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    Pappadio was killed one day before the newspaper came out (The Sunday news in september, 1976, that was in the suitcase.)
    Pappadio was associate of two mobsters, Antonio Corallo and Karmine Galente
    Corallo commissioned the hit on Pappadio
    Galente organized and funded the marijuana smuggling trek to the poconos airport
    The bust happened Dec. 13, 1976, 4 were still missing including Elizabeth Porto
    Beth Doe's remains found on Dec. 20, she was found at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, it was estimated she had been strangled 8 hours before being found
    The remaining 3 smuggglers were arrested on Dec 22, 1976
    Police had received an anonymous tip that the smuggling was to take place (from who ?)
    Who was Elizabeth Porto working for ?? Police said in court documents they assumed she had returned to Columbia. All the other smugglers had U.S. addresses. Why is the one person from Columbia the one who was never apprehended.

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    Are any of these men that were indited still alive?

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    Likely they are and I've thought about attempting to track them down. How ironic would it be if Beth Doe's name was actually Beth?

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