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Thread: UID Female, 16-22, 1969, Pine Mountain, KY - Scars on Leg

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    Middlesboro Daily News
    Thurday, December 11, 1975


    Cincinnati/ (UPI) Lt. Ben Harney of the Kentucky State Police said he will request today that murder charges be filed against John W. Boyd, 49, of Middletown, Ohio in connection with the death of a 19-year-old University of Cincinnati coed.

    The body of Miss Susan Gorman was discovered last week along a highway near Butler, Kentucky, about 35 miles south of here.

    Boyd, being held here, was charged by Cincinnati police Tuesday with kidnapping Miss Gorman Thanksgiving Eve.

    "We feel we can prove Miss Gorman was killed in Pendleton County (KY)," said Harney, who has been working with Cincinnati police and the FBI in the case.

    Miss Gorman was last seen Thanksgiving Eve and the next day her parents received a call from a man demanding $5,000 ransom for her return. The unidentified man said he would call again, but did not.

    The body of the pre-law student was found Dec. 3 by two boys walking along Kentucky State highway 609, about four miles north of Butler. The coroner said she had been strangled.

    Boyd, an unemployed maintenance man, was reported by the Cincinnati post as believed to be the same John Boyd who has been free on bond while awaiting trial in Dearborn, Ind. on two charges of rape and one of kidnapping.

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    Ok, I don't know if anyone has looked at this guy,but if he did this killing,Iimagine she was from right there in that area.

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    I don'tunderstand why she's not on doenetwork ??

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    This case can not be connected to John W. Boyd as he was incarcerated during this period. I was a close childhood friend of the Cinci Co-ed abduction/rape/murder victim "Susan Gorman." For this reason I have been doing extensive research on "John William Boyd" born 11/2/1926 Monroe, Butler, OH, (resided in Monroe and Middletown) died 4/11/2001 KY State Reformatory, LaGrange, KY. When I get my last records back (FBI) I will look through the cases that were open during the brief periods that he was not incarcerated, as I know that their are even more abduction/rape and or murders than the substantial amount that I have found.

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    Soory about you friend. That's sad.

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    Thanks Starless! In researching Susan Gorman's (11/1975, Cincinnati) case I have found that "Jxxx Xxxx" has quite the history of; misc, rape, concealed weapons, Nembutal drugs, obscene literature/photographs, abduction and (1, suspected in 2 others) murder charges. Dates I have substantiated are 1945-1975. Once I finish compiling the data showing me the years he was not incarcerated/institutionalized, I want to post info. on him to the cold case areas where he may have been, as I am sure there are plenty more victims out there. Most probable times: 1948-1958, 1974-1975. Areas: Pendleton County, KY. Counties of Butler, Hamilton, Montgomery, Warren Ohio. Dearborn,IN. MO/Signature: abduction, physical assault w/black jack and or knife. Threatens w/revolver. Has obscene literature and likes to photograph victim. Often driving white sports car or brown station wagon. Strangulation by ligature. If any victims show up that might fit this person please let me know, I have a huge amount of documentation.

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