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    stateflag BLACK HAWK JANE DOE

    Doe, Jane

    Date Missing:

    Date of Death: 09/30/1952

    Jurisdiction: Gilpin County

    Location: Local Case Number:

    CBI Case Number:

    Case Status: Unresolved

    Case Type: Homicide

    Detective Name and Phone:
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    Default Re: Gilpin County Jane Doe, Located 9/30/1952

    Wednesday, October 1, 1952
    Greeley Tribune


    Central City, Colo./ The burned body of a woman was found half concealed under a log on a slope near Colorado Highway 119 five and a half miles from Black Hawk.

    Sheriff Kenneth McKenzle said there was no doubt the woman was slain.

    "Either she was killed some place else and carried up there to be burned or stunned and put under the log and burned to death," he said "there's no telling how long the body was there."

    The body was discovered by Charles E. Damoth of Central City.

    The wood was burned almost through and all sections of the body in contact with it were flame seared.

    "The only things left recognizable were her legs,one breast and her teeth." Mckenzle said.

    "her legs were sticking out from under the log, which s how Mr. Damoth spotted the body."

    Only a few scraps of material were found near the body. Among them were a scrap of cloth dotted with sequins, the sole of a shoe, a necklace and ring and an empty lipstick container.

    The sheriff said that he judged the woman had been five feet two or three inches tall, about 25 to 30 years old with brown curly hair.
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    Default Re: BLACK HAWK JANE DOE, Located 9/30/1952

    From another article:

    A woman's burned skeleton was
    found last Tuesday two miles north
    of the junction of U. S. 6 and Colo
    rado -119 below Black Hawk, west

    of Denver.
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    Default Re: BLACK HAWK JANE DOE, Located 9/30/1952

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    Newspaper article. The Times-News, November 26, 1953.

    Murder case tip brings up questioning.

    Alleged man told Scribe in Denver he knew Blackhawk slayer.

    Denver, Nov, 26 1953.
    Police today were questioning ex-convict Lloyd W. Mason concerning his alleged statement to a newspaper reporter that he knew the identity of the victim of a year-old, unsolved murder case.

    The 51-year-old Mason was arrested late Wednesday and booked for investigation after reporter Bob Whearley of the Rocky Mountain News told police of his meeting with the man in a Denver tavern last Sunday.

    Whearley said Mason, who has been arrested in the past for bigamy, rape and indecent liberties charges, told him the victim of the mysterious pyre murder at Blackhawk, Colo., more than a year ago might be waitress Dolores Parkhurst, a full-blooded Cherokee indian.

    The reporter quoted Mason as saying that he worked with Miss Parkhurst in a restaurant at Granby, Colo., during the summer of 1952.

    The missing waitress, listed under the name of Gladys Edwards by Grand County Sheriff Chancy van Pelt, was seen leaving the Granby restaurant the night of September 25, 1952, five days before the charred remains of a woman's body was found beneath a log near Blackhawk.

    The body of the woman found beneath the log has never been identified and her murderer never brought to justice.

    However, the description of the Parkhurst woman tallied closely with that of Gladys Edwards and reconstructions of the burned victims' features.

    The charred body was discovered by Charles Damoth of Central City Colo., Sept. 30, 1952. Damoth has since moved to Michigan.

    He voluntarily returned to Colorado several months ago to answer questions concerning the mysterious case.

    Whearley said Mason told him he didn't want to go to the police with his story because "I want to stay out of this".

    He refused to give the reporter his name but he was traced through a telephone number he gave Whearley.,6859287&hl=nl

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