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    outline Joseph Nissensohn

    SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — A critical hearing in the killings of three teenage girls spanning eight years and two California counties starts next week.

    The preliminary hearing in the case against alleged serial killer Joseph Nissensohn begins in El Dorado County Court in South Lake Tahoe Monday morning.

    Prosecutors have charged Nissensohn with three counts of first degree murder with special circumstances for the 1989 killing of South Lake Tahoe teen Kathy Graves and the 1981 slaying of 14-year-old Tanya Jones and 13-year-old Tammy Jarschke.

    A skull believed to be Graves' was found near the Mount Tallac trailhead on Aug. 22, 1990, and the decomposed bodies of 14-year-old Tanya Jones and 13-year-old Tammy Jarschke were found in a wooded area near Seaside, Calif., on Sept. 9, 1981.

    During the preliminary hearing, Judge Suzanne Kingsbury will determine whether there is enough evidence for the case to proceed.

    The hearing is expected to last several weeks.

    Kingsbury included the Monterey killings in the Graves' murder case in October 2008, after determining the allegations were legally “connected together in their commission.”

    Prosecutors contend Nissensohn killed Graves after taking her into the forest area the Tallac trailhead while his future wife, Cheryl Rose, waited in the couple's vehicle. They allege Nissensohn killed Jarschke and Jones more than eight years earlier after luring the girls to an secluded area of Monterey County.

    Nissensohn is eligible for the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder with the special circumstance of multiple murders.

    Prosecutors have not made a final decision about whether they will pursue the death penalty, said Dale Gomes, the El Dorado County Deputy District Attorney heading the case.

    Also on Monday, attorneys are scheduled to argue whether a 1991 interview of Nissensohn by South Lake Tahoe Police Sgt. Rich McGuffin and El Dorado County Sheriff's Sgt. Fred Kollar should be allowed into evidence.

    In a motion filed Dec. 9, Nissensohn's attorney, Mark Millard, contends the police officer and deputy violated Nissensohn's rights by continuing to interview him after he made several requests for an attorney.

    “He wanted representation, he made that clear and the questioning should have immediately stopped. It didn't,” Millard said in the motion.

    According to a transcript of the interview included with Millard's motion, Nissensohn admits to being in the woods with Rose and Graves on the day of the murder, but says it was Rose who killed the teenager by stabbing her and hitting her with a piece of wood.

    Nissensohn requested the interview with police after he was convicted of 2nd degree murder in 1991 for the drug-fueled stabbing death of 46-year-old Sally Jo Tsaggaris in Tillicum, Wash.

    Nissensohn said he was interested in providing law enforcement information regarding Rose's involvement in the Graves' killing. He said he hoped to “make a deal” with prosecutors in exchange for testimony against Rose, according to the transcript. He also expresses a desire to see Rose locked up for her involvement in the murder of Tsaggaris and Graves.

    Rose acted as a principal witness against Nissensohn in the Tsaggaris murder trial.

    “I want to take her down OK,” Nissensohn said in the interview.

    In the 1991 interview, Nissensohn also admits that he helped dispose of Tsaggaris' body, but says Rose killed the women during a sexual tryst while he was away obtaining drugs.

    El Dorado County district attorneys have shown reluctance in the past in prosecuting Nissensohn.

    The office originally filed a murder charge against Nissensohn for the Graves murder in 1991, but the charge was dropped due to lack of evidence, said Rick Meyer, El Dorado County chief public defended, in court documents.

    Former El Dorado County District Attorney Gary Lacy also reviewed the case in 1995, but did not re-file charges because of a lack of evidence, Meyer added.

    Prosecutors re-filed the murder charge against Nissensohn on Jan. 29, 2008, days before Nissensohn was scheduled for release from Washington state prison after serving time for the Tsaggaris murder.

    No new evidence has been brought to light since the 1995 review, Meyer said in the documents.

    Gomes said he couldn't speak to the reluctance of previous members of the district attorney's office to prosecute the case because he was not with the office at that time, but said he is confident about obtaining a conviction.

    Millard declined to comment on the case when reached by phone on Friday.

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    candles Re: Joseph Nissensohn

    Don't know if many are aware of this fact....but 2...of our key witnesses, in this 'circumstantial case'...which has been on going for over 30 years now....... have died .... just as recently as last year.....Cheryl Rose...who was married to Joe....and did testify against him... in a different murder case......was found deceased.. in her home in Florida.....and I cannot help but think of the words.. in this article Joe says....'I want to take her down'.....well, she's down alright....dead.... is pretty down... in my opinion.....
    Also...not mentioned in this article...was his best buddy......who turned States, and was going to testify against Joe......his name Jesse Preitto....died a few years ago....guess his drug using days and hanging out with Joe.....caught up with him.....but never the less....was going to testify for the prosecution...did leave a recorder statement, before he passed away...
    While Joe was incarcerated, he suffered a sort of heart attack, and was, by his request and demand... taken to Stanford Medical Hospital, for surgery to correct the problem, and again.....could have been taken to one of many very competent hospitals, nearer to where he was being held...but....had to go to Stanford.
    How do you think the tax payers of the State of California, would react, if they knew, they paid the medical cost for such a procedure, on a known pediphile/serial killer......????
    This just makes me so after his operation, he was placed on a special diet...and didn't quiite like that.....and complained to Judge Kingsbury.....I want to be put on a regular I have lost 20 pounds, and "I go to bed hungry at night"....and she granted his request......I am appauled.....
    He had an operation to fix a heart problem he suffered....but when he tortured my daughter...he plunged a very large phillips screw driver, into her sternum with such make sure she was broke the handle off the shaft. There is more that he did to her...and the other girl...Tanya Jones....but, I cannot, speak of that right now.......
    I only want justice for a person, who...if.... he had been stopped in 1981.....he wouldn't have been able to kill...and kill again...How unbelievably sad, and angry..... I have felt for the last 30 years missing her so. This justice system is not fair to the victims......
    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Joseph Nissensohn

    Penny what a terrible story. I can imagine you feel very angry and sad, a known pedophile/ serial killer shouldn't have rights anymore at all. Complain about his diet, he went to bed hungry. He deserves that, can't imagine they didn't just say; ok, no food for you ever again. While reading how he tortured your daughter, and all of the taxpayers pay for his surgery, diet and so on, they should change the law. No help for those ugly sick persons at all. They should help the victims, the relatives who are left behind. They need a hand, not the sick persons who abuse and kill.

    I wish you all the strength in the world, and hope one day justice will be what it is supposed to be.

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    Default Re: Joseph Nissensohn

    Hello Jace:
    I want to thank you for your reply. I can hope that one you mentioned...this will be over, and justice will prevail. We are in the process now, of actually starting over, as Joe decided to fire his last council, and has hired 2 more lawyers, yet again, staling the process. I am happy to say, I do have an advocate now, that is keeping me updated since December 2011....and in the past 3 hearings...we aren't any closer to the trial date, that was supposed to happen December 2010.....
    I don't know how he can be allowed to continue to use every trick in the book. For instance, he expresses a right to a 'speedy trial'....Well, If I were Judge Kingsbury, I would say...OK Joe, you get your wish...your trial will be tomorrow, and that will be that. Then he wants a 'change of venue'....OK...I'll make all the arrangements for him...and take him to another city...and away you go....and then to fire your council, and start all over basically...well, there goes your "right to a speedy trial" buddy.
    This process just seems never ending, and so unfair to Tammy and Tanya, and all the others.....What a shame this has happened, and what a disgrace to the Justice syetem, allowing him to do what ever he wants, as my family , me and many others, wait and wait.
    Today is Easter...and I will gather up my strength, as I always try to do everyday...and make the best of it...if I can.
    .I want to wish you Jace a Happy Easter, and thank you again for your heart-felt thoughts. Sometimes I feel so alone out here, and you made me realize I am not. God Bless You.....

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