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Thread: 10 Years Later, Ashley Freeman & Lauria Bible, 16, Still Missing from OK

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    ice 10 Years Later, Ashley Freeman & Lauria Bible, 16, Still Missing from OK

    -State double murder & girls disappearance still unsolved 10 years later

    Updated December 30, 2009 - 7:00 PM CST


    CRAIG COUNTY, OKLAHOMA - It has been ten years since Lorene Bible last saw or heard from her daughter. But she has not given up hope someone will come forward and provide her family closure.

    On December 30, 1999 a mother and father were murdered in Welch, Oklahoma, and two teenage girls also in the house vanished with no signs or evidence of them ever found.

    And even though one suspect claimed to have vital information, the Bible family is still looking for answers.

    "There's somebody out there and somebody knows something," Lorene Bible told us.

    But a decade after police first canvassed the crime scene and a number of searches both on the ground and in the air, the double murder and the disappearance of 16-year old's Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible remains a mystery.

    According to Lorene Bible, Danny and Kathy Freeman had the worst relationship with sheriff deputies in Craig County, Oklahoma.

    In 1998 a deputy shot and killed the Freeman's son, Shane, when deputies say he pulled a gun on them.

    "For a year the Freeman's and the county had like stalked one another," Bible told us. "Danny found out who the gentleman was that they county deputy that shot his son, where he lived, and then the county would harass the Freeman's. They would follow them for miles."

    The morning of December 30, 1999 a fire was seen at the Freeman's home.

    Danny Freeman and two sixteen year old girl's staying at the home were nowhere to be found. The Freeman's daughter, Ashley, was celebrating her 16th birthday with her friend Lauria Bible.

    Lorene Bible says because of the Freeman's history with local law enforcement, when Craig County deputies saw the Freeman's home on fire and found the body of Kathy inside they turned the scene over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

    Within one hour the home was released back to the Freeman family according to Bible.

    Despite being told there was only one body inside the home the next morning Lorene and her husband found another body - Danny Freeman. But Ashley Freeman and Lorene's daughter, Lauria, were still missing.

    "In walks a separate entity that should have done it's job," Bible says. "There's a body, should be three other bodies, you can take that trailer to the floor. I mean I've seen it take days to do a one room motel room."

    Five years after the Freeman killings a man from Miami, Oklahoma claimed to have picked up the girls outside the burning house - Jeremy Jones.

    Jones is on death row in Alabama for rape and murder, and is considered the prime suspect in killings in three other states. Jones' m.o. - shooting his victims then burning down their homes.

    Interviews with Four State deputies led to the search of mine shafts in Galena, Kansas but turned up nothing.

    Jones then recanted having anything to do with the girls.

    But Lorene Bible is not buying it.

    "There were things that they came back and told us that he told them that you had to either have been at the Freeman's when Danny and Kathy were shot and the girls were taken or you had to have first-hand knowledge," Bible says. "He described the actual shot gun, what they were actually shot with. People knew it was one type of shotgun because my husband and I found Danny so we knew it was something close range and it was enough to blow the man's face off. But it had never been released. He knew that Kathy was laying face down on the waterbed."

    The KOAM-FOX 14 assignment desk obtained an arrest report from December 30, 1999, the same morning as the Freeman murders.

    It shows Jeremy Jones was arrested at 4 a.m. that morning almost 18 miles from the crime scene.

    The fire at the Freeman house was reported at 6 a.m. and Jones was not released from jail until after 10 a.m.

    Despite the timeline, Lorene believes that Jones was an accomplice in the Freeman murders and knows what happened to her daughter, Lauria, and Ashley Freeman.

    "They found him walking like he was out of his head, like he was totally out of his nine either by alcohol or drugs, overdose on drugs," Bible told us. "Which means he could have been at the home of the Freeman's, with whomever was there, as they left there with the girls, he could have been so spaced out that they just kicked him out of the vehicle."

    But Jones has never been charged in the death of the Freeman's or the disappearance of the girls.

    It has left Lorene Bible frustrated and hurt.

    "I envy families that get to bury their loved ones," she says. "I want to bring her home and if that means she's dead, then I will bring her home dead."

    Without answers, family and friends take solace in one another at the annual remembrance service for the two girls as another anniversary passes.

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