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    Joseph was married on June 6, 1993. He had had three children as a result of prior marriages, and that, on the date of his disappearance, and he and his wife were expecting the birth of a child. On July 17, 1994, Joseph had been employed as a fireman for approximately 12 years, had operated a Snapple distributorship, and had just sold a juice distributorship. He returned from his job as a fireman at approximately 9:00 in the morning on that date and he and his wife went to a picnic in upstate New York.

    His wife stated that it was not unusual for her husband to receive calls regarding his Snapple route late at night. In any event, on the way home, at approximately 11:00 p.m., his beeper indicated that he had received a call. When he arrived home, he made a call and then told his wife that he had to see a store owner with regard to a Snapple delivery. Before Joseph left, he and his wife walked the dog together. He then got in his car and left, never to return.

    His wife reported her husband missing to the New York City Police Department on the next morning. The police conducted an extensive investigation in search of the absentee. Despite extensive efforts, the police never found any trace of his whereabouts. Police reports indicate that there was no record in the hospitals or in the morgues of any unidentified males matching the absentee's description.

    His car was located on July 27, 1997 on Mosholu Parkway in the Bronx. An examination of the vehicle and forensic testing were conducted but the police were unable to find any indication that anything out of the ordinary had happened while the Joseph was in the automobile.

    His wife consulted a company that uses a nationwide computerized data base to locate missing persons but learned nothing that indicated that Joseph was alive. Despite this diligent search by the police and his wife, Joseph has not been found, nor has any information whatsoever been obtained to indicate his whereabouts.

    Prior to his disappearance, Joseph saw his children, his parents, and his sisters on a weekly basis. After July 17, 1994, neither his wife, his children, his parents, his former wives, nor any of his co-workers at the New York City Fire Department have seen or heard from Joseph

    . His wife claims that the absentee had not expressed any fears to her and that he appeared to be happy. The police report indicates that Joseph did not drink, gamble, or take drugs. His wife further alleges that the absentee had "left behind all of his known personal property, including the proceeds from the sale of his juice route, all of his clothing and personal effects, except the clothes that he was wearing when he left the apartment."

    His wife was given all of the property from his locker at the firehouse and, as far as she could tell, there was nothing missing. There had been no unusual withdrawals from his bank accounts, his passport was left at home, and there were no cash advances made on any of his credit cards.
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