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    Pappadio was killed one day before the newspaper came out (The Sunday news in september, 1976, that was in the suitcase.)
    Pappadio was associate of two mobsters, Antonio Corallo and Karmine Galente
    Corallo commissioned the hit on Pappadio
    Galente organized and funded the marijuana smuggling trek to the poconos airport
    The bust happened Dec. 13, 1976, 4 were still missing including Elizabeth Porto
    Beth Doe's remains found on Dec. 20, she was found at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, it was estimated she had been strangled 8 hours before being found
    The remaining 3 smuggglers were arrested on Dec 22, 1976
    Police had received an anonymous tip that the smuggling was to take place (from who ?)
    Who was Elizabeth Porto working for ?? Police said in court documents they assumed she had returned to Columbia. All the other smugglers had U.S. addresses. Why is the one person from Columbia the one who was never apprehended.

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    Are any of these men that were indited still alive?

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    Likely they are and I've thought about attempting to track them down. How ironic would it be if Beth Doe's name was actually Beth?

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    I remember that two men and Elizabeth got away and I wonder how this can be when they had them surrounded. If I remember right, I think the two men turned themselves in weeks later, but Porto was never located.

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    She loaded the plane and refueled it for the flight to Pennsylvania, maybe she stayed in Colombia? Can't find anything more about her in the articles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starless View Post
    Never Captured, article is from the New Castle News, December 6, 1977

    I wonder if this is the same Salvatore Labate

    An Argument, A Shooting, A Fatal Crash Of a Plane
    Published: August 28, 1995

    For most of his 70 years, Kenneth Jerolaman did little to call attention to himself, it seems. He spent the last decade living in a trailer on the grounds of a small airfield in the rural Pennsylvania town of Bridgeton, on the New Jersey border. He made his living doing maintenance work for a small aviation company, keeping an eye on the planes, keeping things clean.

    "It appears he was a loner," Trooper Douglas Tolbert of the Pennsylvania State Police said yesterday.

    "We'd never heard of him," Alan Rubenstein, the District Attorney of Bucks County, Pa., said. "There is nothing in his background which indicates any history of violence or crime."

    All that changed Saturday evening, for reasons that are still a mystery.

    About 6 P.M., Mr. Jerolaman apparently had an argument with his bosses, Domenic Silverio and Sal Labate, partners in Labate Aviation, a company that restores small aircraft. Mr. Rubenstein said it was not clear what the argument was about, but that whatever it was, Mr. Jerolaman seemed to find mere words an inadequate weapon.

    Mr. Jerolaman pulled out a handgun, accosted his bosses in their office and shot them both "multiple times," Mr. Rubenstein said. Mr. Silverio, 67, of Philadelphia, was killed. Mr. Labate, also 67, of Malvern, a suburb of Philadelphia, was critically injured.

    Then, Mr. Jerolaman, a licensed pilot since the 1940's, ran into the hangar at the tiny airfield and came out onto the runway with a single-engine Cessna. A neighbor heard the commotion and rushed to the airfield with his own handgun, Mr. Rubenstein said. Mr. Jerolaman fired at the neighbor, who fired back, neither hitting the other.

    Then, Mr. Jerolaman took off in the plane, but less than 30 miles away, it crashed in the woods of western New Jersey, shattering into bits and killing Mr. Jerolaman.

    Mr. Rubenstein said the authorities first thought that Mr. Jerolaman had intentionally crashed the plane to commit suicide. But yesterday, Mr. Rubenstein said that "it appears that he ran out of gas."

    Mr. Rubenstein said the bizarre chain of events was quite unusual for Bucks County, which, while it is considered a suburb of Philadelphia, averages only about six murders a year.

    And the Pennsylvania State Police said they were puzzled about the motivation. Trooper Tolbert said that Mr. Jerolaman had worked for Mr. Labate and Mr. Silverio for at least 10 years and that, while they quarreled, they stayed together.

    "They did not get along, they had argued," Trooper Tolbert said. "Apparently, Jerolaman wasn't a very neat person and he was supposed to keep the place clean. But it was kind of like a symbiotic relationship. You can't stand them, but you need them."

    Trooper Tolbert was on his way yesterday afternoon to try to interview Mr. Labate, who was in critical condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pa. He did not know whether Mr. Labate was able to talk, but he said, "There are only three people, and two of them are dead."

    Arlene Salac, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said that that agency, along with the National Transportation Safety Board, was still trying to determine whether the plane, which went down in Kingwood Township, N.J., ran out of gas or crashed for other reasons.

    Mr. Rubenstein said his office would move on to other crimes.

    "At this point really, it's over," he said. "It's not a great whodunit. From our end, there's no one to prosecute."

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    Is the same guy!!! And check this out!!!
    Labate Still Critical Nockamixon Partner Died
    August 29, 1995|by APRIL PETERSON, The Morning Call
    A Nockamixon Township businessman remained in critical condition three days after an employee shot him and shot and killed his business partner before escaping in an airplane and dying when the plane crashed.
    Salvatore Labate, 67, of Malvern, Chester County, was in the shock trauma unit yesterday at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Salisbury Township. His condition was listed as critical at 5 p.m., a hospital spokesman said.
    Police said that Labate and his partner, Dominic Silverio, also 67, of Philadelphia, were shot Friday by Kenneth Jerolaman, 70. Jerolaman escaped from the scene, Labate Aviation, Frogtown Road, in a single-engine plane.
    The plane crashed in a forest about 10 miles away in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon County, N.J., police said. Jerolaman was killed in the crash.
    According to police, Jerolaman, Silverio and Labate got into a "heated argument" before the shooting. Jerolaman, who police describe as a caretaker who lived on the property, shot both men inside the workshop, police said. The company restores airplanes.
    Labate was able to stagger from the main building and collapsed near an outbuilding, Tolbert said yesterday. Two unidentified neighbors who were outdoors saw Labate. One rushed to Labate's aid while the second neighbor called 911.
    Labate told the neighbor who helped him that Silverio was still inside and needed help.
    The neighbor went to Silverio, who was inside the building. He found no vital signs and called 911 a second time, Tolbert said.
    The neighbors had heard the shots, Tolbert said, but did not think anything of it. Jerolaman often shot groundhogs on the property, Tolbert said.
    Meanwhile, a plane engine was heard starting behind the workshop. The neighbor who came to Labate's aid ran to the sound. Jerolaman was seen in a single-engine Cessna airplane. He stopped the plane, opened the door and started shooting at the man, Tolbert said. The neighbor returned fire. Jerolaman's plane stalled but he was able to restart it and fly off, Tolbert said.
    Jerolaman worked for Labate and Silverio more than 10 years, Tolbert said, adding that relations between Silverio and Jerolaman were strained for some time.
    "They argued a lot. It got to the point (where) Kenny tried to avoid Dom," Tolbert said.
    Labate, however, is an amiable guy "who pretty much got along with everybody," Tolbert said.
    An autopsy on the body believed to be Jerolaman was to be performed yesterday in New Jersey. Tolbert also was awaiting a report from the Federal Aviation Administration on the crash.
    "I cannot close this until I have all of the results in," he said. "Until all of the reports are concluded, we have to keep it open."
    Police said that there were no police records of past problems among the men.
    According to newspaper files, Labate was acquitted by a federal jury in 1977 on charges he conspired to smuggle $8 million worth of marijuana into the country. He was acquitted of conspiracy and illegal importation of marijuana.
    Nicholas Nelson, 29, was acquitted on conspiracy charges but was convicted of illegally importing marijuana. Both men were tried in Scranton.
    Labate and Nelson were accused of operating a smuggling operation in which a DC-6 cargo plane landed in a blizzard in 1976 at Mt. Pocono Airport. Police said that the plane was loaded with 5.5 tons of marijuana when seized.
    Eight men were arrested while unloading the plane. All pleaded guilty to smuggling.
    Labate, then an American Airlines pilot, was suspended from his job after his arrest. He is a decorated Korean War veteran and commanded a squadron in the Air National Guard.

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    acquitted?????!!!! How the .......

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