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Thread: Christopher Vigil, Missing 4/30/1978

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    stateflag Christopher Vigil, Missing 4/30/1978

    Vigil, Christopher

    Date Missing: 4/30/1978

    Date of Death:

    Jurisdiction: Larimer County

    Location: Poudre Canyon

    Local Case Number:

    CBI Case Number:

    Case Status: Unresolved

    Case Type: Missing Person

    Detective Name and Phone:
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    bjb77 Guest

    star2 Re: Christopher Vigil, Missing 4/30/1978

    I was wondering what you know about this case. Why did you post this? DO you think the technology of today could solve this case?

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    Default Re: Christopher Vigil, Missing 4/30/1978

    Looks to me like this is one I saw on the Colorado State site for unsolved cases, and it also looks like I sure don't know much about it. I tried to research all of them but found nothing on some. I think any case has the potential of being solved at any time.

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