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Thread: Female, Juanita Oxenrider, With Child, Missing Nov. 14, 1976

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    stellar Female, Juanita Oxenrider, With Child, Missing Nov. 14, 1976

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    Federal and state investigators seized
    thousands of dollars worth of gold and
    silver bullion, silverware, watches and
    other jewelry from the home of an Arnold
    man who disappeared six weeks ago in a
    Chesapeake Bay boat explosion.
    Agents seized the precious metals in a
    raid on the home of Thomas L. Maynard
    less than two weeks after he and two
    others were thought to have drowned when
    the boat they were on exploded and burned
    in the mouth of the Patapsco River.
    Maynard, 35, and Donald and Juanita
    Oxenrider, both 29, of Severn, disappeared
    without a trace Nov. 14,
    when the
    Oxenriders' 28-foot cabin cruiser went
    down off Bodkin Point.
    Witnesses have said they saw the boat go
    up "in a ball of flame," but no one reported
    seeing anyone jump from the boat. Efforts
    to find the bodies in the 15 feet of icy water
    where the boat burned to the water line
    and sank hav« been unsuccessful.
    Investigators who raised the craft two
    days after it sank have said they could find
    no signs that anyone had been on the boat
    when it exploded
    Investigations of the explosion by the
    Federal Bureau of Investigation, state and
    county police, state Marine Police, the
    state fire marshall's office, the U.S.
    Customs Service and the Alcohol, Tobacco
    and Firearms division of the Treasury
    Department have centered on Maynard,
    who was free on a total of $26,500 bond for
    two alleged crimes.
    He had been charged with smuggling a
    25-caliber pistol across the U.S.-Canadian
    border in August and with breaking into
    the home of a Pikesville couple early in
    The FBI is investigating a possible
    stolen property fencing operation based at
    According to an affidavit filed in federal
    court by Robert Lanpbear, special agent in
    charge of the FBI's Armapolis office,
    Maynard had told him of a $300,000 bullion
    fencing operation when he was questioned

    .... story continues (didn't find page)

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    State police say a badly decomposed
    body found off of Bodkin Point
    yesterday evening may be the corpse of
    one of the two men who disappeared to a
    Nov. 14, 1976 explosion of a small cabin
    cruiser in the same area.
    That explosion, which apparently took
    the lives of Donald and Juanita Oxenrider,
    both 29, of Severn and Thomas L.
    Maynard, 35, of Arnold, has been the object
    of an FBI investigation/Investigators
    have tried to determine whether Maynard,
    who is wanted on several state and federal
    charges, staged his own death to escape
    An FBI spokesman in Annapolis said
    dental records of both men were being sent
    to the Baltimore City morgue where an
    autopsy was to be performed this afternoon.
    He said the FBI is following the
    state police investigation of the incident
    bat that they, had no reason to believe that
    the corpse was Maynard's.
    An earlier investigation into the explosion-
    revealed that the Oxenriders and
    Maynard had been seen leaving the White
    Rocks Marina in Pasadena about an hour
    before the Oxenriders' cabin cruiser burst
    into what one witness called a "ball of
    flame" just off Bodkin Point. Although
    Maynard's pick-up truck was found in the
    driveway of the Oxenriders' home, investigators
    could find no one who
    remembered seeing Maynard get onto the
    Just after the explosion, two marine
    police patrol boats rushed to the stricken

    (story continues... didn't find page.

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    Thomas L. Maynard, the object of an
    intensive Federal Bureau of Investigation
    search since last November when a boat
    he was reportedly on sank in the
    Chesapeake Bay, recently slipped into
    Canada, according to the Baltimore News
    Quoting "usually reliable sources," the
    newspaper said Maynard evaded U.S. and
    Canadian authorities by crossing the
    border in an isolated section of upstate
    New York.
    A Canadian officer chased the man
    thought to be Maynard, but a computer
    system designed to help police trace the
    license number of his car and verify its
    ownership malfunctioned
    , the News
    American said.
    Gtorge T. QttiM, special agent in charge
    of the Baltimore FBI office, would neither
    confirm nor deny the reports
    today He
    added, however, that he has "always been
    convinced Maynard is alive" and said the
    "investigation will continue until we locate
    him "
    The 28-foot cabin cruiser Maynard was
    reportedly on with two others exploded
    and sank in the mouth of the Patapsco
    River Nov. 14,1976
    The badly decomposed body of Donald
    Oxenrider, 29, of Severn, owner of the
    boat, was discovered Monday in the
    Patapsco River Oxenrider's wife,
    Juanita, also 29, and Maynard are still
    Marine Police said two men were
    returning from an afternoon of pleasure
    boating when they spotted what they
    thought was "an old pair of boots" before
    discovering the corpse -
    State medical examiners said Oxenriderr
    drowned. His body was found '
    about a mile from the spot where his boat
    went down, which Marine Police said
    would not be unusual.
    The boat was under way when it was"
    first sighted in flames and drifted even
    further before it sank Marine Police also
    said a mile is not an unusual distance for a "
    corpse to drift when it surfaces. «•
    Investigators speculated two weeks ago
    that none of the three had drowned. Sgt
    Earl Dayton of the Marine Police said only
    a freak accident could have kept the bodies
    from surfacing if they were on the bottom
    of the bay and that it is unlikely the same


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    Boat blast 'victim' reappears 10 years later

    Staff Writer
    For 10 years, an Arnold man has
    puzzled police about a boat explosion
    on the Patapsco River, after which
    he vanished and the body of a friend
    bobbed to the surface.
    The lingering mystery about the
    accident was revived last month
    when Thomas Maynard reappeared.
    After a decade of hiding, the 44-
    year-old mason surrendered to police
    to face an old, unrelated robbery
    charge in Baltimore County. He is
    now confined at that county's detention
    On Nov. 22, 1976, Maynard was a
    passenger on a 28-foot cabin cruiser
    that exploded in the chilly, 45-degree
    Patapsco River. The boat's owners,
    Donald and Juanita Oxenrider, were
    also on board.
    The Severn couple, both 29 and
    recently married, had plans to attend
    a turkey shoot that day
    . But
    they also wanted to winterize their
    boat and decided to take it out for its
    last ride of the season.
    According to Oxenrider's stepfather,
    Lawrence Foley, the couple was
    seen with Maynard boarding the
    cruiser at the White Rocks Marina
    in Pasadena
    The boat was last spotted speeding
    out to the mouth of the Patapsco
    before it suddenly burst into flames,
    according to state police and Department
    of Natural Resources Police
    "He was on the boat, but got off,"
    Anne Arundel County prosecutor
    Gerald K. Anders says of Maynard.
    "We're still trying to figure out what
    Marine police were at the boat's
    side in minutes and saw it burn. But
    officers saw no sign of anyone on
    board or in the water. The charred
    hull was towed to the shore, where
    its gas tanks were also found intact.
    Oxenrider's body surfaced six
    months later, up river from the
    . It was so badly decom-
    posed that a medical examiner could
    not determine a cause of death.
    Mrs. Oxenrider's body has never
    been found. She has since been
    legally declared dead.

    Anders has resurrected a voluminous
    police report on the accident to
    decide whether charges will be filed
    against Maynard for the explosion.
    "It was everyone's assumption
    that the accident was to be used as a
    cover," Anders said. "But it's not
    clear in my mind yet what started
    the fire."
    But if the explosion was a smoke-screen
    what was being covered up?
    What role, if any, did Maynard or
    the Oxenriders have in the explosion?
    And is Mrs. Oxenrider alive, al-
    though declared legally dead? Did
    Oxenrider die in the explosion, or
    was his body dumped later?
    Speculation about the accident
    One theory is that Maynard tried
    to fake his death because he was
    under investigation by the FBI for
    allegedly smuggling stolen gold and
    Maynard also had been charged
    with the robbery of an elderly Pikesville
    couple in their home. He will be
    tried on that case July 30
    Oxenrider's stepfather theorizes
    that the couple and Maynard
    climbed into a waiting boat. The
    cabin cruiser was then accelerated
    into the river and timed to explode,
    he Mid.
    But Foley, who said the couple and
    Maynard were good friends, thinks
    that the Oxenriders were either
    pressured or forced into blowing up
    the boat
    Foley said that the Oxenriders had
    a lot to lose if they staged an
    accident. Mrs. Oxenrider was four
    months pregnant and her husband
    held a good job as a welder for
    Westinghouse Electric Corp.
    "I don't think they knew what was
    going on," Foley said. "I think
    (Maynard) figured that they would
    be killed, he would change his identity
    and everyone would forget about
    What puzzles Foley is that Oxenrider's
    body was discovered several
    miles up river
    . He speculates tha
    ......................... .

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    I was just informed that Juanita was ruled out as being Beth Doe by dentals.

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    The Evening Capitol
    Annapolis, MD
    Tuesday, November 16, 1976

    Salvage Effort Starts

    Marine Police and the Coast Guard
    began salvage operations today to raise a
    28-foot cabin cruiser that burned and sank
    Sunday in the Chesapeake Bay, apparently
    with three persons on board.
    The boat went down in the mouth of the
    Patapsco River off Bodkin Point shortly
    after 10:30 a.m. Sunday, but divers who
    searched the boat yesterday and Sunday
    have been unable to find the bodies of three
    persons they believe were on board.
    Marine Police said today the 15-footdeep
    water is cold and murky, and divers
    may have been unable to see enough in the
    dark. They are hoping to find the bodies in
    the boat when they bring it into the Curtis
    Bay Coast Guard Yard, an investigator
    Marine Police say they are not certain
    who was on board the boat, but have
    tentatively identified the victims as
    Donald Oxenrider, 29, of Stevenson Road,
    Severn, his wife, Juanita, and Thomas C.
    Maynard, 35, of Arnold. The Oxenriders
    owned the boat, Marine Police said.
    Although no one saw the Oxenriders or
    Maynard get on the boat, investigators
    found Maynard's car at the Oxenrider
    home, and found Oxenrider's car at the
    White Rocks Marina in Pasadena where
    the couple kept the boat.
    Friends and relatives of the three have
    told investigators they were going fishing
    Sunday when the accident occurred.
    One investigator said persons at the
    marina saw Maynard and the Oxenriders
    drive away from the marina in
    Oxenrider's car about an hour before the
    boat exploded and burned. No one saw
    them return, the investigator said, but
    their car was found at the marina.
    "We have to assume they came back and
    got on the boat, but no one saw them walk
    down the pier and actually get on the
    boat," he said.
    The investigator also said police have
    found a witness to the fire who had been
    experimenting with a new camera on the
    shore of the bay and took pictures. They
    are not yet sure, however, if the pictures,
    which haven't been developed, will show
    them anything.
    According to Marine Police, two patrol
    boats spotted the cabin cruiser burning in
    the water off BodMn Creek at the mouth of
    the Patapsco. Police said they believed the
    boat exploded because all they saw was "a
    ball of flame." ,
    Although patrol boat crews extinguished
    the fire within minutes, the boat sank
    Marine Police said divers have been
    unable to find any evidence that anyone
    was on board the boat No one on the patrol
    boat crews saw anyone jumping overboard
    from the burning cabin cruiser.

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    I am so happy to report that Juanita Oxenrider has been listed with doenetwork, this is great news:

    Juanita M. Oxenrider
    Missing since November 14, 1976 from Chesapeake Bay, Ann Arundel County, Maryland
    Classification: Missing

    Vital Statistics
    • Age at Time of Disappearance: 29 years old
    • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance:
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: White female
    • Medical: Three months pregnant

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Juanita Oxenrider, her husband Donald and Thomas Maynard rode to the White Rocks Marina in Pasadena shortly before 10 a.m. Police said no one saw the trio board the Oxenrider's 28-foot cabin cruiser. The boat had to be taken from storage for the fishing trip. The trio reportedly told friends they were going out for the afternoon. Several minutes later, the boat was seen motoring out near Bodkin Creek at the mouth of the Patapsco River. Oxenrider's car was found at the White Rocks Marina.

    At about 10:30 a.m., several nearby boaters said they heard an explosion and spotted the wooden cabin cruiser in flames. Within five minutes, two Department of Natural Resources patrol boats arrived.
    The fire spread quickly, however, and the boat sank in about 15 feet of water. No bodies were found.
    Because of the 45-degree temperature of the water and the severity of the fire, investigators theorized that all aboard perished.
    The victims apparently were carried away by the tides and remained on the bay floor. A check of the boat's charred hull did not indicate what ignited the fire. The fuel tanks were intact.

    Donald Oxenrider's body washed ashore six months later.

    Maynard, a precious metals dealer from Peninsula Farm Road, was spotted several times in Florida and Canada in the six years after the incident. Once, he was stopped by Canadian police on a traffic violation, but later released.
    Investigators said his quick departure after the accident and apparent attempts to conceal his identity have cast doubt on whether the sinking was an accident and whether Mrs Oxenrider drowned. Thomas Maynard reappeared in 1986. After a decade of hiding, he surrendered to police to face an old, unrelated robbery charge in Baltimore County.

    Juanita Oxenrider's body has never been found. She has since been legally declared dead.

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Maryland State Police
    Source Information:
    Capital, The - February 2, 1983

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