aug. 12 -- Deborah Lynn Bonner's body is found in the Green River.
    Aug. 15 -- The bodies of Marcia Chapman, Cynthia Hinds and Opal Mills are found in the Green River in Kent.
    Aug. 27 -- Opal Mills is buried. Her minister warns that ``young people today must watch out for their environment.''
    Aug. 28 ----Kase Ann Lee, 16, is last seen at 11:30 a.m. at her South King County home by her husband. Her remains haven't been found.
    Aug. 29 -- Ridgway is contacted in his 1975 Dodge pickup truck at 1:14 a.m. at South 192nd Street, near the old Alaska Airlines maintenance building. Later the remains of three Green River victims are found in the area.
    Aug. 29 -- Terry Rene Milligan, 16, is last seen on Pacific Highway South near South 144th Street.
    Sept. 9 -- Melvyn Foster of Lacey offers to help the task force investigate the murders and immediately raises detectives' suspicions.
    Sept. 15 -- Mary Bridget Meehan, 18, is last seen on Pacific Highway South.
    Sept. 20 -- Debra Lorraine Estes, 15, is last seen at South 333rd Street and Pacific Highway South.
    Sept. 25-- The remains of Gisele Lovvorn are found near an apple tree in Des Moines Creek Park near South 200th Street and 18th Avenue South, south of airport. She has been strangled.
    October -- Couple moves from Ridgway's SeaTac home.
    Oct. 8 -- Denise Darcel Bush, 22, is last seen around noon on Pacific Highway South.
    Oct. 9 -- Shawnda Leea Summers, 17, is last seen in downtown Seattle.
    Oct. 15 -- Task force identifies another possible suspect, 35-year-old John Norris Hanks, who is jailed in California. He also was tied to stranglings in San Francisco.
    Oct. 20-Nov. 7 -- Shirley Marie Sherrill, 18, is last seen in Seattle's International District.
    Nov. 9 -- According to Rebecca Garde Guay, she is violently assaulted by Ridgway during a ``date'' near South 204th Street just off Pacific Highway South. She denies she bit him during oral sex, as he claims. He chokes her, but she escapes.
    Dec. 3 -- Rebecca T. Marrero, 20, is last seen at Western Six Motel on Pacific Highway South. Her remains haven't been found.
    Dec. 24 -- Colleen Renee Brockman, 15, is last seen; her family saw her the day before.
    THE CASE: Twenty-six young women disappear, the most in any one year. The remains of eight women are found through the year near Sea-Tac Airport, near Mountain View Cemetery in Auburn, in Maple Valley, and near Auburn-Black Diamond Road.
    Jan. 25 -- John Norris Hanks is no longer a suspect after he passes a lie-detector test.
    Feb. 23 -- Ridgway has a ``date'' with Kelly McGinness at South 140th Street and 22nd Avenue South in his 1975 Dodge pickup. It is interrupted by a Port of Seattle police officer.
    March-May -- Ridgway borrows his brother's blue-green 1970 Dodge pickup truck and his father's 1978 brown and tan pickup truck while he installs a V-8 engine in his maroon Dodge pickup.
    March 3 -- Alma Ann Smith, 18, is last seen on Pacific Highway South by a friend and prostitute. The friend briefly talks with a man in a white and blue pickup truck; about 3 1/2 years later, looking at a photo montage, she picks Ridgway as looking like the man. She can't positively identify him, however.
    March 8 -- Delores LaVerne Williams, 17, is last seen at a bus stop on Pacific Highway South.
    April 10 -- Gail Lynn Mathews, 24, is last seen by her boyfriend at a tavern at South 208th Street and Pacific Highway South. He leaves the tavern to go gambling, but sees her in a blue and green pickup truck. She appears to be in a trance.
    April 16 -- Andrea M. Childers, 19, is supposed to visit her father but doesn't.
    April 17 -- Sandra Kay Gabbert, 17, is last seen on Pacific Highway South.
    April 17 -- Kimikai Pitsor, 16, is last seen in Seattle by her boyfriend, working as a prostitute.
    April 30 -- Marie M. Malvar, 18, is last seen near South 216th Street and Pacific Highway South by her pimp. She gets into a dark-colored pickup truck.
    May 3 -- Carol Christensen, 21, is last seen May 3, 1983, at the Barn Door Tavern on Pacific Highway South in SeaTac where she works.
    May 4 -- Malvar's pimp contacts detective with the Des Moines Police Department to report he has found the truck associated with her disappearance. The detective interviews Ridgway at his home at 21859 32nd Pl. S. in SeaTac. He denies any involvement in her disappearance. It's the first time Ridgway comes to the attention of the Green River Task Force.
    May 8 -- The remains of Carol Christensen is found a wooded area of Maple Valley. Her body was posed. She was strangled.
    May 22 -- Martina Theresa Authorlee, 18, is last seen at a hotel on Pacific Highway South.
    May 23 -- Cheryl Lee Wims, 18, is last seen in Seattle.
    May 31 -- Yvonne Shelly Antosh, 19, is last seen on Pacific Highway South.
    June 8 -- Constance Elizabeth Noan, 21, is last seen on Pacific Highway South.
    June 9 -- Tammie Charlene Liles, 16, is last seen in downtown Seattle.
    June 28 -- Kelly K. McGinness, 18, is last seen on Pacific Highway South. Her remains have never been found.
    July 19 -- Kelly Marie Ware, 22, is last seen at a Seattle bus stop.
    July 25 -- Tina Marie Thompson, 22, is last seen at a Sea-Tac Strip motel.
    Aug. 11 -- The remains of Shawnda Leea Summers are found north of Sea-Tac Airport near South 146th Street and 16th Avenue South at the base of an apple tree.
    Aug. 18-Sept. 1 -- April Dawn Buttram, 17, is last seen in the 7300 block of Rainier Avenue South in Seattle.
    Sept. 5 -- Debbie May Abernathy, 26, is last seen when she left her apartment to go to downtown Seattle.
    Sept. 12 -- Tracy Ann Winston, 19, is last seen at Seattle's Northgate Mall.
    Sept. 18 -- The remains of Gail Lynn Mathews are found at the base of a fir tree on Star Lake Road near 55th Avenue South and South 272nd Street in Auburn.
    Sept. 28 -- Maureen Sue Feeney, 19, is last seen at a Seattle bus stop.
    Oct. 11 -- Mary Sue Bello, 25, is last seen on the Sea-Tac Strip.
    Oct. 15 -- The remains of Yvonne Shelly Antosh are found near Soos Creek in Auburn.
    Oct. 20 -- Patricia Anne Osborne, 19, is last seen in the 11500 block of Aurora Avenue North in Seattle. Her remains have not been found.
    Oct. 26 -- Pammy Avent, 16, is last seen in the 4600 block of 44th Avenue South just south of Seattle.
    Oct. 27 -- The remains of Constance Elizabeth Naon are found near the 2500 block of South 192nd Street just south of Sea-Tac Airport.
    Oct. 29 -- The remains of Kelly Marie Ware are found near the 2500 block of South 192nd Street just south of Sea-Tac Airport.
    Oct. 30 -- Delise Louise Plager, 22, is last seen at a bus stop in south Seattle.
    Late October -- Ridgway starts working 3:40 p.m. to 12:10 a.m. at Kenworth.
    Nov. 1 -- Kimberly L. Nelson, also known as Tina Tomson and Linda Lee Barkey, 26, is last seen at bus stop at South 144th Street and Pacific Highway South by a fellow prostitute. The man she left with is a white male, late 20s to early 30s, with brown hair and a wispy mustache. Nelson's friend later identifies Ridgway from a photo montage.
    Nov. 13 -- The remains of Mary Bridget Meehan are found partially buried near South 192nd Street and 27th Avenue South, just south of Sea-Tac Airport. She was more than eight months pregnant.
    Nov. 16 -- Ridgway is interviewed by Green River Task Force detective Larry Gross.
    Dec. 15 -- The skull of Kimikai Pitsor is found near Mountain View Cemetery in Auburn. Other remains found there January 1986.
    Dec. 23 -- Lisa Yates, 26, is last seen in South Seattle.
    THE CASE: The death toll rises as a ``cluster'' of four victims is found on the Auburn West Hill near Star Lake Road and the remains of two women are found by a construction crew near Tigard, Ore., and identified as women last seen along the Sea-Tac Strip. Six more victims are found in wooded areas along State Route 410, about 10 miles east of Enumclaw; near State Route 18 east of Auburn; in north Pierce County, and wooded areas near Sea-Tac Airport. The Green River Task Force is formed.
    January -- The Green River Task Force is formed officially and is expanded to 36 full-time investigators.
    Feb. 3 -- A prostitute contacts task force to report Ridgway as a suspect. Detective Randy Mullinax investigates.
    Feb. 6 -- Mary Exzetta West, 16, is last seen in south Seattle.
    Feb. 14 -- The remains of Delise Louise Plager are found near Exit 38 off Interstate 90 east of North Bend.
    Feb. 21 -- Ridgway's maroon 1975 Dodge pickup truck is totaled in an accident.
    March 13 -- The remains of Lisa Yates are found near exit 38 off Interstate 90 east of North Bend.
    March 21 -- Cindy Anne Smith, 17, is last seen hitchhiking on Pacific Highway South. For about 20 years, she is presumed to be the Green River killer's last victim.
    March 21 -- Remains are found north of SeaTac. They are still unidentified.
    March 22 -- The remains of Cheryl Lee Wims are found just north of Sea-Tac Airport.
    March 31 -- The remains of Delores LaVerne Williams are found near Star Lake.
    March 31 -- The remains of Debbie May Abernathy are found 11 miles east of Enumclaw near a logging road.
    April 1 -- The remains of Terry Rene Milligan are found near Star Lake Road in Auburn.
    April 1 -- The remains of Sandra Kay Gabbert, are found in near Star Lake Road in Auburn.
    April 2 -- The remains of Alma Ann Smith are found near Star Lake Road in Auburn.
    April 12 -- Detective Randy Mullinax interviews Ridgway, who describes a ``date'' with Kelly McGinness and seeing or contacting numerous prostitutes on Pacific Highway South, including victim Kim Nelson.
    April 18 -- The remains of Amina Agisheff found April 18, 1984, near Highway 18 and Interstate 90, nearly two years after her disappearance. Investigators were led to site by psychic Barbara Kubik-Patten of Kent.
    April 20 -- The remains of Tina Marie Thompson are found near Highway 18 and Interstate 90.
    May 7: Ridgway passes a polygraph examination. Coupled with a follow-up investigation, ``Ridgway was considered to be cleared as a possible Green River suspect,'' according to court documents. A later examination of the polygraph results by two experts showed that the exam was incomplete and therefore invalid.
    May 24 -- The remains of Colleen Renee Brockman are found near Sumner in Pierce County.
    June -- Ridgway and his third girlfriend plan to get married, but she calls it off after meeting someone else. He quickly meets another woman, who now lives with him.
    June -- Task force to get a $200,000 computer to index, file and retrieve evidence collected in the case.
    Oct. 12 -- The remains of Mary Sue Bello are found eight miles east of Enumclaw on Highway 410.
    Nov. 8 -- Capt. Frank Adamson, head of the task force, says it would be a mistake to say the killings have stopped, even though it has been almost a year since the latest known victim was murdered.
    Nov. 14 -- The remains of Martina Theresa Authorlee are found near Enumclaw.
    Nov. 29 -- Prostitute Rebecca Garde Quay calls task force to report she was violently assaulted while working as a prostitute in November 1982. An investigation leads detectives to Ridgway as the attacker. Ridgway is interviewed in 1985 and Quay in 1986.
    THE CASE: Many people simply can't believe the Green River Task Force is unable to track down the killer. More detectives join the effort. Ridgway's file is reopened by the task force after a prostitute reported he tried to kill her on Nov. 9, 1982. Ridgway file turned over to two FBI special agents after task force detective assigned out of state. The agents interview Ridgway several months later.
    Feb. 23: Ridgway admits to task force detective he choked Rebecca Garde Quay in 1982 after paying for a sex act during which he says she bit him. He also admits to ``dating'' on Aurora Avenue North and in Seattle, and probably dated some of the victims.
    March 10: The remains of Carrie A. Rois are found near Star Lake in Auburn.
    April 23 -- The remains of Tammie Charlene Liles are in Tualatin, Ore., south of Portland.
    April 23 -- Remains found in Tualatin, Ore.; still unidentified.
    June 12 -- The skull of Denise Darcel Bush is found in Tigard, Ore., south of Portland. Investigators believe the killer moved part of her remains. Body appears to have been left first in wooded area in Tukwila. Some skeletal remains found there Feb. 10, 1990.
    June 14 -- The remains of Shirley Marie Sherrill, in Tigard, Ore., near those of Denise Bush.
    Sept. 8 -- The remains of Mary Exzetta West are found in Seattle's Seward Park.
    Nov. 12 -- Task force gets $1 million in federal funds to help solve the Green River killings.
    Dec. 31 -- Remains found just south of Auburn's Mountain View Cemetery; still unidentified.
    THE CASE: Skeletal remains of four more victims are found. Public pressure grows for an arrest. Task force detectives become more frustrated as women's advocacy groups and other critics claim the case would be solved if the victims were middle-class college girls instead of those linked to the streets. The task force grows to 55 investigators, plus support staff. The county invests in new computer systems to handle information on tens of thousands of names of possible suspects.
    Jan. 2 -- Remains found just south of Auburn's Mountain View Cemetery; still unidentified.
    Feb. 6 -- The FBI and the task force search the home of a Riverton Heights man -- William McLean -- in connection with the murders. Considered a ``strong suspect,'' he is questioned for 11 hours.
    March 17: Ridgway tells FBI agents he has not dated prostitutes in the last year and a half because of the Green River killings, and due to the fact that he has caught a venereal disease at least 15 times. Although he has a fixation with prostitutes, during the last year and a half he has picked up prostitutes in his vehicle only to talk to them. He says prostitutes may ``affect him as strongly as alcohol does an alcoholic.''
    March 20: Ridgway agrees to a second polygraph to be administered by the FBI, but his attorney, David Middaugh telephones the FBI and says not to contact his client. Ridgway declines to take second polygraph. FBI inactivates the Ridgway investigation.
    March 27 -- The remains of Tracy Ann Winston are found near the Green River in Kent.
    May -- McLean is cleared, but he still feels he's a prime suspect.
    May 2 -- The remains of Maureen Sue Feeney are found off Interstate 90 near North Bend.
    June 14 -- The remains of Kimberly L. Nelson are found on Garcia Road near Exit 38 off Interstate 90 near North Bend.
    July-- A university study finds that the Green River serial murder case was one of the 25 stories most overlooked by the national media in 1985. The lead professor says at time that editors and reporters ignored the case out of personal bias because many of the victims were prostitutes, some of them black.
    July 15 -- Members of a group calling itself the Women's Task Force to Stop the Green River Murders picket and chain themselves to the door of the task force headquarters in the King County Courthouse, demanding more be done.
    Aug. 12 -- Task force interviews a prostitute, Paige Miley, who provides them with key details about the disappearance of Kimberly Nelson, including identifying Ridgway as possibly her last ``date.''
    Aug. 19: Ridgway case is reopened by task force detectives who have reviewed the file and determined there are still unresolved questions.
    Sept. 14 -- Ridgway's ex-wife, Marcia Winslow, shows task force detectives several areas where they went, often for sex, during their relationship. These include Highway 18 and Interstate 90, the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River near North Bend, the Greenwater area near Enumclaw and Star Lake near Kent where the remains of six victims were found.
    Sept. 18 -- Twelve members of the task force are reassigned to other duties. It will have 20 officers when the reassignments are completed. The task force had a $2 million budget.
    Oct. 9-26 -- Ridgway is surveilled in the morning and afternoon before he starts work at the Kenworth Truck Plant on East Marginal Way in Seattle at 3:40 p.m. He also occasionally is watched after leaving work at 12:10 a.m. He was seen cruising and parking along Pacific Highway South. Once he went to an area along Rainier Avenue South from which four Green River victims disappeared, including April Buttram and Pammy Avent.
    Oct. 17 -- Patricia Barczak, 19, is last seen near the Airporter Motel on Pacific Highway South.
    December -- Task force made aware of the remains of two women found in wooded areas northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia.
    THE CASE: Washington State Crime Lab can't link Ridgway to any of the Green River killings with evidence taken from him, his house and his cars.
    January -- Boyfriend of victim Kimikai Pitsor ``can't be a thousand percent sure'' she got into a truck driven by Ridgway, after looking at photo montages.
    Feb. 7 -- Roberta Hayes, 21, is last seen after she is released from the Portland, Ore., jail after an arrest for prostitution.
    April 8 -- Ridgway plucks hair from his head, chest and pubic area for investigators after search warrant is issued. He also gives a saliva sample. Also searched are his home, three vehicles he has used and his personal locker at the Kenworth Truck Plant in Seattle.
    April 8 -- Detectives interview Ridgway's brother, Thomas, who reports that in mid-1986 Ridgway replaced the carpets in his house.
    May -- Prostitutes are returning to the Sea-Tac Strip as fear of the killer fades.
    June 27 -- The remains of Cindy Anne Smith are found off Highway 18 near Green River Community College.
    THE CASE: Ridgway takes his third wife and the task force turns to a national TV audience in hopes of getting clues that will solve the case.
    May 30 -- The remains of Debra Lorraine Estes are found by construction workers at South 348th Street and First Avenue South in Federal Way. She disappeared about 5 1/2 years ago.
    June 12 -- Ridgway, then 38, and 43-year-old Judith Lorraine Lynch are married at 2 p.m. in a neighbor's yard.
    August -- Task force members in San Diego, Calif., to investigate possible links between the Green River case and 34 murders there.
    Dec. 7 -- A two-hour special, ``Manhunt ... Live,'' is broadcast nationwide, offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to arrest of the Green River killer. With operators standing by, the show brought in 4,000 telephone tips -- but no immediate arrests.
    December -- The bill to operate the task force investigating the killings reaches about $13 million.
    THE CASE: The remains of any other suspected victims of the Green River killer won't be found for another 14 years.
    September 1989 to November 1997 -- Gary Ridgway lives at 2139 S. 253rd St. in Des Moines.
    Jan 11. -- A 38-year-old Gonzaga University student, William J. Stevens II, is jailed as a possible suspect in the Green River killings. The tip came from the ``Manhunt ... Live'' program. He was never charged.
    Oct. 11 -- The remains of Andrea M. Childers are found in a shallow grave in a wooded area south of Sea-Tac airport.
    The 1990s
    THE CASE: With an apparent end to the killings, some speculate the killer is in jail, has died or has left the area. But women continue to disappear throughout the Northwest. The Green River Task Force is gradually reduced, until only two detectives continue to field tips and check out potential leads.
    Feb. 28, 1990 -- The city of SeaTac incorporates, partly in response to the decades of prostitution along the notorious Sea-Tac Strip that runs through the city's heart.
    Feb. 28, 1990 -- SeaTac City Council adopts of a Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution ordinance, which calls for enhanced fines for soliciting prostitutes in designated areas such as Pacific Highway South.
    March 5 or 6, 1990 -- Marta Reeves, 36, last contact with her estranged husband. She spent much time in the Seattle Central Area.
    April 10, 1990 -- In an interview with reporter Mike Archbold of the Valley Daily News (now the Journal), Dave Reichert, now the sheriff and once the lead investigator in the Green River killings, admits he became so obsessed with solving the case that his personality changed. He became aloof and he ignored his family. But he still expects to find the killer.
    May 12, 1990 -- Ridgway reports to Kent police that a box of distributor caps and rotors was stolen from his booth at the Midway swap meet on Pacific Highway South.
    Sept. 20, 1990 -- The remains of Marta Reeves are found by mushroom hunters just off Highway 410 east of Enumclaw.
    Sept. 11, 1991 -- The remains of Roberta Hayes are found at the end of a dirt road north of Highway 410 and east of Enumclaw
    Nov. 5, 1991 -- The remains of Sarah Habakangas are found off Interstate 90 near Exit 38. She had ties either to prostitution or street life but isn't added to the Green River list.
    July 1992 -- Ten years ago, the body of Wendy Coffield was found. The best chance to catch the killer or killers may have passed. The task force has a size 10 1/2 shoe print, a number of pickup truck sightings and four composite photos of white males.
    Nov. 7, 1992 -- The remains of Nicole French are found in the North Bend area. She also has ties either to prostitution or street life, but isn't added to the Green River list.
    February 1993 -- Patricia Barczak's remains are found on Highway 18 near Seattle International Raceway.
    Jan. 21, 1998: Ridgway's father, Thomas, a retired Metro bus driver, dies of pneumonia. A contributing cause was dementia. He was 74.
    Aug. 4, 1998 -- The body of Patricia Yellow Robe is found in South Park near a wrecking yard.
    Nov. 3, 1999 -- One of five sets of skeletal remains is identified by DNA testing as Tracy Ann Winston, whose remains were found in 1986.
    THE CASE: DNA tests in September link Ridgway to three of the Green River victims -- Opal Mills, Marcia Chapman and Carol Christensen. The tests also include trying to match DNA with two other males of interest in the case. Police keep Ridgway under close surveillance. Then comes the arrest.
    Feb. 18 -- Ridgway turns 52.
    Aug. 15 -- Ridgway's 73-year-old mother, Mary Rita, dies.
    September -- DNA tests conducted by the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab connect Ridgway to three victims.
    Sept. 11 -- Sheriff Dave Reichert asks Capt. Jim Graddon, who patrolled the strip 25 years ago, to head up an ``evidence review team'' that would operate ``under the radar.'' Two days later, Graddon learned their target. It was Ridgway. Graddon says it was the best-kept secret in law enforcement.
    Oct. 17 -- Ridgway is watched as he travels the least direct route from his job in Renton to his home in Auburn, along Pacific Highway South. He travels below the speed limit and appears distracted by a woman possibly working as a prostitute.
    Oct. 23 -- Detectives watch Ridgway after work as he takes Pacific Highway South to his home in Auburn. He makes two unexplainable U-turns in the middle of the highway and stops to visit his mother's house in SeaTac.
    Nov. 16 -- Ridgway is arrested in SeaTac for loitering for the purpose of prostitution in the 16500 block of Pacific Highway South. He is booked into King County jail and is later fined $500.
    Nov. 28 -- Under watch again, Ridgway leaves his Auburn home at 4:20 a.m., taking an indirect route on Pacific Highway South to his Renton job. A commute of 20 minutes takes an hour. He arrives 45 minutes early for his job.
    Nov. 30 -- Ridgway is arrested as a suspect in four of the Green River killings as he leaves his job of 30 years at the Kenworth truck plant.
    Nov. 30- early December -- Ridgway's present home on Auburn West Hill and his previous residences are searched, along with his vehicles and his work locker.
    Dec. 5 -- Ridgway is charged with four counts of aggravated first-degree murder for the deaths of Marcia Faye Chapman, Cynthia Jean Hinds, Opal Charmaine Mills and Carol Ann Christensen. Of the four, Hinds is the only one not linked to Ridgway through DNA.
    Dec. 8 -- Ridgway hires Anthony Savage, one of the state's premier defense attorneys, to defend him.
    Dec. 17 -- Ridgway's defense team, which now includes public defenders, gets $1 million for 2002.
    Dec. 18 -- Ridgway pleads innocent to murder charges.; prosecutor yet to decide whether to seek the death penalty.
    THE CASE: Detectives try to track down the numerous vehicles Ridgway had access to during the past two decades. Workers busy burning thousands of pages of evidence and tips onto computer discs. Detectives continue to build case and lawyers continue to argue in court.
    March 28 -- King County Superior Court Judge Richard Jones is picked to hear Ridgway case.
    April 12 -- Judge Jones agrees to appoint special master to oversee costs of the Ridgway trial.
    April 15 -- Prosecutor Norm Maleng announces he'll seek the death penalty against Ridgway.
    Sept. 5 -- Ridgway files for divorce from his third wife, Judith.
    THE CASE: The new Green River Task Force searches about two dozen sites throughout the county, looking for remains of victims. Four sets of remains are found, including three of suspected victims of the Green River killer. There is speculation that Ridgway is leading investigators to the sites in exchange for his life.
    March 27 -- Ridgway is charged with aggravated first-degree murder in the deaths of three more Green River victims, Wendy Coffield, Debra Estes and Debra Bonner.
    June -- Ridgway is released from the ultra-security unit of the county jail in downtown Seattle to the Sheriff's Office. Officials will only say Ridgway is in a secure facility, but the speculation is Ridgway is in the task force headquarters at Boeing Field.
    Aug. 16 -- The remains of Pammy Avent are found off Highway 410 near Enumclaw, nearly 20 years after her disappearance.
    Aug. 21 -- A bone fragment is found on a steep hillside just off Kent-Des Moines Road in Kent. A total of 19 bones are found, but DNA tests fail to link the remains to a known Green River victim.
    Aug. 30-Sept. 2 -- The remains of April Dawn Buttram are found near Snoqualmie just off Interstate 90, 20 years decades after her disappearance.
    Sept. 28 and 29 -- The remains of Marie Malvar are found in a steep ravine on Auburn's West Hill.
    Nov. 5 -- Ridgway pleads guilty to the murders of 48 women; 42 are on the official list of Green River victims, six are not. Four of the women remain unidentified.
    Source: Court documents and Journal archives.

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