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Thread: Paul Joseph Fronczak 1964 Chicago Hospital

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    aquest Paul Joseph Fronczak 1964 Chicago Hospital

    Stolen by a woman posing as a nurse. He was only one day old.

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    Does anyone out there have any info about this case? Please get back to me if you do...

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    This case is now officially unsolved. Does anyone have any info on New Jersey adoption records from 1965 - 1966?

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    Did you see something new about this? I can help.

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    Yes. I now know that the baby the Fronczaks believed to be their son, Paul, was not. The baby was a boy abandoned in New Jersey. The real Fronczak baby is either still out there, or worse.

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    I-Team Exclusive: Possible answer in 50-year stolen baby mystery

    February 19, 2014 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- The ABC7 Eyewitness News I-Team may have an answer to the 50-year-old mystery of what happened to newborn Paul Fronczak after he was kidnapped from his mother's arms at the old Michael Reese Hospital.

    A man who looks like Fronczak wonders if he is the child who was taken half a century ago.

    The resemblance to an age-progressed rendition of Paul Fronczak is remarkable. And the personal history of this man who looks so much like him certainly makes it possible that he is Fronczak.

    Since 1964, this case of the baby stolen at birth has confounded police, prompted countless news investigations, tormented the Fronczak family and has been an immense and enduring Chicago mystery.
    "It looked like my old baby picture, so I pulled out the old album, pulled out the baby picture and low and behold there it was," Sam Miller said. "My parents never told me I was adopted, I really have no idea where I came from."

    Miller wonders whether he came from Chester and Dora Fronczak.

    In January 1964 at Michael Reese Hospital, a woman dressed as a nurse snatched Dora Fronczak's newborn out of her arms. A year later, police found a toddler abandoned in Newark, New Jersey, and believed it to be Paul Fronzcak.

    Decades later and from DNA tests, a man who lived a lifetime as Paul Fronczak realized he wasn't him and began a search.

    "The reason I started this is to find out what happened to my parents real child Paul, that's what I really wanted to do," Fronzcak said.

    Two weeks ago, Miller, in Dallas, Texas, says a niece broke the news to him that he had been adopted.

    "The way this niece described it was, 'And then suddenly you simply showed up and you were there,'" Miller said. He described what he thinks are the similarities between his tale and how his adopted brother was brought home. "My mother wore a prosthetic pillow all around the neighborhood and came home with this boy and pulled the pillow out and left it at the hospital," Miller said. "Because my father worked at Weiss Memorial Hospital and he participated in birthing the baby. And so, I assumed that the same process occurred and that I'm from that kind of a process and that they magically found another baby in 15 months."

    The only picture he has of himself as a baby is eerily similar to the Fronczak baby photo. And various future progressions illustrations of what Paul Fronczak would look like today are as well.

    He called the FBI Tuesday to report himself as the possible Paul Fronczak.

    "In my wildest of dreams I cannot think that my mother would have stolen a baby," he said. "I cannot even imagine it. I can imagine that my father, who I never knew, could have somehow acquired a baby and the baby appeared at the house and she loved the baby and I became her son. I can imagine that."

    Miller says the FBI hasn't called him back. He has hired a private investigator and a legal researcher to go through Cook County birth and adoption records hoping to find some clues after all these years. Both of the parents who raised him are dead.

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